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  1. I've seen reviews on other sites, but I didn't notice any posts here stating likes/dislikes.

    How about posting some of your opinions? I found HAWX on the clearance shelf at Target and want to know if it is a keeper. (Also the same for End War)

    There are several posts about modding, which is great for showing that there are interested fans for the game.

    I have played GR + exp and mods, GRAW1 & 2 and liked them all.

    Also, I like WW II Fighters, Comanche 3 & 4, Wings of War, and other action sims. In adition, I like IL-2 and Mods, etc.

    Thanks for your answers in advance!

  2. MigRyder - Looks like this mod is fantastic - I downloaded it soon after release, but didn't have time to install and play. Now I'm ready to play it but I see you have some small patches.

    Could you update the current installation procedure? I have no problem with the original installation info. I'm just not clear how many updates there are and if one is cumulative.

    Thanks for your fantastic work and the work from your team!

  3. Alternative Ending Mission Here.

    Post how you go.

    Didn't work - 2 possible problems

    1. File Location - I already had GRAW 2/Local/English

    When I unzipped the file, it had Local/english/levels/mission 10/xml

    At first, I did what instructions said and had a Local folder with two folders within - English and the new Local/english/levels/mission 10/xml content.

    Then I pruned it so it had something that looked more logical.

    GRAW 2/Local/English/levels/mission 10/xml

    Is this correct?

    2. Loading Mission - Secondly, I have only played through the campaign on normal.

    I have a quicksave from when I am in the missile chamber.

    I have been trying to see this by going to the Campaign - then load saved game - then load the quicksave.

    Do I have to replay mission 10 from the beginning?


  4. Just finished GRAW 2 with campaign mode and on Normal difficulty.

    **No cutscene at the end, though. Any news on this?

    I'm in the same situation as post #70 in this thread. I make it all the way across the street and hear the building exploding behind me. I just get dumped to the mission debriefing with a perfect score.

    No voice at the end, no credits, nothing at all

    Rocky - in post #77 you mentioned a mod that changes the ending. I didn't find it in the GRAW 2 downloads. Is it still available?

    Thanks in advance everyone!

  5. I have had similar problems with the mousewheel on my Logitech MX 700, But I have a Nostromo 52 that I use with the mouse for FPS games and the wheel on the Nostromo functions as it should in GRAW and in several other games.

    I do agree with the poster (low profile) who commented that we should be able to bind controls to other keys. I never use a mousewheel for any purpose except as a clickable button unless I have to. It really slows me down.

  6. Thanks for the Mod, CommandoCrazy and all the other contributors.

    It's amazing that GR has generated so much loving attention.

    I am not a modder, so I'm sorry I can't contribute, but I love the work you do.

    In fact, I have backed up all the files I have so that they will be available as long as I have a computer that will run them.

    Excellent work everyone. Keep them coming!

    I have no time to play for the next months and this porbably signs my end with GR, however I'm congratulating with you, it's hard to have a mod released expecially now when there is no enthuasiasm around..


    Sorry to hear that you won't be around as much as before.

    I hope that things will not be as demanding of your time as you expect, and that you will still pop in here from time to time.

    I just want to say thanks for all you do around here.

  7. Thanks for all the great work, everyone!

    My heart sank when I read that all that work had disapeared in an instant. I still can't understand how someone could do that.

    This new downloads section looks great, the new features are fabulous, and I thank anyone who helped out with this huge project.

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