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  1. I've never heard that healing with an item is possible in Ghost Recon. So I don't think something you desire is available. But maybe this is possible throughout reaching a certain zone on the map.
  2. The Diemacos in "Canadian Operatives" are much better.
  3. Yes, wombat50's reply refers more to your demand for a specialist's weapons-kit. My method just brings the kit for all "normal" soldiers. And of course don't forget to unlock your hero in the mission file. Otherwise the hero and so the kit will not show up.
  4. That's the problem! To show up in campaign mode your custom kit must be in one of the four standard kit folders of your mod folder: demolitions heavy-weapons rifleman sniper In your case it would be the sniper folder. Then your new kit will appear besides all the standard sniper rifles. The other solution would be you're creating a new order like "custom-sniper" but then you have to rename ALL the actor files. I don't recommend that.
  5. In which folder is your .kit-file located?
  6. I'm thankful for all modders who spent their time creating a mod for GR. But if I had to name one it would be SIXPENCE. His mods gave me the best time in Ghost Recon. But again, thanks to everyone who afforded that this game didn't end after Island Thunder!
  7. 762mm Mod v2-0 has the best models for SR25 and SR25 SD
  8. I've already feared that but I thought that there's maybe a possibility because you can change the speed via cheat/console.
  9. Is there a possibility to change the speed or is it hard coded in the engine? Thanks!
  10. Thanks Tinker! But originally I've wanted to ask for Operation After Shock. Don't know why but the link in the download section directed me to the Dark Star thread and I didn't checked before my request. So if you got After Shock too, you're my favourite buddy for the next week!
  11. Can someone please upload this on the server? Thanks in advance!
  12. Well, I'm going this way too. I did a little research about recoil, caliber etc. the last days and now I think I've got the right formulas.
  13. Na dann: Willkommen im Forum! Aber wie gesagt, es gibt keine mods, die die Waffe im Spiel zeigen und ich vermisse es nicht wirklich.
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