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  1. For the most part, if the 360 version is any indication, yes. I guess I stand corrected, but what do you mean by 'elevated terrain'? I don't get that. ← Uncle Buck your close to right. I read it as only "City". There are parks (read more vegitation and rough terrain) and hillsides with a few lakes and more mud covered grounds. There are no deep jungles, or moutainranges though so that is correct.
  2. No. You have elevated terrain aswell.
  3. I'd count the SCAR-H and Barret to that category. But no other m249:like weapon if that is what you mean. We trust you to make those
  4. I seccond that! Actually if you got a cup - it helps too
  5. When you switch to iron sights the reticule fades out.
  6. Yeah I'm slipping on MP sometimes But I can't
  7. I'll leave that to you to think about.
  8. When running yourself you have a small shake yes. It is from the knees bending at impact. It is trimmed to be not annoying though.
  9. Maybe you can repeat that again ?
  10. It is motion captured from a hard surface so yes it is correct. ← ok, but i think, looking and lookind this video many times, that this effect appears exagerate... ← But it works very well in the game. Of course if you think so - good you got an opinion.
  11. Don't know how it was captured actually.
  12. It is motion captured from a hard surface so yes it is correct.
  13. Can't answer DEMO. No AGEIA was used in the video. AGEIA is MORE
  14. Markers can be turned off - even in SP. ← AND in MP there are NO markers on the enemy - EVER.
  15. I can see where this would bother some, but my guess is that after 15 minutes playing it, and because everyone has the same view, you will get used to it. It may also be more realistic with the "body aware" (is that right?) thing. If all you saw was the weapon, it would be a little cheesy, but you will see other parts of your body as well, I think. Is this correct Bo? ← Exactly. You see your whole body.
  16. It works just fine when you play. It has been tested over and over and over again. It also lowers when you run, crouch run, fast crawl or if you move to close to a wall/obstacle.
  17. Markers can be turned off - even in SP.
  18. What tacmap from the 360? The tacmap in PC is a realtime view from above where you can plan in realtime and give chained commands as you see he does.
  19. Yeah there are shortcuts. I'd prefer he'd not use them in the video though.......
  20. In the crosscom view you notice that they(?) have the gun to their left whilst yourself have it to the right. Will this version of the crosscom view be fullscreen and grey'ish? ← Yes the teammates headcam is on the side of their helmet - not in their eyes. So the view is a bit off set. Oh I thought you wanted it realistic Yes it is grey with a camera shake.
  21. Can't comment on things you don't ask. What is weird about it?
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