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  1. Nobody said anything about P2P or piracy or warez. Just cause you have software for ripping CD's doesn't make you a :pirate: Anyways, I use Nero and i think it is awesome. It burns real quick and has an easy drag drop menu.

    But enough about that... What does this have to do with GR3??? :offtopic:

  2. I guess it depends on what mood i am in.

    Sniping i go with the M82. Something about putting a .50 into someones chest.

    Assulting it's either OICW or SOCOM. Depends on whether or not i want to be quiet. :D

    And when i just feel like running around with a friend and seeing how many kills we get before getting mown down, i Use either the M60 (for ol times sake) or the MM1 grenade launcher(For IT only).

    But i have to say i have never been disappointed with the -16/-203 under any circumstances.

  3. Yeah, i liked having 8 guys in my squad before and i would like it to be that way now. I also only play coop missions with my friends. So i hope that the SP and MP coop are top notch.

    Please release the SDK. How many other games are still as popular as GR1, out for 4 years now, and it's all cause of the modding.

    I hope that if there are vehicles that they are only for eye candy/support/escort/etc. Let's not make this anothe BF1942 were any joe blow can mysteriously hop ina chopper/tank and go crazy. Yes these SF guys are hard core and trained for it, but they are on covert missions and not supposed to draw attention to themselves.

    Let us be able to customize our own squad. More so than on GR1. Name, appearance, BDU's (like R6), and definatley attributes. I loved being able to adjust the skill points to my guys in GR1... so just improve on that system some.

    Everyone here has very sound ideas. And everyone, for the most part, agrees with almost everyone elses ideas. Hint Hint. If you could pull it off and create the game as close to what we ask for then the entire community will be happy with the release.

    Oh yeah, dont keep us in the dark this time. Let us know whats going on and ask for our opinions, although you're gonna get them anyway.


  4. Babydave you hit the nail on the head.

    Please stay away from the action genre and go back to the tactical. Just like WK said, let me control the 8 members of my squad

    Don't try to give us AI like BIA

    Improve the command map from before.

    Different uniforms. (GR1 One uniform for all terrain??)

    Love the "RPGish" aspect of GR1 (Adding skill points to each trooper).

    So how bout making it better for GR3. (i.e. noticable difference in troopers performance)

    Everyone else has pretty much asked for what i would want already.

    Maybe mortars?? not sure how that would play out, just a thought.


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