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  1. Well, I think it I is time for another company to release a GR/RVS style game if UBI drops the ball, again. Actually Vegas looks neat but it seems to be a reall console game and not a tactical shooter. Yeah I think ubisoft forgot what is a tactical shooter. now they just make basic first persons shooter. I guess in the next GRAW, they will include a multiple rocket launcher and a rail gun. and they will call that tactical weapons =)
  2. Source: GameKult Basically it say: Ubisoft announce officially the incoming Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2. But they didn't specifies what platform were concerned. The game should come out during the months of january and mars 2007. Seem US media started waking up http://www.gamespot.com/news/6160416.html
  3. There is also something that [GR] had that GRAW don't have, It had Ubi. Ok i admit that ubi was really a bad software, crashed most of the time etc. BUT, that was a place where you could meet other people and speak with them in real time to get into a coop game. In GRAW you have basically no way to do so. Expect this annoying Gamespy to organize a coop game with people that you might want to play with in the future. So since i know very little people wanting to be spamed publicity before each game on gamespy. I guess we endup stuck into that random joiner to your games, without any cohesio
  4. Cool Played a lot of your COOP missions with you years ago in the UBI lobby, first time I encountered rain was in one of your missions, the tank ambush one, happy days! Hopefully you'll get a chance to make some more, i , i... hehe, yeah i remember you, that's long time ago! You were one of the regular on my server that was great fun. I also hope to bring some of my style of map to GRAW, if the editor can end up to support coop...
  5. Holy Smoke, call the cavalry! And to think of a Tournie... ah dam i checked and they say a minimum of 2 player in coop. The thing is that each player control a scad. but it would not surprise me if that end up supporting more. And remember that in that game 1 bullet kill, and you can end up fighting tanks or driving them... unlike graw. But anyway a multiplaer with 200 player around, you can easy play coop in that! hmm i you know someone to play with but i guess we should come back to the GRAW coop topic....
  6. Armed assault clearly is attractive and i think when it will come out that will be the next big "war like" shooter and i guess even with a great support for graw, graw won't last the 5 years like [GR] did because graw really seem to be a tech toy vs armed assault that don't have best graph but clearly seem really fun. Just the idee of 200 player in multi! make you dream
  7. 8 player would clearly be a minimum, and the possibility of respawn would be cool, because i got some idee of missions where player won't survive long.
  8. hmm the more i play those new mode the more, i agree with my earlier comment. But i must admit new maps are cool, more rural, finally out of the dirty city and cubic city. keep getting more map of that kind they are far better then the earlier ones. But i wish they were coop.........................
  9. i think the number of AI is the same and the AI aim better and faster. I think your body can take less bullet before dieing. That's about it.... Would have been better if they had put more enemy instead of making them unrealistically good.
  10. I agree with you guys. The only reason i decided to buy this game was for coop and the possibility of the series to make coop mission. So those none coop patch are good thing and show a good support for the game, but i would prefer ALOT more the possibility of making coop mission with the possibility of downloading the maps ingame.
  11. Hmm so far, i really disliked both new mode for simple reason that should be easly fixed Team Deathmatch: First thing, the teams players all spawn at the same place all the time. That's good in the context where there is only one wave of player, but with unlimited spawn, (every time i tryed this mode) it ended up in a camping party for both team and ultimately the player or team that win is the team that spawn camp the most. So that's really no fun at all, and as pointed out there is simply no teamplay except the fact that all player find one spot for spawn camping. (i know that's a persis
  12. Does any one know a video tutorial for those who have simply no idee how to make 3d stuff and how all that work and tip and trick on how make a good model for mapping and texturing. So far most posted information are about specific thing but i didn't saw anything for total newbie like me. I had found long time ago a good tutorial for making a gun for [Ghost Recon], it would be cool to have the same for GRAW. Thx for any info about a video tutorial to help me get into moding GRAW. Video is far better to learn...
  13. no fog is clearly a bad thing... You could do cool change of weather mixed with the fog to make a change in visibility in the [GR]... now the only visibility thing is that huge box that move around you. Bah, anyway i don't play [GR] anymore, so lets enjoy graw... side note: i started playing [GR] Team vs Team for a year, then i found out about Igor and then i got addicted to making missions and coop so i jumped the fence. But now i am jam on the adversarial side of the fence because you can't make coop stuff for the moment.................
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