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  1. Yeah. I feel the same way. ← I think that you guys both missed the point... I am not saying that I did not want these changes to be made to the game( which was a beta version at best but that is another story) But the way that they implemented it shows that they put no thought into it, just slapped it togher. and that is the point!!! Hatchetforce: Looks like you are tring to do some damage control.........Thats right the first step of war is to discredit the other side. I " Raise an eyebrow" to anyone who is called a "Consultant" and cant see that this is patch is crapola Why as a "Consultant" you think that this patch is Good???
  2. If you call this a update you must be used to playing an Atari 2600 on a 13" black and white. I mean come on this is the best that the could come up with ??? I could just picture the scene as two of guys at Ubisoft are talking at the water cooler.......... Programer 1 : Well, they are all asking for someway to see who is talking during game play. Head Programer 2 : I dont want to do a thing...... Programer 1 : They also want to know who enters the lobby during the game.. Head Programer 2 : I dont want to do a thing...... Programer 1 : And they also want to know when somone leaves during game play... Head Programer 2 : I dont want to do a thing...... Programer 1 : But we have to do somthing we sold 6 MILLION Games we should give them something!!!! Head Programer 2 :Fine, Fine, Fine, I know what we will do We will make the people who are talking during the game come up with the same print and almost in the same spot as the place of where the kill name comes up....... Programer 1 : What ? You cant do that! How will a person know if that sniper shot kill his enemy of it is 5 of his teamates yelling... Head Programer 2 :oh Well...... and than when a person leaves or enters during a game lets black out a 1/4 of the screen for 3 secs ..... Programer 1 : What ? You cant do that! You need to see the whole screen all the time..... Any we have done a decent job in the past like Ghost recon : Island Thunder where the names of the players leaving and entering the room was in the upper corner of the room and when someone talked it was out of the way... Head Programer 2 :Well that is what we are doing ...........I dont care I am a big Mario Kart fan anyway....... Ok enough of the humor.... Whoever aproved this update should be axed, fired, terminated, given the boot. I cant understand why they would make such a blunder like this . Why make the game more confusing, why obscure the screen with usless info. Why are they tring to reinvent the wheel when it worked fine in olderversions of the same game..... Come on guys get on the ball....... The only thing left to say is "CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT UPDATE!!!"
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