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  1. I don,t know these people that don,t read the instructions first
  2. Well said bruv, I am at a lost to think why people even use these type of tactics becuase at the end of the day the only person they are fooling are themselves as this sort of carrying on just proves how lame they are at the game or games in question, as it happens across the board now, and probably reflects on their on real life character.
  3. I have just installed the new drivers and they didn,t make any difference at all.
  4. Try killing off as many processess as you can before running the game, I did and it seems to have improved the running of it
  5. Yeah it is good, seems to be growing on me now specially since some new [GR] coop maps have started to appear
  6. I.ve just had that eureka moment, it has finally worked. I had to install it into my C:\ drive and then in notepad write in the directory ie " C:\ pskill alg.exe I haven,t tried taskkill yet just glad that pskill did the trick thanks crowman I will leave you in peace now.
  7. LOL Yep I have task manager running, double click on the taskkill it flashes on and off but the processess remain showing in the task manager as still running. @echo off taskkill /im ctfmon.exe /f taskkill /im kbd.exe /f taskkill /im alg.exe /f taskkill /im mdm.exe /f taskkill /im avgupsvc /f These are what i have at the moment, entered into notepad and saved as the bat file with taskkill file d/loaded and in my system 32 file, so now im really baffled, wish I hadn,t started now LOL
  8. When the taskkill file is downloaded and I click on it to run it it just flashes up for a split second and then closes. Its as if it cannot be run?? Even with it in the system 32 file i still cannot get it to run, the black command box opens briefly and then closes so god knows whats going on i,ll just have to do it manually, thanks anyway
  9. Glad it worked for you, I,ve got the taskkill file in my system 32 file but it is still not working, when i click on the taskkill it seems to run, a message is flashing up in the command prompt, im not sure if it is not finding the taskkill file for some reason or recognising the command. taskkill/im kbd.exe /f taskkill/im alg.exe /f taskkill/im avgamsvr.exe /f This is an example of whats been written it is then saved as "taskill.bat" Im sure I must be doing something wrong somewhere but god knows where
  10. Thanks crowman that would make sense as to why it isn,t working, will get on it.
  11. I have been using the task manager to kill off some processess to free up some memory to see if this helps to run GRAW but this takes time to do so have tried to create a taskkill bat file via notepad to do it but when I run it the process doesn,t end. I have tried several different commands and the order they are written but to no avail for example: taskkill /im alg.exe /f or taskkill /im /f alg.exe This is then saved but when executed it seems to run as the commad prompt shows it running but the process remains even though it can be killed off manually. Any help as to what I am doing wrong would be most appriated. Thanks.
  12. Liked the map, me and my brother completed it yesterday its quite tricky in places with enemy appearing in places that had allready been cleared but it keeps you on your toes but all in all thoroughly enjoyable, thanks. As for that last kill he was( for us anyway) just south of the burning cars hiding in an alley way opposite the area that has the underground level.
  13. I used to work in a prison where the inmates were allowed to buy from the argos catalogue playstations etc to play on the tellys supplied by the prison service. They were allowed to go out into the community to go to work just like a regular 9-5 job getting paid for it, then they would come back, have their tea ready for them and then spend the night gettting high on allsorts of substances and playing games. This prison was in the middle of nowhere yet we would regularly catch them sneaking about outside to bring in takeaways, drugs and booze, now what sort of deterrant is that
  14. I cannot join a server when this map is being played It causes me to crash back to desk top . This only happens with this map, the others are ok and if I set a server myself I can run this map. Has any one got some suggestions as to the cause of this any help would be gratefully recieved
  15. You did well bruv it took me about 7 lives, cleared an area but then fired my last nade and the game crashed on me
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