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  1. I don't realy know why... but for some reason the older Chocolate Chip camo is more appealing to me. If I had any modding skills whatsoever, I'd give it a try... but alas... I don't. if anyone knows of a mod with this kind of character models in it... let me know?
  2. And as for weapons, theres about a milion FAMAS' around, all we'd need is a good SOCOM, and some sorta of freaky lookin rocket launcher... heh oh and a PSG1, which are also in like overwhelming supply. ... Come on CC give it a shot!
  3. Yea... Just tinkin of it is pretty cool... come on, anyone wanna give it a shot?
  4. lmao good one man... really had me goin Don't you agree though, that an MGS mod would be pretty freakin sweet...
  5. Aww come on guys, humor me...
  6. aww snap, Thanks for the explanation jay, Thats a shame though...
  7. Thanks a lot CC Thanks for makin me feel welcome here. I admire your work , or what ive seen so far. Do you think you could help me with holster points?
  8. uhh... how comes some of the weapons hang off you while not in use, but others disappear... not a big deal, but, I think it's a pretty cool touch... sorry for my noob-ish-ness buttttt... yea, I'll quote swissy "I am what I am" Thanks..
  9. That'd be freakin sweet So anyone who wants to try it, lemme know... I appreciate it, since... I have no modding skills whatsoever... oy... but yea, I think it'd be pretty sweet to have even a whole MGS mod... maybe... haha just a pipe dream
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