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  1. Thanks a bunch. So it would be ok to join? What time do you race and what will I need, ie mods? I assume its GTR2?
  2. Do you guys race in a league or do you race weekly for fun? Recently I have been getting into the racing sims, playing offline for the time being. Have not ventured out online yet. However, would love to try. Would you let a noob race with you guys? Figured a GR crowd would be noob friendly Where can I find you folks? Thanks in advance.
  3. I'm going likely for both. Still love the PC, but until you try xbox360 you cannot diss it. Microsoft has really done a great job with 360. I have found a great adult community to play with and love the experience.
  4. Just a question, which game mode did you try to see those results? It's not the same playing an online game and playing single player or watching another player while in online. i.e. I get 90-120 frames while watching another's game but I keep in the known limits when playing online. Anyway, nVidia control panel uses applications profiles to optimize many games, and these settings are ok after reviewing them. Thanks and regards. All online modes actually, coop and TvT. Even with GRAW application profile, you may want to try different settings. I have not checked my frame rates for figures, but certainly no slowdowns at all.
  5. I'm running this game on the following rig: AMD 4400+ at 2.5g NF4 DFI Utra motherboard 2gig ddr500 ram NVidia 8800GTS, latest xp drivers Fatality X-FI soundcard 700watt OCZ PSU I run graw at highest settings at 1900x1200, very smoothly. With the above setup and with ATI 1900XT, I was able to reach 1680x1050 resolution, all else on highest. 8800GTS is a much smoother experience. Just make sure you have AA and AF set to application controlled in the NVidia 3d control panel, and also turn off transperancy aliasing there (I think that's the setting).
  6. I did the same and feel the same as Waika. Plays and looks great!
  7. AHHHH! I finally bought the German version last night, installed it, language patched it, launched the first mission, PC crashed!! Turns out my video card fan died and the card overheated. RMA time! What crappy luck, will be at least a week before I get it back!
  8. I think you will benefit a lot from getting more ram. My machine is: AMD 4400+ ATI 1900xt 2gig ram I was able to run the game all in very high, except post processing on low, shadows detail on low, and AA disabled. Resolution at 1680x1050. Looks awesome, I can live with a few jaggies until next upgrade I think taking the risk with a download is minimal. At the end of the day, I'm sure BIS will figure out a way should the publisher go down. Also, financially, it is a small risk, ie ~ USD 64 - you can always repurchase the game if you love it. I may buy it again when a US or English version comes out.
  9. Hey Whisper and Crowman, which game types do you play in Armed Assault and which servers? Looks like I will be buying the German version this weekend as this game is awesome (after trying out some of the game play) and runs well on my machine - really as expected, as I remember trying to run OFP when it came out on my P3 800, with a Voodoo5 pci card. Took a couple of years and a few upgrades to run OFP in its full glory, but the game had life, and still does. I expect nothing less of Armed Assault also.
  10. Personally I think it's a great option to have, ie for clan/team battles, server can be locked to first person view only, while leave the option open for coop, as 3rd person view is very handy for driving vehicles.
  11. Anyone know when this is coming out in Switzerland? Have some friends there, I'm sure they can send me a copy before it's released in US.
  12. I guess you never played OFP. OFP really offered options, you can play matches with vehicles or without. I also always believed that OFP was way more tactical than GR. Armed Assault looks even more tactical than OFP. And please, how can you even try to compare BF/JO/Soldner to OFP? COOP was simply awesome in OFP! Rabbi, this will be the game for our crew!!! Hope you will be around when it comes out.
  13. BIS still does not have a publisher in USA. There have been rumors about digital distribution here in US, but nothing confirmed. I am too looking forward to this game with excitement, worst case I'll be ordering from UK if it is still not out here in US when it is released in most of W.Europe.
  14. Actually xbox360 and Live are great platforms , really changed my mind about consoles. Still hate the controller for FPS games, but that will change with more use.
  15. Or, for the same price, a 360, which can run it today. At a crappy 640x480 resolution (Normal TV's are only 640x480)... or do you want to add an HDTV to that cost? I'll stick with the pc... thank you 30 more dollars and you can hook it up the the computer monitor you already have and indulge your HD obsession. for 300$ I can just buy another video card for my pc Or buy both and enjoy all cool games. To be honest, no one can refute that there are a few games coming out in the next few months for 360 which will be a blast. Sure it will take a while to get used to the controller. Eventually, there will be great games coming out for PC too once Vista ships. I think Microsoft will make a lot more $$ with Vista than with 360, so the focus will shift to PC games once again sometime next year.
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