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  1. As a last resort, a dual boot could be an option. Yeah, or I may download MS virtual server. Hopefully one or the other works.
  2. All, I recently bought a new computer w/ the Vista OS. I've tried to install 3d SM 4.0 on it, but I'm getting a error message stating "Error 01: The operating system or version of it is not supported." I've downloaded the new CDILLA version, but get the same error. I'm still researching this via Google, and would appreciate if anyone has any tips. Unless I can get this resolved, I fear my mod will be over
  3. Anybody else have any ideas? While the original GR and Wildcat wrinkles are good, I would like to learn how to make custom wrinkles. Thanks
  4. *cough* WytchDokta Wrinkles Pack *cough* Coming soon *cough* *cough* Cool! But I'd still like to know how to create them. Sooooo, any tips/tricks are appreciated!
  5. Anyone know how to make wrinkles from scratach? I've toyed with the burn and dodge tool but nothing that looks remotely realistic. Thanks
  6. I am fairly certain that I had this before, but maybe not Although, in many tuts on the internet, people reference the Brush menu (Window - Brushes) with PS6. Basically what I am doing is creating a pattern and turning it into a brush. Once I've done this I would like to modify the settings on the brush. But the basic menu to do this is not allowing me modify the brush/texture.
  7. Folks - I recently bought a new computer after my old one crashed. I've loaded PS6 onto it, but cannot find the "Brushes" window after going to Window - . Am I missing something??? I need to modify the settings on the brush (i.e. texture, etc) and can't without using this menu. Help!
  8. I hope so. It's really been eating at me since I've yet to finish it. I'm definetly going to take a shot at completing it though
  9. Ah, I still have not downloaded the mod yet; I have dial-up Another one for you (pardon all the newbe questions) - how did you get the outline of the vest almost perfect? Do you use a wacom? I'm redoing my CIA chrs, and want to incorporate stuff we've discussed (AK47 vest, shemagh, etc).
  10. Is the image you posted something you whipped up?? It's amazing! I love the shemagh. I'm sorry, I meant to ask the 50x50 that you referenced (for the webbing), was that hand made or via PS? Your PM was loud and clear
  11. Awesome, and thanks for the tip!! Just curious, was the texture you referenced one you designed or a preset in PS? I've been toying around with both just to see what works. Another question for you (I'm picking your brain now), when you set out to design a vest for example, where do you begin? For instance, do you just drawing within PS by referencing images, or do you import the image in? I ask because I am working on the following: My 3DSM chr looks fine, its just the skinning that's holding me back. I see the detail in your work and wonder how you go about starting something like this. Glad you're back
  12. Here's the pic I'm referring to: I am making several Afghan army .chrs and found a good reference image of the Afghan army uniform: @ eÅ kwaad - on your .chr models, what is your method for making the webbing on the backpacks? I tried to add noise and blur, and even the texture filter, but it just doesn't look right? Any tips?
  13. Thanks for the replies. How about a more detailed pattern (i.e. the Police pattern in the skinning section)? Was that done via cloning a photo, or actually creating the pattern?
  14. All - I am making some new attachments and I'd like to make my own camo textures. I've tried my hand at making them via the VDL filter within PS, but results have been sketchy at best. Can anyone provide any tips? Thanks
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