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  1. that doesn't bother me too much. when you're laying down how far can you really lean over anyways. and how easy would it be to shoot.... i think it's pretty good the way it is. ← GR1 had great peek from both prone and corners... why isn't this peek just as good/better? Prone peeking is a must... you dive for cover and then need to peek and 'pop' the tango... as is now you get a face full of lead instead.
  2. so basically the only way to get some smoothing is if you can set your rsolution high enough? btw, it's not just nvidia, my ati card has no AA either. ← But on ATI card you can go into the catalyst program and hard-force AA, AF, etc... regardless of the application's selections. I forced AA on the demo, went into the game and turned down AF from 8x to 4x and turned off the dynamic shadows. Game runs smoother now and looks ALOT better (nearly no jaggies). I don't have experience with recent Nvidia cards but I would guess there is something similar?
  3. Yeah the very first guy I killed had his back to me and fell straight over into a 'doggy style' position... and was twitching back and forth... it looked downright sexy... errr i mean disgusting! Also - I must add to my previous thoughts and say the prone position is in need of major fixing. Aside from the well documented 'floor' where you can't aim below --- you also cannot lean from prone??? GR1 had this and it was awesome... what soldier cannot lean or peek from a prone position? And the peek toggle acts funny in game - sometimes it stays at peek and you can slowly step to the side, other times as soon as you take a step it goes back to the non-peek positioning. I agree about the weapon selection. give me single buttons to bring up my pistol, nades, etc.. and lose the instant selection of the teammates using 1,2,3. If I want them, Im using the tac map anyhow and giving them orders. Still adjusting..... is it Saturday yet?
  4. Ok here's my first take (and 2nd, and 3rd after adjusting alot of settings).... System Info: AMD 64 3200+ 1 Gig Corsair XMS DDR400 Ram SATA Raptor 10,000 RPM 75Gig HD ATI X800 Pro 256 AGP Video Card DELL 2005FPW Widescreen 16:10 format (1680x1050 desktop) After being SHOCKED at initial quality after auto-detect and the jaggies from hell, I went into the catalyst advanced settings and forced 4x AA, then restarted the game and finally settled on these settings to give me the best performance to quality for my rig. I am happy with the FPS at these settings, although I feel things look a bit flat like GR1 rather than truly 3D like CS with the updated HDR and engine. Happy About: - Good 'Ol GR Feel - Enemy AI is DAMN HARD! - Sounds / Music - Tactical Map vs. 360 version - Not too cumbersome control system (unlike BF) Not Happy About: - Improper widescreen support (the rets look fat and squished, while the scope looks skinny - how can this be?) - Enemy AI is DAMN HARD! (taking me 6 tries to get past one machine gun nest now) - Graphics don't look 'deep' like other current games - Orange uniforms - ugh. - AA/Dynamic Lighting settings in demo (hope the final release has ability to fine tune more) So with the AA forced on my card, I think this looks SO much better - and I'm sure some new catalyst drivers will help get this even farther along graphically. I can't wait to try MP!
  5. Everyone else is playing it now ← Yeah this rocks! Everyone has it now BUT YOU!!!!! JK... I'm ticking down the last 1.5 hours until I get off work and get to boot it up! I'm also hoping there may be a fedex package at my doorstep to eliminate any DEMO ever touching my hard drive....
  6. Fileshack Link Fileshack had about 1/2 the wait time for me, and capped it at 500k/sec. DL'ing now...
  7. WOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy hump day! this made my week(end)... hehe SHIPMENTS Shipment #UBW-178320 on April 25, 2006 To TANGO VICTOR *********************** FedEx 2 Day Item Qty Shipped 68280 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighterâ„¢ - PC 1 So much for getting that landscaping project done this weekend! Oh Noes... how will I watch playoff hockey AND play GRAW at the same time now?
  8. The rest at the link. ← The first movie was so *great* they're working on another? Anyone else think this was a piece of B junk? Amazing how Bishop from Aliens turns out to be a rich SOB who pays for the expedition.... : /
  9. I am facing the same situation... and i've concluded that sometimes less is more... more or less. anyone wanna buy 2x512 of corsair XMS matched platinum series DDR400? I can only run 2 out of my 3 slots in dual channel and need to upgrade to 2x1 Gig. look! a bargain on newegg - $50 rebate too! $138 for 2 gig. Newegg Corsair XMS 2 gig Ram
  10. Well I'd love to see 2 or 3 expansion packs similar to GR1... I mean who didn't just love it when Desert Seige came out?
