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  1. I understand and thank you for the answer Bo, but doesn't that take a bit away from the body awareness feature? I mean, as far as I remember, when I was issuing orders to my squad at the military, I saw my arm all the time. What's getting me a bit confused is if you throw a grenade you'll also see your arm - wouldn't that obstruct the view as much as if you're issuing orders via a handsignal and doesn't both of that add a lot to the atmosphere since GRAW is trying to give the player the feeling of really being inside the body of a soldier (with all the Pro's and Contra's)? Don't get me wrong, I'm not nagging but simply pointing out a potential logic issue here. I mean a simple toggle function as explained in my previous post could do the trick and the player would be able to decide if he want's to use this option or not! I don't think that'll be a good idea or even fit the near future - combat scenario of the game (although I also like to listen to ABBA....sometimes)! ← Might have been unclear. We tried it and it got a bit annoying as you order your team around a lot. It got to a point where we saw the arm flying every time you issue a move order and you do this all the time if you are a good leader. So we decided to remove that for ease of view.
  2. Yep! I saw the XBox360 version of GRAW displays right below the cross com footage from the other soldiers, the currently selected order (for example 'regroup' etc.) and so I was wondering if you'll go for a similar look in the PC version! ← yes it is quite known that we have a cross com on the PC. It handles the quick orders for the team (you can also order them around with shortkeys and the tactical map for some more in depth planningn and advanced moves) As for looks - we got our own PC look on the cross com.
  3. Does this mean that if your character is wounded, you will still be able to run and shoot as if you are not wounded? I am sure I'm misunderstanding this. I'm guessing that if character customization is possible in PC GR:AW, we will be able to equip our character without a helmet. If this is the case will the engine know that the character is not wearing armor on the head? silent_op ← Nope stamina takes a hit when you are wounded. This makes your aim worse for sure. And stamina is affected by physical activity aswell - like throwing yourself to the ground, running etc. Helmets are detected as helmets
  4. We don't have a roll left and right. ← and... no hitech sights.
  5. Yeah it gets interresting when you hit a parking lot
  6. Why wait for GR4? 1. MULTIPLE FIRE TEAMS. This is something I especially miss from GR1. -Got it in MP, and in SP you have individual orders to split your group as you want. 2. More Open Maps 600x600 to 800x800. Some sections should be on rails for cinematic reasons, but I think that most of the map should be explorable as viable paths for attack. -You got it 600*600 is actually small. 3. SOUND DETECTION Enemies should notice the sonic boom of a sniper rifle. -You got it. 4. DESTROYABLE LIGHTS The dark is a good friend of mine. -Friend of GRAW too....destroyable realtime lights on every level in SP and MP. 5. CUSTOM WEAPONS These are SF guys, so they should get SF treatment when it comes to weapons. Bipods, grenade launchers, foregrips, red dots, ACOGs, holos (EOTECH!), all of which affect weight, stability, etc. -You got it. 6. AREA-BASED DAMAGE If a team mate gets shot in the leg, I want to see him limp. Same with the player character and enemies. If the legs get shot up enough, I want to see the characters fall to the ground and hold the leg. If an enemy gets shot in the arm, he should drop his weapon. -Not animations on the FPS character but damage decetcion per bodypart with different damage and armour. Thus hitting the head will not be enough with small arms - you have to hit the face...and so on. 7. LIMITED REVIVALS Team members that you let get shot up too much should not get back up after getting very limited field meds. Any team members that go critical should, after the area is cleared of enemies, get picked up by the chopper and EVACed, the player may need to carry the wounded to the EVAC point. If they are left on the field they will die. They should no longer be selectable to join you for missions. No one is left behind. -NO revivals, no healing medics - this is WAR. 8. CIVILIANS ROE should play an important factor in any environment. It would also add a lot of tension and importance to the mission. -No Civilians as in the 360 - it is a general direction. 9. VOICE COMMAND I want to be able to command my Ghosts while keeping my hands free. -No voice commands - you got too many orders. You have shortcut keys though so you don't get bogged down by the control much. 10. MORE EXPLOSIVES I really miss setting up claymores and detonation packs around corners and blowing the crap out of people that peek around. Grenades shouldn't produce a firey explosion, it should be over pretty quick, with most of the visual effect from dust where the inital explosion took place and shrapnal impacting. -Lots of shrapnel and dust - got you. 11. MORE SMOKE Gun impacts on concrete, etc. should produce a cloud that obscures the vision somewhat, not too much however. Furthermore, rockets should have more of a trail on them and move faster. -Yepp it is there. 12. SLIDES In GRAW they seem a bit slippery, like you're sliding on a gym mat rather than tarmac. I'd be nice if they were a little more "rough."
  7. Car + rounds - demolish in steps - make holes, smash windows, swing door open, deflate tire, kill cooler, set off alarm - this makes a more interresting OR less good cover depending on shape/position of car Car + Grenades = Explosion if hit fueltank or total demolishin if not hit fueltank (flip can happen if hit from below or in the right angle) Car burns and smokes. Trucks, Panards etc work like this aswell - but they are usually in motion when it happens
  8. Don't really get your question on command menu... what do you mean - the cross com? No handsignals - you are in FPS so we removed them as it obstructed the view a lot (you give loads of orders all the time to keep up tactics)
  9. Release the modding-tools and I'll make you a nice map you're not accustomed to. That should even out the odds a bit.... ← that'd be good... first we play on their maps, then they play on ours! ← Its going to be home game all day - after all you guys are GR1 vets right
  10. We don't have a roll left and right.
  11. ok as usuall. Stop right there. There is not cars exploding from bullets in the PC version.
