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  1. Ok Guys I found the answere to my own problem. No thanks to support at UBI and here. All this time I was looking at the GPU's as the source of the problem hince the white dots and black screen. I've had problems with the XFX cards before and found it to be a driver problem and conflicts with the PCI optimisation. This problem I also worked out on my own by installing the NGO drivers instead of the Nvidia drivers. Anyway it was not the chipset or the GPU drivers causing this issue but it was the driver for the Sound Blaster ZS series cards. So I on a whim I went to SB and downloaded new drivers and Whallaaaaa It worked. GRAW is know up and running. So for those of you having the same problem get the latest drivers from SB and you will be golden. Also I read a post where a guy is saying to have a recall because his Soundblaster Audigy does not support EAX. BS. I have a an old sound blaster audigy 2.4 and it works just fine. This is in my old hot rod Intel P4 3.4 ripped to a 3.96 with OCZ4000 RAM. Its my old standby. Its called update the drivers and get the [Thing that should not be spoken of here] if you have a DVD/CD-Rom that get X4 in read time. You have no sound dude because you have a DELL for one and the CD-rom sucks in your rig. So buy a good DVD and CD drive and stop your whinning.
  2. Update All drivers updated I did reinstall the GRAW Demom and it works just fine. But when I load the game it crashes. I installed on my other PC and it works just fine. So I know it is not the discs or the game. Anyy help would be appreciated Thanks in advance
  3. So I'm not getting this. I used my CD Key to load the game. I can play both coop and MP but when I host internet or LAN when the game ends it crashes the connection and reports wrong CD Key or CD Key rejected. I've registered with UBI. Any Ideas??? Thank in advance. Oh also this is on my other rig. I still have not figured out the SLI issue posted earlier. Loading the screen goes to black with white dots all over and locks the PC.
  4. I have the following specs. 4400 X2 AMD new driver and hotfix in place Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe 1103 driver 2X1024 OCZ PC3200 Platnuim 2X XFX 7900 GT EE Current Nvidia Beta Driver Direct XC 550 watt PSU SunBeam Tech 20 amps both +12volt rails RAID 0 on 2X Raptors sound Blaster 2 ZS current driver All other games load and play well including the GRAW Demo I uninstalled Demo updated all drivers. When I hit the EXE the GRAW screen pops up then goes black with white dots all over the screen. It stay locked in this mode and can not Alt Tab Delete. I uninstalled game and reinstalled. I made sure all drivers are current. This is a brand new build and like I said before RVS, Splinter Cell all 3DMark benchtools play well. I rendered the SLI to single card and still no joy. I pulled one card and again no joy. I installed [Thing that should not be spoken of here] just to be certain. but nothing. Please help and thanks in advance.
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