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  1. So with that logic every person/group/nation that has somebody with a gun training how to use it is trying to go kill anybody that isn't like them... nice. That says alot about the MILLIONS of Americans going out back of the farm and shooting at cans and targets on a range. Scary thought eh?
  2. That doesn't validate your comment about 3rd person... both 1st and 3rd are available in 360 version. And the 360 version does look good - with distance focus in the single-player mode, but none in the MP mode. The graphics in the MP mode look very similar to PC demo, just a bit 'softer' thanks to AA - but not nearly as crisp as far distances. Sniping on the PC Demo is much better IMO. Can't wait for full version (got my fedex tracking #... it's on a truck 2 hours away!)
  3. I'd love to see Edmonton represent the West... but I can't stand Montreal or Ottawa (go figure huh). GO sabres tonight! Go Calgary tomorrow night! (hope Scott N. get sent golfing after abandoning the Devils right after Stevens retires - He can play with his brother... with their 7 irons!)
  4. So much for a Buffalo Wings cup final....
  5. ummmm stayed home? You said when he fights it will be on his home ground... good. I'm not going there and picking a fight with him - are you? If he wants a bite of my sandwich, he'll need to stop prancing around with a gun in his hands... then we'll talk. This is the taliban's Frank Burns... give him a toothbrush and a gun and he'll go shoot his mouth off.
  6. Are you suggesting that software with an autoupdate feature might actually periodically check to see if there's an available update? Weird. ← My anti-virus does this daily after I boot.... not that weird. "How do you know she's a witch?" (grabs the closest duck)
  7. I know he is sighing for several reasons... including the Devils knocking them off in 4 straight. This is payback for Matteau... Carolina, Devils, Ottawa, Sabres... hmmm. Looks like Ottawa vs. Devils to me...
  8. I too hope the roll is in the full version....but I am guessing that was some misinformation based on the 360 version HACK ← Yeah that roll in the 360 was cool - so was the 'dive and slide'... if you were running and hit the 'drop to prone' button, you would do a slick little hook slide or flop dive. It was really great animation. They had a great way to throw nades too - you would simply select the nade and put the 'ret' on the ground where you wanted it to land, then whether you held the button down determined how 'hard' and the arc of the nade as you threw it (longer = fastball, no arc, tap = high arc, toss).
  9. along with pigeons, dog dootie, oddly dressed old men in shorts and dress socks, joggers with ipods, and creepy skinny guys with pasty white skin staring through binocs...
  10. I'm not confused so much as baffled by people's logic and lack thereof....
  11. Debating the "best light saber duel.... evah" can be hazardous to your rep. this is the best of them all anyhow: VIDEO
  12. I love it when devs do stuff like this.... hope we find more!
  13. I've got the X800 Pro and I'm looking to upgrade to the 850 XT as benchmarks are showing it's 20-25% faster/fps than mine. I think the demo runs very good (30 fps or better) with med-high settings across the board... so I'd say the 850 right now plus you can get it for $350-375 range. How much is the new Nvidia card gonna run? Did you see that corsair special on RAM they just ran? $138 for XMS paired 1 Gig sticks (2 Gig total) after rebate... I wanted that so bad but don't have the cash right now
  14. People are forcing AA and it is working AA discussion
  15. NP check here - others got it to work now too. ATI AA discussion
  16. Good, people were thinking I was nuts/insane there for a while... glad you got the trifecta to work... my card isn't enough to pull that off... but at least I can shake the jaggies.
  17. Hola Amigos! Muchos cervesas pronto por favor! No mas tequila, Bo es muy borracho....
  18. Later I'll post before/after shot of forced AA through CCC.
  19. Perhaps this is a either/or... have you disabled the dynamic lights and shadows AND tried AA forced? This is what I did purely by happenstance and I noticed a big improvement. I haven't tried forcing AA with dynamic lighting and shadows enabled... it may not 'kick in' in that case. Hmmmm
  20. I updated to the latest catalyst about 3 weeks ago. I'm not at home right now to look at version. There has been others saying they got it to work too. Check the other AA related threads with ATI in the title.
  21. Yes, but the effect just isn't there. I have an X1900XTX and AA just can't be forced. ← Well I have X800 Pro and I forced AA to 4x and re-launched the demo and noticed a big improvement. I turned of dynamic lights and shadows and got a much smoother frame rate with significantly less jaggies. If your catalyst control center is installed, you should be able to force AA and leave all other settings at 'application preference' and get the same results. If not, then I'm not upgrading my card for anything.
  22. Yes - you should get slightly better performance than my X800pro 256 AGP. And mine runs fairly well with forced AA on. I do get a long initial load time at the 'black screen' after the intro screens however (1 min or so) before the game main menu comes up. maybe this is demo specific?
  23. It isn't illegal for UBI to sell it early - only a reseller. Resellers (EBgames, Bestbuy, Toys R Us) regularly get in 'trouble' for releasing it before the street date. They recieve the items up to a week early for putting out on the shelves on the 'street date'. Often they do this to drive a frenzy at their store for a popular item and put it out 24 hours early so everyone is going there to buy rather than the competition. This is technically illegal per their agreements with the publishers. Publishers don't want one store getting preference or a leg up because then your into a whole anti-trust lawsuit situation. Example: Microsoft was threatening to fine any store something like $10,000 per xbox 360 sold prior to the launch date for this very reason. So for UBI to respond and say this is insane. They can release something through their own online store early and have the street date be whenever, so long as they offer all the street dates within the country on the same date to everyone. Whoever responded was referring to the retailer situation. Fool.
  24. Indeed - we don't need another CS - full running sniper headshots! Run or aim & shoot... it should be an OR not a WITH.
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