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  1. I was replaying the P210 mission "Fighting Bears" with the heroes unlocked and I couldn't seem to find more than 2 SA-18 launchers and therefore could not complete Objective 2 - "Destroy SPAA/TELAR, Secure SA-18s". I had found the SA-18s at the special cave and at the SW camp. I expected to find one either in the central base or the NW cave hideout but didn't see any there. Backtracking, I figured the guys in the boat I shot up over on the east side of the map might have had it. Over in that area, I remembered a sniper up on a rocky roost I had killed earlier. I went up to the roost and there was the last SA-18 propped against the rocks. Jodit Haile ended up with 51 kills and over 50% accuracy! So if anyone is having trouble with Fighting Bears, this might help.
  2. ID Software has done this several times with their UT series, most recently with the UT3 engine. Just wanted to interject that EPIC Games created the Unreal series and the unreal game engine technology. ID does quake/doom.
  3. Duh...for some reason I didn't see the pressure surprise file. Got it working now; thanks guys!
  4. I don't have P2 activated. Do I need to? I also don't have any readme files in the P1 folder, just modscont.
  5. Here is the ike.log for crashing on p101:
  6. Just installed this mission pack via the P2 goodies folder, but the missions crash at startup. Any idea what it could be? I run GR on vista 32 in xp compatibility mode. I also am assuming that this is supposed to be run with Frostbite, I am using version 1.3 with it when trying to play.
  7. Awesome, thanks Tinker, I knew it sounded familiar!
  8. I am trying to get information on the music used in the Blood Oil game menus. The menus use an African world music song and some keyboard tunes as well. Mrwhat@hotmail.com is listed for "various kit and ambient sound effects" so I tried sending him an email but it came back undeliverable. Perhaps someone here would know who did the menu music; Thanks!
  9. If you like STALKER it's great. It takes all the good things from the first two games and puts them together. It's bug-free (for me) and very fun, but also pretty short. However the freeplay and the many ways in which to complete the game give it alot of replay value.
  10. If there was one thing I would like to see added to GR:FS it would be more RSE dev team names in the credits. If there was one thing I would like to see removed from GR:FS it would be less UBI dev team names in the credits.
  11. I want first-person view only. The reasons are simple: A first-person view is more realistic, more challenging, and more exciting. It is the ONLY way to present a true tac-sim, and it is a key to providing a high level of immersive gameplay. This topic could be expanded to discuss all aspects of the HUD as well. For example, I would love to see an improved version of the team control interface from the AW series, but I think the inclusion of a "radar" or the red diamonds does not belong in a GR game at all. In general, the less hud the better.
  12. Just posted this over at the official boards, after the moderator "Minerva" flamed a fan for making a thread asking for an updated version of the original GR experience for FS: http://forums.ubi.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/4...38/m/1281080638 I want to see the original Ghost Recon , updated with better graphics, physics, and sound. I don't care about scifi tech like cloaking devices, or hero characters like Scott Mitchell, or "rambo" MW2-style gameplay (F-16 on legs? please.), and I know I speak for the GR community when I say this. (check out this thread over at gr.net: link to this thread) New features and maps would be icing on the cake, but you guys need to stick with the core gameplay instead of trying to copycat the popular action games. Ghost Recon is not an action game and never will be! UBI has demonstrated again and again with the Advanced Warfighter series that, when left to their own devices, they fail to create a true sequel to the game that captured the hearts of the true fans and made the franchise what it is today. RSE better be driving this one; an MW2/BFBC2 clone is going to fail miserably.
  13. I don't get it...copied and pasted the above into my p2_unlockedhero.xml and now works fine, just not sure why they weren't in there to start. Thanks phlookian.
  14. Mig...I'm confused about the use of the p2_unlockedhero.xml file...you say you replaced another xml file with it, which one? Also, is it supposed to be empty except for the <UnlockedHeroes/> line? I look at all the other heroes.xml files and they have a list of the heroes in them for example, the centcom_unlockedhero.xml file has these contents: <UnlockedHeroes> <Hero>d_jodit_haile.atr</Hero> <Hero>d_nigel_tunney.atr</Hero> <Hero>d_dieter_munz.atr</Hero> <Hero>d_scott_ibrahim.atr</Hero> <Hero>d_lindy_cohen.atr</Hero> </UnlockedHeroes> Can you post the contents of your p2_unlockedhero.xml file? Thanks.
