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  1. Thanks for all the help guys! May need help on mission 5 later also. Gotta try and figure this out. I am enjoying this mod wuite a bit though.
  2. Mision 4 help please! I just dl'd YOTM a few days ago and love it. On mission 4 I cannot make contact withany of the dock workers - they just seem to stare at me and I cannot secure one for the mission. Help?
  3. Igleloop, Thanks for the heads up! Yes I do get that "jumpy" feeling in this mod and trying to figure out who is VC or not. Great mod that I am enjoying so far. Trying to figure out how to get the dock worker because I can't seem to get anyone to come with me, then someone spots me and I get killed.
  4. Yes u can find those snipers. Same problem here, I just downloaded last night and tried and it seems my threat indicator doesn't work and I show no red dot "VC" on the maps. I 'm like the turkey on a turkey shoot. Are these items disabled in YOTM? Okay I unchecked the "Compress Textures" in the options panel and now I can see those pesky snipers and on my way to start mission 3. Thanks! This mod is outstanding but quite challenging without the use of a threat indicator. Just gotta search for which direction the incoming fire is from.
  5. Yes u can find those snipers. Same problem here, I just downloaded last night and tried and it seems my threat indicator doesn't work and I show no red dot "VC" on the maps. I 'm like the turkey on a turkey shoot. Are these items disabled in YOTM?
  6. Similar problem here also. I know I'll love YOTM if I can just get it to run - I get started just fine but my ghosts' faces and the terrain is all white. How much memory do I need on my video card? I have played [GR] and various different mods with no problem until now so I don't think it's my system (or is it). As the chopper comes in all I see is white with faint outlines across the fields and I seem to be stuck on the top of an LZ but can't seem to get out of the chopper. If anyone can offer some help I'd appreciate it! Mahalo!
  7. I am currently enjoying PFP mod and am on the mission that you have to seek out and destroy the tanks. When you get back over the border and the beer trucks start arriving the area is hit by another tank. It tells you to get more anti-tank rockets in the room but everytime I do that I only get equipped with grenade launchers! What gives, how do I fix this?
  8. I had that same problem also but tried it another time and made it through. I am having a problem with the 2nd part of mission 7 when I go into hangar 2 to try and place a demo charge. It is an ambush and the lights go off but when he says that they will "turn the lights on now" - it doesn't go on and the mission stays pitch black even with NV on. HELP!! I'd hate to get all the way to the end and not be able to complete the last mission.
  9. I downloaded SPR and completed the 1st mission but all of a sudden the 2nd mission keeps glitching and crahses on me. What gives? Any help would be appreciated!
  10. I downloaded the NMM v2.1 mod by Nishi but whenever I activate it and start a game it just automatically shuts down. Any idea why?
  11. Thanks PB! Have you installed the standard update mod? I tried installing the patch but it keeps saying that "there is nothing to update" although I do have the SU folder in mods folder. Do I install it into Ghost Recon/Mods or just Ghost Recon/?
  12. Thanks for all the help! I have a couple other dumb ?'s for you experienced players. Now that I've got these mods working do I just activate one mod at a time or can I run several of them at a time. How does activating a "total conversion" mod affect me if I'm in the middle of GR1?
  13. I have a silmilar prob as silentscope. I had to uninstall GR to add on my DS & IT but when I tried to install patch v1.4 it says that I needed v1.3 first. I tried to install v1.3 but it stated "You already have a newer version, setup will now exit" What gives? Is it because I previously dl'd the Standard Update mod (this was before I reinstalled)? Thanks in advance, you all that respond so quickly!!
  14. You are wrong on this one. Not only the texture is new, it's a complete weapon mod. http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=7709 ← Thanks for the replies guys!! Sorry I'm shmall kine ignorant because I'm new to these games but I eally appreciate the instant feedback. Yes, I do have Desert Seige and Island Thunder but haven't gotten to those yet. Do I need to install them now for the mod to work? I also went into options and activated the mods. The problem I'm having is with the G8 and Nishi mods activated my GR will begin to start and then just quit and closeup. With the standard upgrade it begins loading and then after awhile my PC just seems to stall out and the game doesn't start! What gives??
  15. I downloaded the standard update by Earl and the NMM by Nishi but I don't think my PC could handle the mods, how can I uninstall the standard update as it does not show in my control panel (add/remove programs).
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