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  1. To be fair, we don't know the GR2 situation. But you'd think that Ubisoft would at least come out and say something. I agree with you about PC gamers getting the GR 'brand' to sell in the first place - I hope that doesn't become a trend in the future: developers release PC game to generate interest, and then release the rest of the series only to the bigger console audience.
  2. It's definitely the DS disk - I've used it succesfully on previous occasions
  3. Windows Version --- Windows XP Pro SP1 CPU --- Athlon XP 2400+ Sound Card --- Creative Labs SoundBlaster Audigy 2 Video Card --- GeForce FX 5600 DirectX Version --- 9.0c Graphics Driver --- nVidia ForceWare 61.77 Amount of System Ram ---1 GB Amount of Video Ram --- 128 MB I installed Ghost Recon with no problems. But when I put the Desert Siege CD in the autoplay menu has no option for installing DS. I use Windows Explorer to browse to the CD's root folder and run setup.exe but that just uninstall's GR. I tried installing GR a 2nd time, but no successful DS install after that. So, I followed the steps in the pinned thread for completely uninstalling Ghost Recon, but the DS installer still tries to uninstall GR. I'm C&P the dxdiag into the body of this text - file attachment doesn't seem to like me
  4. Are you ever going to continue the story?
  5. It'd be a bummer if there was no PC demo...it's beginning to sound more and more like the PC version is an afterthought and that the XBox is the one getting the star treatment
  6. @ Rocky It could actually be a problem with the Opera browser. I tried it in Avant (an IE variant) and it worked fine. I've also noticed that it's impossible to find WWIII and Op. Stabilise using FP's search function, or even browsing through the Ghost Recon Series section. Wierd. Anyway, I was able to download successfully using the Avant browser, so problem bypassed. Back to the mod It does, indeed, rock. It's great to actually feel part of something larger than just your team. That sense of scale is something that's always been missing from most mods, and GR itself to some extent. So well done on filling that niche in the market
  7. Does anybody know of a mirror for the latest WWIII patch? Every time I click on the FilePlanet link it I get the "Click here to log in using GameSpyID" page (which is normal - usually I click that link and I get taken straight to the download page). But this time when I click on that log-in link I get taken to an-almost blank page that just says "Object moved to here" (with 'here' as a hyperlink). I click on that link but the page just refreshes. I do have an account with FilePlanet, but it's not co-operating. So, does anybody know of a mirror?
  8. Would I be be right in thinking that it's one file that controls load backgrounds for euro, desert and jungle enviroments?
  9. That was my initial thought, so as a test I carted over the shell/art folder from Frostbite but it didn't seem to change the load out background. Maybe I wasn't doing something right. I'll try again
  10. Thanks for the response As far as question #2 goes, what I meant was what file I should edit/replace to change, say, a jungle background to an arctic background (but still keep using the _cuba extension/envriroment)
  11. Oh right - sorry, I thought you were implying that I hadn't read the release data
  12. 1. What defines what weapons tangos use. I looked at some atr files, but tango ones don't seem to have the <kitpath/> tag 2. Which file(s) are responsible for the terrain screen behind a team member on pre-mission team-selection screen? I'd appreciate any thoughts/answers, thanks very much.
  13. I'm sorry, I must be going blind, but I don't see the words "M-67", "grenade" or "claymore"
  14. has the sound issue with the M-67 grenade and claymore been fixed by 1.3?
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