  15. First of all I'd like to thank the p2 team for an amazing mod...in alot of ways I think it's better than the original GR campaign. P221 "Stalking Tiger" has got to be my favorite mission ever! However now that I'm done with the campaign I'd like to play quick missions with the heroes, but I am unable to get this to work. I copied the file "p2_unlockedhero.xml" into my GR directory but when I open it, it's empty except for the "<UnlockedHeroes/>" line. Is it because I completed the campaign prior to doing this?
  16. Loved the campaign! Missions 1, 10, and 11 were amazing and the gas plant and trainyard maps are top-notch. The m4 and m14 series of weapons are amazingly detailed, beautiful, and well-balanced. The pistols are a joy to use as well. I'm currently playing through the M and Z series of quick missions for some additional fun and to be ready for some co-op action. A few things struck me as odd while playing: -The haybales on the fishing village map don't really work out. They should be penetrable by bullets. It's a shame that an otherwise great map has such a major problem. -The lack of aiming feedback is interesting, but I prefer the way the reticles were done in centcom. It's nice to have the depth of play that this adds (getting to know the weapon's characteristics without being shown them visually), but overall I found it frustrating as I ended up having to browse through the .gun files in order to figure out most of the defining characteristics. -Ruger 10-22 has a ridiculously low stabilization time and effective range; is this intentional? -The mk16/mk17 series of weapons seem quite inferior in performance to the m4/m14 series. -AW Covert has a stabilization time of 1.0...? Super-slow -C-mags on the CBJ and m14 are overpowered because they don't change the handling characteristics of those weapons. -I didn't care for the scripting of the "defend the village"-type missions. I am sure, however, that these are a blast to play co-op where you don't have to babysit the AI. -In some of the missions I thought the enemy perception and linking seemed abit overdone. For example in mission 10, after the first two guards are killed and objective 4 is completed, the next kill (no matter the location, distance, or weapon used) always draws the majority of the tangos in the trainyard area to the spot of the kill. -AI teammates obey ROE inconsistently throughout the campaign. When set to recon, sometimes they will open fire while undetected and when set to assault sometimes they will allow tangos to walk right up to them as if they were on recon mode. Overall this mod is fantastic; I can't believe I'm still playing ghost recon (and loving it) after 8 years! I can't wait to try some of the missions in co-op
  17. Having problems on BO5 (waterfall day mission), any saved game is corrupted and causes GR to crash when loaded. Very frustrating because my teams will not obey their recon orders and I have to babysit them to keep them from shooting at enemies and it's very hard to even get them to the meeting. I tried saving/loading before and after the meeting. Running the game in XP compatibility mode on vista. Any help is welcome, thanks Edit: I managed to get past this mission by taking just two demo guys to the meeting then running away after the meeting objective was completed. I ended up sneaking around, pretty much avoiding the village, while shooting all enemies and demoing the boats. I'm not sure what the heck was going on with this mission as the scripting seemed to be not working properly. Villagers were shooting at me and I ended up having to shoot some of them. I never saw an opportunity to "defend the village" or "extract a rebel" so after killing all enemies I just went to the EZ and got a mission complete...? Perhaps someone can describe to me how this mission is supposed to play. Aside from this trouble, the mod has so far been amazing. I am interested to know some details about the music
  18. Downloaded and playing now Thanks to everyone who worked on this mod. Let us know when a coop server goes up!
  19. Any chance you guys will be doing this again? I'd like to join the action
  20. Any dedicated servers still running? Looking for some coop mission action.
  21. OK I figured it out. If anyone else is having trouble with the demo location for the comm sat, it's not quite where the command map objective shows it to be. You need to place a demo charge at an electrical box on the roof of the building.
  22. I just installed and began playing the Frostbite mod. I have progressed to the end of the first mission, where I am supposed to destroy the communications satellite with demo charges. However, I was unable to figure out exactly where in the building the charges need to be placed. I tried a variety of locations and did not complete the objective, so I'm stuck. Is this a bug?
  23. So patch 1, missionsv3.zip, is not necessary? Only the patch 2 is needed?
  24. Yep, got them working using recon insertion and extraction zones like the other MP maps...now I am wondering if there is a way to do random insertions in coop mode?
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