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  1. I can confirm that there are still false positive 'invalid CD-key' kicks. It happened to me the other day on AFZ server as a new map loaded (server was full and a few guys had high ping which may have caused it...). The game crashed and I recieved a crash messege (have screenshot saved). I was told that for other people the game said that my CD key was invalid (I was on TS with my clanmates). rgr...thank you for the info...
  2. Does anyone know if these are legit kicks now? Same thing with Invalid CD-key error. If these are legit, I want to start adding those people I see get kicked to our ban list.
  3. Are you sure? Where have you read the release annuonce? I hope.... It has been stated that the game will be where they wanted it to be at release by the end of the Summer/Early Fall...
  4. ATU will be on often...thanks for the gg's
  5. ASUS A8N-SLI AMD 64 x2 4200 1 GB 3200 Corsair RAM 74 GB SATA WD Raptor HD Sapphire ATI x1800xt 512 MB Video Card Xfinity 600 Watt PS Replaced the power supply and all seems to be working. Must have had a bad rail..
  6. I am using an ASUS A8N-SLI. I have the six pin PCI-E connector connected to the video card. The only thing I did out of the usual on this one is use a molex to 12v/4 pin converter to connect to the motherboard. The one supplied by the PS was not long enough...
  7. Just loaded BF2 and it does the same thing...just takes about 5 seconds longer...
  8. Actually, it is a eXtreme Power 600W And...I am loading BF2 on it right now to see if it works...
  9. I just purchased an Sapphire ATI x1800xt 512mb video card and a AMD 4200 64 x2 processor. I put the puppies in and did a complete reload of my computer. I have tried numerous video drivers but get the same result every time... When I start up GRAW, I get to the menu and then 2 seconds later...BOOM...like someone just turned my computer off... If I leave the game alt-tabbed out during the game's startup, I am fine. But as soon as I alt-tab back in...it happens again... Everything else runs fine...it is just GRAW that is causing the problem. ANY IDEAS would be greatly appreciated...thanks... -=ATU=-HVYHTTR
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