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  1. i hope i can run graw on max on 1280*1024 with 4xfsaa+8xaf+hdr+softshadow on my x1800xt 512mb card that i did buy to run graw on high.
  2. my pc specs: amd 64 3500+ 1gb pc3200 ram geforce 6600gt 128mb shall buy a new x1800xt 512mb card next month to play the game at 1280*1024 with everything on max with 4x fsaa and 8xaf
  3. great weapon mod,you are the best.
  4. i was reading the list over ubisoft games comming out in the next year and gr2 pc was not on that list.but ghost recon3 was on that list.what is going on,cancelled the pc version.you cant come out gr3 before gr2 has come out to pc? is the list incorrect? http://www.tothegame.com/article.asp?id=401
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