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  1. Now that's some great looking graphics... how/when/cost are all issues to be determined I guess... but that's HOT as Paris would say....
  2. Really? I had heard that GR4 was slated for an early '08 release, but was pushed back already to Sept. '08 due to some integration issues with the SP and MP being worked with different engines.
  3. Bugs I've experienced (all single player campaign) 1st and most often annoyance... when rets are over a target and you attempt to give command to 'attack target' it instead sends them running out into the open to a position as if you were telling them to 'move out' to a location. You have to recall, then give the command over, taking a few seconds that can cost you your life. 2nd: when croutching against a wall at a corner, getting stuck at steps and not being able to move away from the cover. This is SO annoying, especially when you have to restart the mission. 3rd bug: team moves away from area that you told them to hold and a member walks out into the middle of fire for no reason. If you tell them to take cover and attack, why do they move away from that area on their own if you're holding still? 4th bug: team member gets stuck in a corner trying to move directly to a location or follow you rather than moving out the entrance then falling in formation. Even when I go back to him and give the order to fall in - he won't turn around and walk to me... he's stuck in the corner running against the wall. WEAK. 5th bug: you drop your rifle to pickup an enemy rifle (switching sniper gun for an assault rifle) then you run back to re-swap weapons... it's gone. 6th bug: the cheat codes I found don't work (RB, X, RB, X, LB, Y) does not give you 100% health! ok that's not really a bug... but it was so promising, and it doesn't work and I'm tired of getting killed on the helo intro.... : (
  4. They'll release it if/when they're ready...and if not what are we gonna do? Other than CRY because consoles rob us?
  5. I'm sure all of that will be incorporated into the first patch... sure. This is the type of development that needed to be worked on a year ago, not this close to launch. I don't care about animations so long as the base graphics are solid, and the MP game speed is slow and cautious like GR1. I've been playing GRAW on 360 and it's all run and gun like CS... not what I'm looking forward to for PC version.
  6. hehe - they better whoop the pens tonight or it's gonna look like Lou made more bad calls at the trading deadline.... Here's one for you connie - click for a nice Devils wallpaper: ← Thanks for the new desktop! However, did you notice the word STANELY Cup? ← HAHHA - oops! well - you can tell it's custom made huh! i'll throw that on the 'to-fix' list....
  7. Xbox360 is HD already btw... and the PS3 just announced yesterday it will only support DVI/HDMI inputs for HDTV (no component). I'm sure this has something to do with copy protection and HDCP compliance.... but nonetheless for any of you considering the $450+ splurge... if you have an older HDTV without HDMI/DVI, plan on another upgrade.
  8. Does it matter who uses what, really? If it works for you use it. If not, dont use it. I use a keyboard and a MX1000 mouse. The keyboard isnt that great, the mouse however rocks. But they work for me, I still get my kills in. SN6 ← I also have the mx1000 mouse - but it randomly 'jumps' straight up on me about every 60 seconds - thus throwing my aim way off. I've re-installed, updated the drivers, everything to no avail... have you had this happen to you? I'm thinking of getting the new mx - it's like 4x higher resolution, but eats up batteries fast...
  9. hehe - they better whoop the pens tonight or it's gonna look like Lou made more bad calls at the trading deadline.... Here's one for you connie - click for a nice Devils wallpaper:
  10. LOL somebody is going to think the N52 is a sex toy if you keep talking like that... I have used both n50 and upgraded to n52 and it takes all of 2 hours to get used to it. Plus it's much easier than learning a console layout. You stay on your keyboards and let us n52 whores waste you in record time while you're fumbling for the reload and nade buttons on the keyboard.
  11. No, only about 30 minutes of that was 'dead' time - the rest was action packed - with cat and mouse chasing all over the map, missed long range shots, and wounding nades tossed in the spots suspected of holding a camper. 2 minute run and gun matches are not what GR is about - that's what CS is for - and always will be in my book. OT 1 on 1 is an all-together different story, and pretty lame IMO. Give1/2 points for a tie if it can't be settled in regular play or re-schedule a rematch and try again. OT shootouts are for hockey.... not GR.
  12. Yeah, I still play CSS almost every night - it's fun, but not tactical fun like the good ol GR1 days - like the guy said, you can have a 2 hour 1 vs 1 showdown in a match and have everyone still watching... and even the pub games in GR are much more tactical than any pub in CSS I've ever been in. CS is fun no doubt, and they have great players there too - but I think the matches in CS are quite a bit more reaction and pure mouse skill based than utilizing sound strategy and tactics in a team effort. I was once involved in a 4+ hour 6 vs 6 match, where the final map (3-3 tie) lasted better than 2 hours in a 1 on 1 showdown (no time limit). Nobody left comms, everyone stayed and enjoyed it - I doubt that would EVER happen in CS for me - especially how I felt at work the next morning after 4 hours sleep. Cheers!
  13. You've lost all your creditbility right there, unless you have no clue who Rocky is, which I doubt. I'm not trying to sound like a jerk, but all the nonsense console bashing, and anything not l337 PC gaming bashing, is getting tiring. ← True dat... omg I'm agreeing with a Ranger's fan...blah! Ummm yeah - you can't bunny hop your way out of an alley full of guys using an autosniper and getting 6 consecutive headshots....
  14. Yeah mang, we need to be able and set the enemy density level like defend on the campaign - and hopefully those downloadable content maps come out soon! Every time I'm on xbox live, everyone wants to play co-op instead of team elimination.... Also - I remember back on pc GR, you could randomize your insertion point in co-op and wipe up the map with a little variation if nothing else - that would help too with only 4 maps for campaign. And all this talk about customizable look/uniforms/faces... it's not all that - you can't select a ghillie suit or anything for a sniper - he wears the same standard uni as the rest of the squad.... : ( lame-o. :sigh: hopefully pc version will have plenty of mods to fix these minor glitches... the graphics and presentation are simply awesome though.
  15. I'm loving the console version as is - but it is only making me salivate at the pc release so I can aim better than a newborn fawn. Just wish you could play all the singleplayer maps in mp mode... oh well. I'm having fun with a solid group of guys playing co-op campaign... limited number of maps, but it's fun nonetheless. Drones have got to go for the true GR team deathmatch though... Add me - invite me - I'll do the same.
  16. 9800 pro might be pushing it if you want any type of details. I had that card and upgraded to x800pro last year, and I usually can play at the next to highest settings in all games with great framerates - but i think the HDR is going to push your card beyond it's 'comfort zone'. I'm actually considering going from AGP x800 to a new mobo to get PCI express and a x1800. I hear it is basically 2x as fast as the x800, which is already 2-3x faster than the 9800....
  17. Now how about that non-repetitive posting rule? ← Now how about that non-repetitive posting rule? ← What? But seriously, yes.... and woe is me who has to upgrade his video cards YET AGAIN, after upgrading it last summer to play GR2 on the pc... we see how well that worked.
  18. Yeah, this is called BAIT and SWITCH tactics - trail us along for over 14 months with promises, then pull the carpet out and replace it with another [false] promise. Screw UBI - [moderator edit] - can't count on them for anything except backstabbing and lies. Let's see - GR for PC made them a player, then they abandon the pc gamers to offer mind-numbing versions of their games for the platforms where the testing is much easier - 1 standard to test and dbug.... easy money.... $$$$ greed kills. I will now be switching all of my attention from any GR2/3 news to Battlefield 2 which at least can manage to hit a target release date in some fashion. GR3 - "Broken Promises" should be a good working title.
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