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  1. In defence of those who revisit these forums out of hope that the suggestions made in these forums will be used to create another Clancy title worthy of the success of [GR], the dissatisfaction of the game enthusiasts is, in my mind, pretty well justified. Grin is given a specific product to produce, which they do. UBI is more interested in creating subsequent title instead of creating a game that will operate well and fill the needs of the community. I suppose if they did a really good job of designing a game that worked right, and everyone liked....there goes future sales for a while. There have been many contributors to these forums with great ideas, and genuine resolution for the issues that plague the game. Those are rarely incorporated which leads the faithful to desperation. It is not a new phenomenon. For those who have continued to resolve the issues keeping this game from becoming another "run and gun" kids game, I salute you. For those who return here in false hope of seeing UBI create another highly tactical game with SADS that allow for reasonably priced GSP's , I admire your patience, and for those who finally take to saying it like it really is, I understand that you are trying to show UBI the vast number of fans that are frustrated by UBI and not GRIN. As for those who are just loyal to the title, and expect the best will come from patience and possitive posts, I think this is the wrong forum. Perhaps UBI's forum would be better because it is pretty obvious that they don't care what the fans think anyway. The ultimate success of this game will require the satisfaction of many different interests in the many variations of this game. Success will come from adressing it from many different angles so that someone will eventually get the point. So, everyone is playing a good part. Everyone hopes for the same result. Everyone pays for the game and deserves better than what they have since the demise of GR2. Thanks to all that continue to post and I hope, in the long run, that we are all successful!! Thanks for your time and patience with this thought. .......... Maineac
  2. Without good sads files and some thought about mutiplayer gaming, this will be about as bad as GRAW in that the demands that it put on a server allowed for only one instance of GRAW per box. I don't remember the sads from GRAW ever working up to par. My only real interest in the game is to move closer to [GR] because match players loved the game. The sads files worked on release, and the server requirements made using a GSP very affordable. That's just my two cents, thanks for your time.
  3. LOL, Well stated my old friend....but sadly....so true!!
  4. I just wish to know if we will be able to run more than one instance of GRAW2 on a server box. If I can't afford a GSP I guess I won't be interested in the game. If I have missed this issue in the forums, please direct me to the post and thanks in advance.
  5. It seems to me, where the gaming industry is profit driven, that success from selling titles that survive for short periods because of their limits would not be as successful as taking the time to develop a well conceived and versatile game that covers all the interests of the community. Dev time and effort to produce a new game everytime interests wane is very expensive, and when those who want to ladder are left out because of the expence of providing a server, or glitches which should have been eliminated before going gold are not addressed, the title bears the brunt. It still seems to me that UBI would be better served by the community if they requested that GRAW-2 PC be developed so that those who wished to play online be provided an intelligent interface allowing people to affordably provide servers with decent SADS support. Each mode of the game be tailored to the specific requests for that mode. Once the game is tailored to GRAW and contains some of the features that led to the long success of [GR], it can be maintained through the development of expansions which eliminate some of the costs that are incurred by developing a whole new game. It just makes sense to me because I really looked forward to the next expansion for [GR] and never had to suffer wondering what would go wrong this time. Just my humble thoughts on the issue. Thanks for your time!
  6. Not a bad idea for those who are buying the game at reduced prices, but I paid full price in advance for the game to be dev'd corectly the first time, and with the number of players running the game today, I have little interest in paying them again. This isn't directed at GRIN or any particular entity, just the process in general. I helped beta test two patches and spent time working with our GSP along with many others to identify the big issues. Some have been addressed, and others not. The biggest issue remains the SADS server requirement that mandates one instance of GRAW per box which ups the cost of a server beyond what is reasonable. Just my two cents, but in all the idea is a good one for those who maintain hope.
  7. I think the premise of the origional post is correct. Pc games are primarily bought by older gamers with their own money,who expect a game that will entertain and fill a particular niche. Console games are bought by parents to amuse a child until boredom sets in and then another game is purchased. I think the PC gamer is more demanding, expects more from their investment, and is more loyal to a single game. I believe that is the distinct difference between the two. That's my drift. Thanks for your time.
  8. We hired on as free labour guys....remember? For Pete's sake, ya'll think their gonna buy all of us a shirt? LOL
  9. I listen all the time, but I ain't heard the fat lady sing yet. Still very much alive unless the coroner shows up.ALIVE
  10. I am sure that others will pick up the game when it starts to grow, but in the meantime you should know that Bonehead, of Monster Gaming Servers has been, as far as I know, the only gsp involved in the development of GR/aw right along. He has beta tested all the patches with many others, and worked closely with community members and the DEV team to iron out problems. His input, along with the input of numerous other gamers has helped in making GR/aw a much better game. I believe ATU was the first team to grab up one of Boneheads servers, and I can tell you that it's a great server and you should really visit his site, and decide. I highly recommend his servers, and can vouch for his support and commitment. With that said, I wish you the best of luck and good gaming. You might be interested in this thread http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=38902 another good link to hlp your decision would be this one. http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=38691 Rabbi_74 does give good advice on things like this too!!
  11. I think I remember several posts in these forums by members of GRIN in which they tout improvements in this came coming from the modding community. They already used us to test, so I really don't feel that there should be an issue with someone making the game better. But what do I know? Good luck, and if you want some help I would be glad to assist.
  12. I know I look forward to something like that. Have no doubt that you can do it too. Thanks for your help friend, and look forward to trying your project.
  13. Same here, I disconnect at the end of every "WAITING FOR SERVER" screen. ALso kills not registering part of the time. Thanks...hope it wan't really a final lol
  14. Zeroalpha, It is seldom that we in the community see this type of post, and perhaps that is where the problem is. I appreciate the fact that you felt compelled to share with us because it has been a difficult journey for all of us from the cancellation of GR2 to this point. I appreciate your candor and courage to share this information with us. It's too bad there isn't more of this type of candid communication between the owners, devs and gamers. I only hope that the problems and frustrations with getting Graw to final release don't doom GR-4. Thanks again.
  15. Zeroalpha, It is seldom that we in the community see this type of post, and perhaps that is where the problem is. I appreciate the fact that you felt compelled to share with us because it has been a difficult journey for all of us from the cancellation of GR2 to this point. I appreciate your candor and courage to share this information with us. Wish there was more of this type of candid communication between the masses. I only hope that the problems with getting Graw off the ground don't doom GR-4. Thanks again.
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