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  1. Haven't been too pleased with the remakes being made lately.

    However, if there is anyone to do a remake of miami vice justice it would be the original director/creator Michael Mann.

    Hes definately cool.

    Because Michael Mann is involved theres a good chance that the movie will be a hit. Even so, I hope he did a good job. I truly truly hope it turns out good.

    Just think HEAT with Crockett/Tubbs and a bit more action and 1 hour less of development with the ex-wife/wife/girlfriend/children. It's gonna be goooooood.

  2. Yuengling rocks! I live in Ohio and can't even get it unless someone goes to PA for a family visit, a steelers game, or such... There's discussions underway to expand it to a larger regional distribution or even national, but right now the brewer is not equipped to expand their operations without licensing to another brewer like Anheiser Bush or Miller to make it regionally and distribute from there.

    We can only hope - as it is one of the best tasting micro-brews I've ever had and it tastes equally good on tap too! Alot better than Iron City... blah!

  3. LOL, I managed to see the repeat last night. :lol:

    "Mrs Turbiddy" ROFL

    Oh!....and the fact that Tommy knows Gary's seeing his Sister and is just making him suffer by not saying anything.


    "If you take away his thing, I'm gonna need another thing to replace his thing"

    "You mean..... MY thing?"

    LOL... :rofl:

    I just wish I could get FX in HD... that and Sci-Fi network really need to be seen in HD for the best viewing of their original series. And Bravo, and AMC..... :wall:

  4. Last night's episode was great - Tommy with the schoolteacher had me DYING when he sat there and said "Ok, well .... I might need a sandwich" ROFL! :rofl:

    It ended with a big twist huh? Probey turned to the pink team? What gives? They spent the first season making fun of him for being in up to his neck with the XXXL chick and now this?

    "Taoism of Pooh" - :blink:

    [we need a RESCUE ME discussion thread for each week!]

  5. Rent the following if you can;

    Blind Horizon - Val Kilmer in a plot to kill the president. Set in the desert, it's a stylish conspiracy film.

    Spartan - Another Val Kilmer film, where he plays a super secretive US government/Army operator with morales.

    Suspect Zero - Ben Kinglsey in an FBI murder hunt with a twist.

    I've seen these films on satellite recently, a few times, and they've grown on me.......enough to share my recommendations with you lot. :thumbsup:


    Man Suspect Zero was twisted! I liked it but had no idea where it was going/came from... I'll have to check out the others. Val Kilmer is out there in real life, so I can't wait to see that one!

  6. I just bought a RAZER COPPERHEAD mouse last week (TEMPEST BLUE) to match my PC rig, and after using a MX1000 laser for 2 years, I can say I don't care for it myself.

    At 2000 dpi, it is way too sensitive for my gaming style, and the mouse is so light compared to my logitech, that i am all over the place with it even at 1000 dpi. It looks super cool with the lighting of the siderails and scroll wheel, but I am just an old dog that can't learn this new trick (super sensitive aiming that is).

    If anyone here is looking to buy one of these Razer gaming mice, I will sell you mine at a bargain. I am a long-time ebay seller (1999) with 100% positive feedback with over 20 auctions. I would be glad to post my item for you there or sell direct if you want to avoid fees on both ends.

    If you're interested, send me a PM and we'll talk. :thumbsup:

    PS- unique feature of the razer's... they are uniform in design so they fit lefties or righties the same.

  7. So, USA fronts its best team ever [apparantly] and they've just kicked off with the Czechs. ESPN is covering the game live as a type this, and I have to say it's poor coverage.

    It's not just the bad camera angles, it's all the hi-tech info wizardry that keeps filling up the bottom third of the TV screen. Photos of players, the spinning globe logo and other headlines streaming across the bottom. :blink:




    World Cup? Did the yachting season kick off?

    I didn't know the Czechs had a boat...

  8. Yes, just as expected, the series got off to a great start. Plenty of 'lads' humoUr, relationships, dating, booze, family problems, firehouse rivalry and banter. It's a tight script and well written. In the US it's being shown on FX. Well worth checking out. :thumbsup:


    This is one of my absolute favorite shows! I only watch a little tv aside from sporting events, and this is 1 of 3 that I DVR the season of. So funny yet dramatic, and has a great use of music usually for 1 major scene like a video of sorts...

    Rescue Me, HBO's ROME, and Battlestar Galactica - all 3 excellently written shows that have me plopped on the couch without fail. I'm glad it came back, I was worried RM got canned there for a while. :shifty:

    Tommy's gonna KILL his brother! hehe

  9. xbox 360 is reported to be pushing a hd-dvd drive expansion device via usb connection. this however needs its own HDCP compliant connection which means you cannot use component output, or vga output. This = another video connection and audio hookup for your already spaghetti looking home theater. NOT SMART. Price? Rumored anywhere from $200 - $399. Release speculated to be around xmas :santa:

    If successful, this may help the HD-DVD gain some quick market share as people only pay for the upgrade costs on the existing install base of the 360 while the PS3 is trying to come out of the gate at a higher price point.

    Overall - I smell another year or 2 before any REAL progress is made to making this a common and affordable item with plenty of titles available.

  10. lmao - i'm crying here.... great jedi stuff!

    as for the flaming shots, no photo associated, but me and my buddy were weekend regulars at BW3's and one bored night we started making bomb shots up from scratch... we ended up with 151, midori dropped into 7up/sour mix. We of course lit the 151 and called it a Dayton Dragon because it's a nice green color, and that's the color of our local farm club baseball team. He dropped the flaming shot wrecklessly and the backsplash caught his hand on fire which he attempted to stamp out blindly while finishing the chugging portion of the shot with his 'good' hand. :FIREdevil:

    It didn't quite go out until he flipped it around on the bar for a good 5 seconds... we all laughed. A few weeks later we go into a different BW3's and he orders the same thing asking if they knew how to make it. They said sure, it's been pretty popular but you can't light it. Why not he asks? "Some idiot caught his hand on fire at the other store"... he laughs and says "THAT WAS ME!" ... a proud moment in shot history. :thumbsup:

  11. IGN has recently posted an article detailing their personal experiences and statistics on XBox 360 deaths. Microsoft is reporting a 3%-5% return rate on DEAD console systems. An interesting read.

    May 26, 2006 - The red rings of death. That's how the blinking red lights that surround the power button on Microsoft's Xbox 360 have come to be called, and it's the most feared sight a console owner could see. Basically, it means your console is done working for the foreseeable future...

    This is the next gen answer to the BSOD.... :wall:

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