  12. Hey, it's Mr. Competitive here, back again. I was thinking about this topic just the other day, and it occured to me that in TvT, because ping is king, and I can only assume that the server is going to be in Europe, I was thinking that this would probably exclude a lot of us on the other side of the Atlantic. I don't see this as avoidable, and I understand it -- I want the GR.net team to do as well as possible. Anyway, I was thinking that part of the selection process should be to see how people's connections are with the server where the actual match will be played. Will the match be on a GR.net server? Will it be on a GRIN server in Sweden? Elsewhere? I think we should know this before the selection process. I personally think it should be on a GR.net server. If the game is on a GRIN server, and the GRIN team is onsite with that server, we might be looking at GR.net - GRIN ping differentials of up to 100, or maybe more, and that would give the GRIN team a huge advantage. And they don't need any more advantages than they already have. Just a thought. --Logos ← Got no problem with running a GR server if it packs good hardware.
  13. Yes WK I knew this since day 1. Can't comment on MP yet as I said in my other topic.
  14. Won't go into gun details as that always kicks off storms of opinions back and forth. I've shot all these guns except the Crye rifle of course so I can tell you they are realistic. However you have to try them in game and make your ultimate judgement. But I can brief you on our rules for choice and design: 1. Realistic combat behavior (handling, noise, weight, mag, stability, fire modes, mods, penetration).This is a must as long as it does not compromise rule 2, in case it has to be adapted or removed. 2. Benefit to gameplay. As long as it does not compromise rule 3. We do not add a gun or feature of a gun if it does not bring anything to the gameplay. Thus having 12 versions of the basic M16 is not an otion. 3. Balance. A SAW should not be as accurate as a Sniper rifle etc. If you have lots of ammo you should have lots of weight - lots of weight should imply less acccuracy after running etc. Logic chain and balance of the weapons. The PC does carry a different set up then the X360 - lots of similar choices but some different based on our different SP and MP style of gameplay. For us it is important that the player understands and feels the gameplay difference in the weapons and the use of the weapons in a tactical sense both individually and for the team.
  15. On the case of VW.. that is a trademark so it is always a issue of blowing up such things or even including them in games like GRAW. We have tons of Mexico ref material and some of the team went there to see the place aswell... but there is always real world restrictions.
  16. They are trying to recreate a general mood or intensity by changing the ambient light tone depending on the situation, just like in the movies. That for me is a linear approach and should be avoided. I do not appreciate for the program to show me what is the situation or mood by changing the colours of the screen. The guys in Stockholm seems to have worked on features that we don’t really care about and will most likely turn off if given the choice. All the scrennies provided to date are from SP so hopefully this effect will not be used in MP or better yet be a graphics setting option. ← AND again the screens you seen are from one level.
  17. How do we earn money in the game to buy these items?? Does the government not supply us with these much needed items due to cutbacks?? ← No you get tactical points depending on your play. ← Ok stop right there. I did not say BUY - see above. Damn you ppl
  18. How do we earn money in the game to buy these items?? Does the government not supply us with these much needed items due to cutbacks?? ← No you get tactical points depending on your play. ← Don't take this wrong Bo, but tdoes that mean that this going to go the same direction that the failed Soldner went? And BF2, andsome of the others? I'm only speaking for me here, but I know for a fact there are alot of others, that will absolutely hate that system. We shouldn't have to buy anything like a common mercenary. That seems to me like more of a mercenary unit getting paid, rather than an elits US Army outfit, that should be issued this stuff right off the git-go. The Ghosts wouldn't have to buy their own equipment. The whole "buy things with points" deal puts some serious reservations in my head that I didn't have before. It sounds from that like this is turning into a mercenary game, not a game about an elite US fighting force that is part of the US Army. Not only that, but silencers talke away alot from ballistics. So, where and when did this point thing come about, and why? We shouldn't have to buy ANY equipment. ← Can't comment more as I said. BUT Specter please don't speculate your head of in the meantime - it usually goes haywire.
  19. How do we earn money in the game to buy these items?? Does the government not supply us with these much needed items due to cutbacks?? ← No you get tactical points depending on your play. ← Seriously? Haven't heard anything about this before..... How do you "score" tactical play? ← Can't comment more on the MP. But it is more tactical than anything yet and serious fun.
  20. How do we earn money in the game to buy these items?? Does the government not supply us with these much needed items due to cutbacks?? ← No you get tactical points depending on your play.
  21. and... if you don't like to give away your postion or get flash overload - buy a flash damper / silencer and problem is solved. Mods...
  22. The cross com camera is divided in two parts. One is a small representation of threat with buildings and major obstacles outlines. Target assesment is about 200% faster this way. Here you see you buddies outlook and what targets he sees. THEN we have the seccond layer with the realtime view from your buddys helmet. Here you look at situations more than enemies - what does my buddy cover, does he see some cover up ahead that i missedon the tectical map and so on. It is up to the player to switch between them.
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