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  1. I agree... the demo was the only one without internet capability unless he's on dialup? If he bought the demo, i have a few bridges to sell him LOL! shhhhh - I'm selling GRAW demo discs on EBAY for $9.... hurry, the next auction ends in 13 minutes!
  2. never saw that post - sorry. link is now dead.
  3. Hopefully Stone uses more facts than fiction... (e.g. JFK) 9-11 Loose Change 2nd Edition Whether or not you believe conspiracy theorists, I have never given any credit to these types, but after watching this - I have questions I never had before. I have friends that fall on both sides of the issues and all of them felt this was worth watching more than once.
  4. you call yourself a GR fan? On your profile "pepsi or coke?" you said Pepsi!!! aaaaaah!
  5. I'd even pay a $100 for something like that. GR1 with updated graphics? Updated weapons? New, larger maps? In-game communications? Updates uniforms? and new engine with physics? You sir, ask for the impossible. Next you'll want clear Coca cola....
  6. Well sir, I have an xbox 360, and I have GRAW on both PC and 360 and guess what - 360 kicks the pc's ass thus far. I didn't want it to, and actually told everyone PC would pwn the 360 as this is a FPS that naturally always is better on pc than console... If you know anything about software development, you would know they NEVER optimize or fully utilize the current technology... they PUSH the need for technology through their inefficient use of software. Some devs write more efficiently than others, and some engines use technology better than others. This game does neither... and hence sucks. Technology upgrades should not be the band-aids of poor development. I am unimpressed and frankly feel let down that a dev team that promised so much through their participation in [GR] community discussions would put out a product this lacking in the technology realm. Compare and justify all you want to how 'advanced' GRAW is to other games or vs. consoles, but in the end the 'fun' factor is not there for the majority, and when push comes to shove, games over a year old look and play better than this... that's not progression, that's regression. short enough to understand without re-reading?
  7. Viiper... what a diehard defender of all that is GRAW. All your rhetoric about how it looks and runs great (in what little modes it has available)... is such BS for the masses out there who bought this game based not only on title name expecting the same gameplay as the [GR], but that it would actually be playable and FUN on a rig with the recommended hardware requirements. 20 FPS with these requirements is not fun nor playable by today's standards. If you want to zip back 10 years, 20 fps would be quite excellent. The bar has shifted - we expect optimized engines and better code, not simply cramming polygons into the code and expecting the consumer to 'catch up' with time through overbuying technology to make the software work. That is insane. Look at how much has always been accomplished on consoles once developers know the hardware and write optimized code for a certain set of specifications - amazing the results. Problem is pc development teams simply run the 80/20 and would rather let that last 20% of effort and optimization slide by because it can be eventually made-up for letting the consumer shell out $$ to increase their computational horsepower through better equipment. I liken this to buying 'futures' much like a software stockmarket - and I currently own stock in GRAW. I can't do anything much with it now, but hopefully someday when my natural pace of upgrading my pc happens to cross into the operational range of GRAW, then I will be able to enjoy it. Problem with this method of game development, who wants to play a game that is 2 years old when the newest games out using a better development process have better features, graphics and are more fun out of the box? early adopters of technology pay a huge premium for it, but those people are 3 to 4 standard deviations out from the norm. Consumer products that are successful (software included) do not market to the exclusive elite on these curves, but rather to the core inside 1 or 2 deviations where over 67% of the market sits. This game is for the elite 3%, and until you and others understand this - your argument is simply not valid to the rest of us. This is like listening to a billionaire talk about how gas prices really aren't that bad and only amount to less than .5% of his expenses and we should just really appreciate that gas costs less per gallon than orange juice. W.T.F.... over. I've been sold a bill of goods. With alot of patience and costly upgrades, I can eventually have fun with this game - but those upgrades are not needed for another 12-18 months for anything else I am using or buying. I custom built this rig 18 months ago and it was a screamer then, now it is still pretty darn good - but this game makes it feel like it's 4 years old. That just isn't good development or execution of a consumer product. A game shouldn't be a prestige product that becomes a status symbol. Apparently somebody forgot this along the way.
