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  1. Hi guys. I'm just dropping in to say I'm out for a few days (until Friday actually). So no answers from me. Some lucky devils will gets some hands on. See ya.
  2. so, you say you can play this game on high settings ? btw: compare 1500 polygon ghost member versus Xbox360 15000 polygon ghost member oh, and Xbox 360, is new thing for developers....oh and Graw is using only 60% of x360 power, or wait only one processor....and i shut up now, as im not Pc or X360 fanboy ← Who said the PC uses only 1500 polys per character?
  3. Sigh...again (for the 33th time) that was taken in reccording mode and that sequence should never have happened in the game. The player should be dead 4 times.) Again.
  4. Should do OK with that rig. If you up anything it would be the CPU.
  5. 1 is erlier 2,3 is later. The reason for no tabs is concealed in the story my friend
  6. No non combat missions no. Plenty of stealth though.
  7. Changes slightly. We've taken the approach of modelling the NV from a real NV sight that we somehow got here at the office
  8. Now I can't comment on MP - but I'l l say this. No diamonds in MP. There it slipped. NO I wont slip more to all you with questions in that area.
  9. If you are upgrading in that range then go 7900. Don't need to SLI that hough
  10. No problem. Glad to see you guys like the shots. I'm off to play some MP now... bye bye
  11. You can transfer files form Maya to max and then export to our engine. We do that at times. But mainly we use Max as we written quite a lot of plugins for it.
  12. AWESOME! Thats the best that you guys could have done! I always LOVED games that have very heavy features and make you "ohhh" and "ahhh" again after you have bought new hardware! Don´t forget guys what Mark Rein once said, "... to run UT2007 with all details, you will need video cards with up 1GB video ram!". True PC games baby, true PC games. ← Yepp Mark is right. We take similar approaches.
  13. Nope thats medium detail. ← I dont get it, why wont/dont you post ALL pics at Highest setting. The way I see it; the prettier, the better! Why dont you use all the tricks and sparks when you got it? ← Beacuse the high setting requires some cards not available yet.
  14. Same For for both Got to use some lens tricks to get it right
  15. Looking at the HUD he's got 2 enemies to his right. Take cover from them and kill the camera guy. Now notice the camera guys is dead at least 4 times.
  16. hey an old fan! Back to 2001 ah the youthfull days ← been there, done that ...still there,playing it. EDIT: just noticed...Whats up with the animation of enemy? in the left side video He runs forward and "Bing" animaitons changes to forward Are they robots? killing machines... its so weird...or is it me to paranoid today , My head wants to sleep, but stupid neughbour is repairing his tractor, so loud that even deaf ears hear it! ← Forward? No one runs forward....
  17. hey an old fan! Back to 2001 ah the youthfull days
  18. The Nvidia physics is not supported now as it is upcoming and GRAW is imminent
  19. Wow... all that from a 3 second clip. Are the tides of the forum turning yet again? ← Oh that would not be good now would it ← No it wouldn't..... I always find it interesting how quickly some can form an opinion and how drastic those opinions are one way or the other. Anyway, hope things are going well with you guys. -John ← Hehe yeah I thought so. We're beat but happy. Thanks
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