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  1. where did you find the blood mod, im trying to do the same thing...
  2. those links arent working for me, can someone post a new link so i can see thoe pics?
  3. yea, thats happened a couple of times to me aswell
  4. damn, finally done with the mod, and im on vacation. itll have to be the first thing i do when i get back. cant wait to try it out, but great job MIG1
  5. so prozac got anything else done on it yet, would love to see...
  6. it looks great so far, keep up the good work...
  7. thanks NYR, those posts were getting very annoying... mig1 update looks great, whens it gonna be ready for download? DR12
  8. so what folder do i export to if not C? EDIT: and eclipse that would be great if you sent me some more, those are great pics...
  9. eclipse... whered u get that pic? plus i cant get the mod to work... i downloaded in the default folder...so i extracted the files to C, then i turn on the game... and there is no mod... am i doing something wrong?
  10. im not a modder, and i really have no clue how to change the script to make it possible to use these scopes... if someone could post a step by step guide on how to change the game so you can use the different scopes that would be great... thanks in advance...
  11. can this be done with SP maps aswell?
  12. how do i take a screen?, and im working on updating... thx
  13. ive noticed that at a couple of different sites, and quite frankly, it ###### me off!
  14. anyway... misc. items in my game seem to be discolored, or unfinished, for example, weapon mods ( including silencers, sights, foregrips and magazines), light poles, plant pots, the trash on the ground, car tires and certain other objects... they mostly seem to be purple when they are discolored, and the weapon mods are just weird looking... kinda hard to explain, they just look like they are unfinished... the rest of the models look amazing just these certain things. does that help ELDER??
  15. 171 views and no replys, besides my own... anyway does no one seirously have an answer to this?
  16. i was thinking about getting it the other day but i didnt, guess ill have to grab it now...
  17. ok, seirously, i need some help on this, ive also noticed that the random pieces of trash are weird looking, does anyone have any idea?
  18. the "add on mods" on the weapons always seem unfinished, and same with the trees and lightpoles, ive tried just about every setting, and even on the highest, on everything graphically, it doesnt change... any help please?
  19. you do realise thats not very tactical... right?
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