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  1. I've got it, it's very good. I managed top 75 in England for one of the tracks last night (during the first hour of me getting it).
  2. Me neither, I had to watch it back to check. Still, look over there at that tree *steals your wallet*
  3. Having thrown my toys out the pram, I walked round and picked them all up again. I'm now doing 1:43.5s (usually) and actually won a race yesterday by 50 seconds (even though there were two people who had a lap time 1 second faster, but they hit each other after the second corner). Now I just need to aim for 1:42s... Is anyone still playing this, fancy setting a new time trial?
  4. Have they checked down the back of the bedside table, that's where I lose most of my stuff?
  5. There's also an online thing that'll create a a normal and animated one. http://www.chami.com/html-kit/services/favicon/
  6. Thief is great, I didn't really like Max Payne 2, seemed like you could just walk through it shooting anything that moved and that's it.
  7. There is a simple way of doing it with CSS, just by having a background image with both button states on it (hover and "normal"). The CSS then tells it on the hover state to shift to the right X pixels to show the bottom half of the background image. This means there is no flicker for the hover state, as once the background image has loaded you've got both graphics. http://wellstyled.com/css-nopreload-rollovers.html
  8. I really hate racing online. Every race I've been in (10 to 15) I've lost. Not just "not won" but "last" or "crashed". Mostly racing at Monza and I can't go faster than 1:45. Tried racing with some of the NGT cars and still sucked. Hours of time trial practice haven't helped either. I'm going to play solitaire instead.
  9. I was using a car that I hadn't tried before, so I was a bit spinny. Wait till I tell you I use swingman instead of incockpit, boy are you guys going to be narked...
  10. New time: 1.03.121 using the technique I laid out above. One problem, as soon as I try it without racing line/ghost car I'm back to mid 1:04s Edit: regarding those a lot faster than you, the same was true in GT Legends, the top lot are very good and the good are maybe 5-10% behind. If you're a newcomer you don't stand a chance.
  11. 1.04.4 is my best so fair. There is a good setup in the online folder which makes it a lot more stable, it's called Lambo 1 03 633 I've also found that downloading a lap of someone who is a second or so faster than your average lap can help as well. Then I got confident and went online to race. Then I realised I was rubbish and went offline again having spun 3 times on an outlap.
  12. Feel free to post times from the GP and National. I only went sans hairpin as that's one of the training sessions I'm stuck on and ever since the original GTR I've always sucked at them!
  13. OK, Donnington Park National (without those last 2 hairpins) in the Lamborghini Murcielago. (I like the look of the black/orange one best, but it's up to you). I'll post my time when I've had a bit more practice.
  14. Anyone want to set a new challenge? (but without the chevy )
  15. Channel 4, it's a recording of his stage show. He's on tour again Rocky, get a ticket this time. I've got mine. http://www.derrenbrown.co.uk/tour And get his book /derren brown's PR guy
  16. There is a program that does it called RadioTracker I've never used it though, just remember reading about it last month in a magazine.
  17. I hate the C5-R, can't we compete in the Lotus? I feel I'd do better at that. This game is great, love the time trial mode. I'm shaving seconds of some of my laps.
  18. Looks good to me, though I've never heard of Videoseven. Edit re: widescreen It should be fine.
  19. Looking back at the list they appear to have missed off the Indiana Jones game which is looking pretty sharp.
  20. My tip for the top is there : Assassins Creed, and I'm looking forward to see how Bioshock and Test Drive Unlimited turn out. I doubt I'll get Bioshock, but it looks very interesting.
  21. UK PC Gamer had a piece of it this month, including some comments from a guy who'd played part of it. He was worried that it was going to be a "series of scripted mission led levels" as GSC (the devs) had been saying it was free form. It'll be a shame if it turns out to be a turkey, but the last game that tried a similar free form FPS was Boiling Point, and that wasn't very good.
  22. The last post info preview on the main forum page said: "Shadow Recon is getting hit..." I wasn't sure why you were posting here and not opening up seven shades of whoop ass on whoever was doing it. Thankfully the real news is better.
  23. Monza is in the game, it looks like the exit from the first corner/cichane.
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