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  1. Good job to the team. If my 360 didnt eat itself I would have been there to pop a bullet into braybot, atleast once this time
  2. The games were great.. The first one was probably the best since we won and I managed to get two kills I was the one using the suppressed weapon. For the LMS match we split up into 3 teams. two going to the far ends of the map and the other going straight down the middle. I think pabes started the kill count quickly but Serellan took him down. I took the tall temple and waited for Payle to call out positions. Geek was behind me making sure no one would sneak up. I am not too sure what was going on the other side of the map. When Payle started calling enemy postions I could usually get a good vantage point from the temple. I got two kills quickly but the last person was nowhere to be seen. Payle finally spotted him back at our spawn and took him out. The other two matches were exactly as described. We got out butts haned to us. Even though we lost they were still a blast. I had a great time and would love to do it again.
  3. Dont worry Braybot, I saw your name flash on my screen enough to make me cringe.
  4. You should have seen the questionaires, My god it was like i was back in school . And thanks for your support, I cant wait to play the Devs.
  5. yeah when you start the mission you need the launcher. Blow everything up and then wait until the rest of the ghosts clears out any straglers. Once done a new way point will be set where you can get a new weapon.
  6. any time I played so far there was no lag, I have been in several 16 player rooms, with no issues at all even with booms on. I myself cannot host a room over 12 but when i join a room there is no lag at all.
  7. No I think you may be right
  8. I didnt notice any.. and by the amount of times that I got shot.. I dont think anyone else noticed either
  9. Yeah it would be great to be able to quickly see which way is north without bringing up the map...
  10. I never had any lag when hosting, now in GR2:SS I could only hold 12, the same is the case for GRAW.. after 12 my server becomes unstable.
  11. MP - Seems if you launch a server (private) no one can join your room through you (the host) however you can join through someone else in the room. Not sure if it is a bug but it is annoying when you know who the host is and you cant join through them, but can use someone else in the room
  12. Maul, I heard somewhere that the xbox version of GRAW will work on the 360 so if you are asking if you could use the xbox version to play people on the regular xbox, then I dont see no problem... IF you use the 360 version however, then no you cannot play with people who are using the xbox version. Clear as mud?
  13. Boo cant get java to work (im running MSJava) need it for work... wonder if they would mind if I uninstalled it
  14. I have to agree with Serellan completely. I am a developer as well and have made 100's of programs, web pages, LMS's and stuff like that. In my company we have several people go over the products for days. No matter how well you get people to look, or how good they are, the chances of something being missed is very high. Then the product is released. This is where the fun comes in, in one of my apps I wrote. I thought I took care of everything. I was proud as hell, couple days later I got a call from a client and they stated if the pressed a certain combination of keys, the code would break. Now this combination is nothing I ever heard of. My thoughts were "Ok, damn I never added the error catching code for button mashing, how foolish am I". My point is no matter how many people or how much time some one puts into testing, bugs will slip by, and they may be found or they may never. Some are huge (cant remember the game but one was if you uninstall the game, it removed everything but the game ) and some are small (texture stretch). Even releasing a beta test never finds everything, usually with beta tests, one person posts an issue and 3000 people begin to complain about it K I rambled and lost interest myself
  15. OH I want in on this... Ill even behave myself too Course I may have to pistol Wing for the shinanigans he pulled last time GT: ganthur
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