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  1. That's right, it never appeared on the Ubisoft Release Date spreadsheet, not once AFAIR. ← Huh I dont know where I got it then because I had Splinter Cell, and Ghost Recon2 on both consoles and pc release dates saved from thier site. Dont matter though, I just feel sorry for the GR guys because I have already got a sequal to my Rainbow Six series and will have another one maybe before they get GR3. I dont play GR because I was waiting for GR2 now I dont know if I will be able to get into it because there are so many that are competing for its top spot in the genre that someone will
  2. Hey man you have a point except we had several release dates for GR2 and we dont have any straight forward release dates for GR3 so still actually in worse shape
  3. I went and did some research for you kingotnw and for your informatino Ghost Recon on PC sold no less than 2 million copies and counting. [Edited]
  4. For real how many is a few thousand? Do your homework first son! And I have news that they might be sneaking Rainbow Six: Lockdown out from under us also. I have heard new release dates of as late as December 2005 when we were supposed to have it in 2 weeks. What are these people payed for? That just gives them time to make GR3 so big a deal that we wont notice them drop the next game out of their plans. When will we wake up. Start boycotting anything UBI and start buying valve or something to get the attention of companies what you want. You know another thing is the modding community
  5. We dont want to keep playing GR1 when everyone else is getting there udated versions. Like Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield and already fixin to get Rainbow Six 4: Lockdown. Well in all reallity they will probably cancel it to. I hate UBI, I dont know what kind of stuff they smoke, and I dont know why they dont stay true to the people who got em here. Kinda like the same thing Ratbag did. Sold big in the dirt race sim genre and then sells out and changes completely the types of games they make. Now the whole community is modding every NASCAR game out there to get there dirt fix. These peop
  6. UBI, you really know how to ###### fans off eh? You know I have heard a couple of things about the modding community and my cousin is one of them. He as of yesterday said goodbye UBI and hello Valve. Sad but true is that we cant just sit here and read all day and twiddle our thumbs waiting and waiting. We will move on to other things and after what UBI did to Rave Shield with the modding community, I dont want to wait on GR3 cause they will probably try to lock it down too. No pun intended. I guess I will be moving on also to Valve products or maybe when San Andreas comes out start doing
  7. The funny thing is that now they will never be able to meet our standards! One of our standards is meeting the darn release date. To change it or postpone it is hurtful but to all together cancel it is hateful. Maybe if their offices weren't filled with slacking freaks(man I wish I could say what I want in here) they would get some work done! Quote fixed
  8. Anybody sticking up for UBI is out of there mind! This is nonsense. Like some others have said, release GR2 and then wait longer on GR3 so we can have what we want. How can they act like they care about the gamers when they screw us around so much? All UBI has ever done is screwed with the people who give em their paychecks. Only game worth anything right now from them(just cause they aint made up their minds to screw us "yet") is RVS. And they still aint dropped Rainbow Six: Lockdown so they still got a chance to screw us there. Between GR2 and GT4 not having online, I just want to qui
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