  8. Yes, what better to bring cultures and induhviduals together than picking up arms and blasting people with bullets and hand grenades... aaah. [cue music - "I'd like to buy the world a coke"...] Didn't Russia and the US fight together against Germany not so long before the Russians and US fell into the nuclear standoff that was the cold war? The enemy of my enemy is my friend.... until that battle is over.
  9. Virus, Are you a habitual [ENTER] key abuser? lol... Every sentence you make. Is 3-4 lines below the previous! But I agree with you - a waste... (so far). ::prays for major patch fixes::
  10. LOL - some people can make my day with the most simplistic humor posts.... bravo!
  11. Echo that here too. I wanted this to be a smash success, but even as a GR and PC fanboy, I gotta say I feel a big let-down. And for some people to say our opinions simply reflect unrealistic expectations, no...not really - when there ARE other games out there that have the engine, graphics, communications, maps, and FPS that would have met these expectations... just they arent all in the same game. *grabs wrench, duct tape, and hammer to go piece them together*
  12. Click HERE for HL upgrade model...
  13. I personally like the JV16 powertools program. I haven't installed it yet on my new system, but when I last used it - was very impressed how fast and accurate it was. If you have used that can you compare this to that? Thanks,
  14. more evidence this game has a very short half life for ladder play... given MP ladders need comm software to run in the background. nice design.
  15. I get the same thing.... randomly.... with a standard USB keyboard.... just another lowlight....
  16. CPU: Athlon 64 3200+ GPU: ATI X800 Pro RAM: 1GB Corsair XMS DDR PC3200 SND: Soundblaster Live 5.1 DRIVERS: ? Latest ATI, 8 months on Sound SETTINGS: Resolution: 1280 x 900 (Widescreen) Texture Quality: MED Texture Filtering: AF4X Effects Quality: MED Dynamic Shadows: LOW Dynamic Lighting: ON Post Effects: LOW EAX: DISABLED Audio Quality: MEDIUM (HIGHEST AVAIL) TWEAKS: None yet PEAK FRAMES: ~40 AVG FRAMES: ~28-32 MIN FRAMES: ~19-22 Turning off Dynamic Lights boosts me about 5 fps. Although the fps is usually right around 30, it feels more like 15-20 with crazy mouse lag. Mouse settings: (not at home now to look at titles) First slider:20% Second slider: 35%
  17. I find it curious after reading through those links that the most dramatic go/no-go point of emphasis counters what they chose. I think your thread question is legit and interesting... As for the technical jargon discussing occluders, recievers, and aa depths... uhhhhh yeah. I'm gonna go rub my tummy and pat my head at the same time to feel smart again....
  18. pretty sure he was speaking about bringing over the 360 gameplay elements of online MP - game modes and such. And i agree - spent 4 hours total trying this domination stuff in a dedicated server, with a ping of 100-120. That should be good enough to feel the game out - and it was horrible. Ping said 120, but felt more like 1020... load a full clip in a guy and he runs right past me, turns, shoots me dead with 1 shot. OK... nice lag. People running all over the place like a bunch of women at a wedding dress sale
  19. I am having the same problems, it is telling me that my password is invaled and must not contain more than 30 characters EVEN WHEN I LEAVE IT BLANK !! ← I was equally annoyed at this - several times... try hitting enter after you enter your password rather than just click OK... it seems to help solve this.
