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  1. Hi guys We are looking into this matter. It is quite hard to do guess work without a repro case - so if any of you come across any files or such pls mail us at info@grin.se with the topic GL Cheat. Thanks As for the comments of non existing AC etc - the filter kills a lot of cheats/attempts - so much it sometimes kicks you on bare suspision (and then ppl go crazy for that matter of course It is interresting that you guys could actually pick up the gun and the cheat was available to you too - that makes is tracable if we get a hold of it while playing. Hacks and cheats are like viruses - constantly upgraded it is very hard to write a 100% cheat free system - as everything can be broken with enough time. But we're on it. Bo
  2. Here goes a little something on the AI - for you who have not played it and for you who gave. In GRAW1 the No1 biggest complaint was - The AI takes its own decisions all the time and don't go excatly where I tell them. (they were seeking the best cover related to the threat in the area) and they go do round abouts when I dont want them to. So in GRAW2 we rewrote the AI from ground up with the goal to put more control AND responsability into the hands of the player (making GRAW2 even less run and gun) In GRAW2 the AI will go excatly to the point (indicated by a the circle) where you put it. Even if you put it infront of a Gun Nest or in the open. They will follow your dumb ass order or smart order - up to you. If you put your soldier in the middle of the Street they will stay there and fight from that position. If they get shot they tell you and it is up to you to move them. If you use follow all the time and dont use individual placing of orders then yes you are in for some trouble as this is a squad leaders game. (you can chose to remove all team mates in the briefing - if this is what you like though) If you put them by a cover they will sure use that and interact with it. Put them by covers, not in the open. The choice was made to be clear - you cannot have both an AI that acts all on its own and also obeys your command to 100%. Sometimes they will not obey but that is because they have been given a impossible order like move to a top of a cliff or the sky etc And as for the Eurogamer review... I'm quite suprised they say it is a port, makes you wonder don't it - I don't take that seriously Some info on the Sniper, Cover That, Add ons and Smoke... Sniper special behavior - the Sniper is much more accurate and uses Sniper rifle for distance and for any opponent on a roof. The sniper also has a special use when given a Cover That order. In Assault and in Recon over 20 meter they will fire only if a opponent is visible - not spray the area as the others do in assualt (they do that to keep enemies suppressed whiel you move the rest of the team or move yourself.) use the SAW guy for som much longer and heavier Cover That orders - giving you more time to move. In Recon any cover order will be a ambush order. No one will fire until they see a enemy in that area. Another big thing that I have not seen in deep reviews like the one mentioned... is the use of smoke grenades. Throw them out and move your team in its cloak. Enemies will fire and recognize smoke but the fire is inaccurate - good for using against Gun Nests etc. Mods or Add ons to the team guns are important, Grenade launcher is obvious, Silencers are amust if you want your team to act in RECON - if you don't want it on the main gun put it on the seccondary and they will switch to that when in RECON. Sights are key as they will have bteer aim, tactical grip is also good as they will have less spread when shooting automatic fire (cover that and assualt orders). Best is to play the game... and use the team. If you run gun the tactics don't work that well for obvious reasons - we made it so to promote a squad based tactical game rather than a BF or DOOM game (which are good in their merit - but not what we want to give you guys with GRAW2) Bo
  3. Hehe these pics are great. keep em coming - this wall will be a cool mix of gamer insanity
  4. No it is not written like that. The fence can take some bullets though as it is semi solid...
  5. I'm not sure if you mean that is any different from GRAW 1, because as the control was in GRAW 1, it was not very accurate. If I wanted the friendly AI to move a few yards or so to get a certain view or cover, it was just a mess... Also, I know you can argue it is more realistic using no soul switching, but for me leaving that option out, ruined a great deal of the pure fun of SP gaming. I guess, as primarily an MP gamer, I too much like to do the action part myself , i.e. aiming & shooting , not only "passively" watch a friendly AI shoot (via the buddy cam). I honestly don't care much about the realism aspect of soul switching, it is a pc game and it is supposed to be fun, it is not a sim, and besides it was optional to use - an option that no longer exists. I'll naturally try GRAW 2 out with an open mind, including the SP, but judging from some of the posts it seems you've found a better compromize with GRAW 2 than for GRAW 1 and I congratulate you for that. Nope in GRAW1 you could look through the buddy cam not as in GRAw2 give orders throught it......
  6. Thanks now how long have you been working for grin He starts next week. Jokes aside give credit to Undercoverman - the attention to detail and grasp of over all gameplay at the same time in a review like that is rarely seen. Most reviews are done way too fast before getting into the detail that the real players and fans of the genre like to hear about. Hats off for spending the time to analyze and write all that - and I'm happy to see our game made your gaming more enjoyable! Bo
  7. Sweet! thanks! I SO want a pic of Ruggbutt.....
  8. Demand is king as always - it governs the publishers and other players of course.
  9. Actually all maps have AGEIA effects when you run with the Phyics Card 8like the explosions, tumbleweed, dust clouds, leaves, scrap, spark effects and so on. The AGEIA Island is special as we could put gameplay altering objects in there - it was great fun to do. I'm talking about the destuctable houses, fences that open up routes and leaves system that makes visability poorer for the player. You can't have that in the full game as ppl without the card would not get the same type of mission experience. Good link is here: http://www.theinquirer.net/default.aspx?article=40962 I think we did a stand up job with the AGEIA card that no other game developer pulled off so far. Bo
  10. Excellent! It will get the honour postion as the first post! Bo Got a big dart board huh? Yes sir!
  11. Guys make sure to use the latest patches as we continously add Anit cheats to it. Bo
  12. The MULE is best used if you place several move orders in a row. Don't make long ones as it is not the best navigator or terrain negotiaor even in real life. Use it for cover and re arming. Also make sure to have it within your order range that is 75 meters or about 230 feet of you. Bo
  13. Rest assured GRIN will be around for much longer... if you were in on GRAW1 you know this already.
  14. They work great against the enemy AI in SP and Coop too... so you should use them a lot when in Recon mode.
  15. Looking forward to a screenshot of this... sniper guy who hides out in GRAW2...
  16. 500*500 is well enough for what we intend to do Thx!
  17. In GRAW2 you can control their movement by giving individual orders - through their head camera (Buddy Camera - press G) I think you will like it as it is a good merge of Realism and Gameplay Bo
  18. Thanks for the support guys! Whatever comes out of GRIN next will sure swing in the right direction thanks to the stride you guys have for gameplay and that you all wanted us to go on for GRAW2 Thanks for the support again! Bo GRIN
  19. Thx for the pinn No deadline. When we have enough we will make the poster... the faster the better of course It will take weeks to fill up I'm sure. Bo
  20. A message from our Senior Engine Architect here at GRIN 1. If you experience troubles seeing some servers on Vista, it might come from Firewall issues (Vista does not automatically allow ICMP packets even for whitelisted applications) - go to control panel, Administrative tools - go to "Windows Firewall with Advanced Security" - select "Inbound Rules" on the left, and then on "New Rule" on the right - Choose "Custom", then "Next", "All Programs", "Next", protocol-type="ICMPv4", "Next", "Next", "Next", "Next", Name="ICMPv4", "Finish" - do the same with ICMPv6 Will investigate if we can do that automatically in the next patch. Bo
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