  11. LOL - it was good enough to make MSNBC today! Story "You gotta be rich"... true dat.
  12. How about a thousandaire? "I'm rich biatch!" RICH
  13. ROFL...your sig rocks!!! ← Indeed - that is TIGHT!
  14. Just curious with the big launch coming what squads will be hosting a GRAW server and where you will be based out of. Nice to have an idea of who will be firing up the game post-work in the same timezone that hang out in here so we can all cruise through the game in MP together (or against ea. other ). Another reason; I had a core of guy lined up from previous games to jump in on this with a website and server, but now it looks like that fell apart (no big deal), but we had all this great effort started and I'd sure like to find another group of guys that are planning on plenty of casual play in a public server atmosphere, as well as dip lightly into the ranked match play. How about a post with Squad Name: (e.g. -TGN- Texas Gaming Nation) Server Location: (Dallas, TX) Server IP: (if you know it) GRAW Involvement: (Matching +Pub / Pub only / TBD) Squad Website: www.texasgamers.com Thought this might give us some good starting points for jumping in to play some GRAW with folks that appreciate the game for the same reasons we do and not necessarily have to wade through the entire list.
  15. THat's awesome! hehehe that does look super real, but no way somebody gets up that close without getting shot! Still a cool vid.
  16. ooooh! TRON 2.0 sweeeeeet. I wish I had one of the old arcade games of TRON - that was soooo cool in the 80's. Remember the light cycles? yeah baby....
  17. Nice thread - good job Hack! I agree - and I even jumped over onto that punk's home forums and saw all the griping and junk they were spreading there - nothing of any tangible value - just criticism and whining for whining's sake. Some people make use of their time tearing others apart rather than doing something constructive. Let's hope we've flushed the pipes of the h8rs and can look forward to the release with newfound appreciation for the game and the RARE opportunity to be in on the development through the access GRIN has given us. I too was devastated when GR2 was cancelled for PC and thought we'd never see the GR series return to anything other than a console... well I for one am sure glad that I was wrong. It's Friday afternoon and in 1 hour I will be cracking a cold one and giving GRIN a silent salute -
  18. PCI-E only.... no love for us poor AGP folks...
  19. brilliant.... are you the ###### that stole my Toyota emblem off my 4Runner too? JACKASS!
  20. i tihnk there is a stealth, but this aint splinter cell ← To elaborate.... this aint GTA
  21. Great - now you've got me thinking twice... I distinctly recall having the option to choose when I checked out which version I wanted and it even had a warning (or similar) to make sure you had a DVD-ROM capable drive when choosing this option. Now I go look all over the store and website and I can't find that option anymore.... GRAW Official Website shows only the PC-CD ROM tag at the bottom. why did you have to rain on my parade after all the good news from today with it going gold? Perhaps all the pre-orders from way back ate up all the DVD version copies and now all that is left are the CD-ROM! yeahhhhhh.... that's the ticket!
  22. OK, misery loves company... so to help you feel a bit less a victim of circumstance I will share 3 random boring facts that are an everday element in my existence and we'll see if you still feel bored through relative comparison. 1) 7a loans are for working capital whereas the 166 and 504 loans deal with property and equipment. If you have less than a 720 credit score you can basically forget applying for any of these. 2) provisional patents gain you a 12 month window to further research or validate your intellectual property (IP) before needing to put forth a formal patent application - either a utility, design, or plant patent. 3) private companies operate on fiscal calendar years, whereas federal agencies operate Oct.1 - Sept. 30., whereas universities usually operate on a July 1 - June 30 fiscal calendar. (Try matching reporting when you have to consolidate reports and budget accordingly) OK, and I went to school for marketing because I wanted to be a manager at an ad agency... wow. How far off course have i drifted???
  23. I pre-ordered direct from UBI store, *free shipping* wohooo. It says DVD on mine. edit: US version.
  24. Actually, you may be right on this... http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=33005 This is what I was looking for. Therefore, for AGP users the NVIDIA 7800 GS GPU is the way to go. The game was designed around the NVIDIA technology and it is the fastest NVIDIA GPU available to the AGP crowd. Plus it is a whole lot cheaper than it's ATI competitor...the ATI Radeon X850 PE... ← Then why on earth is ATI promoting GRAW on their website, and why is ATI giving away free prizepacks with GRAW bundled? I highly doubt a game that is developed for Nvidia would see a competitor sponsoring prize packages... and where is Nvidia's marcom pieces about GRAW? And to further add to the mess - somebody said something earlier to the effect of with ATI expect no driver support... OMG. Laughable. I switched from Nvidia to ATI 3 cards ago and I've never had any driver issues - they release a new catalyst universal support driver about every 3 weeks. The old ATI vs Nvidia wars are so 90's... get on with yer lifes. Next we'll be having a Pepsi challenge.... and we all know COKE wins! Coke logo = Red & White, ATI logo = Red & White.... thus ATI runs GRAW better... there rock solid logic wins!
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