  20. Ok - I'm gonna make it as objective as possible and let me start with this: I hated the game Counterstrike ever since Ghost Recon came out. I love slow and steady play, with skill required, not mastery of jumping moves and run and gun tactics... with that said, my summary: Single Player - impressive maps and details. Definately a slow and steady team requirement to this mode. Graphical effects are good but I could do with less of the dynamic lighting effects at times. Getting a bloom glare effect off of concrete just seems out of place to me. MP Coop - I'm sure this will be equally pleasing to those loving the SP mode - just more fun to chat through comms with buds online and less tactical map 'administration'. MP DOM - stinks. I'm not gonna dig into details about what is missing - its obvious what is missing, traditional GR MP modes. Overall (no mode in mind). If and when I can afford to upgrade my rig to a bustling cutting edge (top 5% of all pc's out there today) I may love the way this runs and feels, but right now it is more like GR 2.5 to me than GR3 in terms of graphics and looks. It does play super for singleplayer tactical movements, but even there the framerates are so low I'm missing opportunities for a quick kill since I'm too busy fumbling through the command menu trying to get my troops to stop walking in front of me while executing my last command, and enter a new one while still trying to take cover and shoot at the enemy who instantly sees me and is firing on my position. You shouldn't need to be a 'pro' at a game to have fun at it, and dying while trying to execute a sequence of click, scroll, click, click, down stance, right mouse click, aim - shoot .... just seems like alot to tell my guys to do something they should be reacting to naturally rather than walking in front of me as I stop to shoot a guy. In total, no "WOW" factor for me personally compared to what I was expecting... and a short shelf life without radical improvements to the MP team modes. I was WOWed when I installed Half Life 2 and saw the graphical elements, and I am also WOWed at their updates of the CSS online MP maps (e.g. Dust) to include High Dynamic Lighting with bloom effects while running at over 90 fps with 8x AF and 4x AA... on my current rig and no lag. Their engine has decent ragdoll physics effects (not as good as GRAW - IF i get a physics card add-on, but I'm not shelling out $$$ for that.) I keep asking myself why this isn't possible with GRAW? Does the engine truly dictate this much and if so - why was this engine chosen? It just doesn't all add-up in my head even though I am a GR fanboy at heart.... why not?
  21. I don't buy games for future potential... I buy them for installing and playing NOW. Longevity should be addressed in add-ons or expansions or patches. This isn't the stock market... I'll invest in potential there. I played DOM MP mode last night for about 2 hours total. Most of the servers that had people playing in it didn't last long... about 3-5 rounds and then they would shut down, leading me to think these weren't 'real' game servers (dedicated, standalone) but rather people hosting from their pc. The chop and lag was horrible - and like stated above - a race to a section to capture the flag, nothing tactical about it. I think coop online is a super idea, but this game is in dire need of that traditional MP aspect we fell in love with in GR1 - LMS, Seige, etc... The shortage of alot of maps is also something that will hopefully be addressed with an add-on. 12-15 maps is a minimum for longevity from my experience with online MP gaming - not to mention a mode that caters to the type of game it is. Why make a run and race MP game mode when the game is all about slow and tactical execution. The single player is where this game shines (although the graphical requirement truly have me dissapointed). I custom built a rig a year and a half ago to be top of the line at the time, and it barely runs this to be playable. I think that is too agressive for a game of this type considering the graphical eye candy and playability other titles in this genre have achieved without raising the requirements all that much. Is it worth getting? If you're buying purely for MP team play - I'd say not... if you're all about singleplayer campaigns and online coop - sure! I for one am more about MP team play (ladder play) and this game isn't anywhere close to my needs out of the box... :::crossing fingers for MP-expansion add-on:::
  22. That doesn't validate your comment about 3rd person... both 1st and 3rd are available in 360 version. And the 360 version does look good - with distance focus in the single-player mode, but none in the MP mode. The graphics in the MP mode look very similar to PC demo, just a bit 'softer' thanks to AA - but not nearly as crisp as far distances. Sniping on the PC Demo is much better IMO. Can't wait for full version (got my fedex tracking #... it's on a truck 2 hours away!) ← I think X360 version have only 1st person view when u aiming, and its without gun....its like in GR1 i think ← NO... where are you guys getting this? I HAVE the 360 version and played in both OTS (over the shoulder - aka 3rd person) view and 1st person (aka -GR1 mode). If you don't know why do you say things like this? Misinformation is worse than no information.
  23. microsoft ← Hilarious. I meant does anyone know if the info on it has been released to us for reading and if so is there a link to it? maybe? ← They are switching over to apple to manage xboxlive?
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