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  1. I've looked around a bit and like you, I cannot find any informaiton about any 47 variant having 3-round burst. The U has an full auto rate of 700 rounds per minute as opposed to the usual 650, but I cannot find anything about burst-capable trigger groups. The Polish-made "Tantal" has a 3-round burst, but it is chambered in 5.56x39mm. So I'd say that there are likely no factory-made 47U's with burst capabilities, but there are aftermarket trigger groups that give the 47's that capability. -Doc
  2. I can't sleep so I decided to make a (very small) contribution with my time. This mod replaces the kit icons in Natsanwa's outstanding Scar Pack with versions that have the alpha channel for transparency. It's a small thing, but it's a nicety. I also redid the "Bomb" (SLAM) icon in the Demolition kits since the original one had gotten elongated quite a bit. To use, simply unzip into your Mod folder and activate in the game options. Make sure it's lower on the active mod list (has a higher priority) than Natsanwa's Scar Pack or it won't work. Enjoy, -Doc EDIT: Please note that these are the exact same icons that come in the original mod ... they simply have the alpha channel added so that they have the proper transparent background effect for the kit sellection screen and the HUD. Natsanwa's Scar Kit Icons.zip
  3. Thanks for the quick reply! Sorry, I meant .qob files. I was thinknig of somtehing else when I typed .mod. Can the .qob files be exported / converted to .3ds? So it sounds like I'd open the groups of the weapon with the suppressor and copy that portion of it, then open the groups of the non-SD weapon model and paste that in. Possitioning is something I could sort out easily enough? -Doc
  4. Firstly, yes, I'm being lazy and not reading through the turorials. I would like to add a suppressor to an existing model. I have only the .mod files of the weapon I would like to mod, and a similar weapon that has a suppressor. I know NOTHING about 3DS Max. Is it simple enough to "copy" the suppressor portion of one model and "paste" it into another? I'm prety sure I could figure out the texturing by looking at the exisiting models. Is this a pipe dream? Or, if it's possible but a job for an experienced modder, coule I talk anyone into doing it for me? Thanks, -Doc.
  5. I tried sending him a message but received an error stating that he cannot receive any new messages. Full inbox? Thanks, -Doc
  6. Network sever hosting works fine! (after updating Little Snitch, of course.) Do you know of any way to tweak the mouse sensitivity down? I already have it at 0.1 (which is where I usually have it) but it's still too sensitive. I haven't looked around in the WINE settings yet, but I suspect there's something in there. Thanks again! -Doc
  7. I can attest that ApexMods' wrapper works perfectly on Lion (10.7) on a late-2011 Macbook Air. I play on an external display and everything works perfectly. I usually host the server for co-op play with buddies, so I'll check that functionality this evening and report back here, though I suspect it will work. Great work, thank you! -Doc EDIT: Network hosting works perfectly!
  8. It's PERFECT. Thank you SO MUCH. If you don't mind, I'll pass your version of the wrapper along to my friend so that he can start playing again. THANK YOU! -Doc
  9. It sounds like yours is the best bet overall ... I'll report back shortly! -Doc
  10. Excellent, thanks! Myself, I don't display the movies, so should I go with this wrapper or the generic one? (I've downloaded both at this point.) -Doc
  11. I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to go all technical on you ... Holly crap, this is the coolest thing ever! I'm going to give this a whirl and if it works, I'll set my buddy up with this instead of a full virtual machine ... your timing was perfect on this ... right to the day. Thanks a TON! -Doc
  12. This is very interesting! I have a few questions: Does the game have full network functionality from within the wrapper? (I play co-op and host the server.) Can I access and modify the game files? (I edit my mod constantly.) Since GR is a portable installation (the install simply copies the files to a single folder location which can be moved to any location and still work), can I simply copy the game folder into the wrapper's equivalent of the Program Files folder instead of reinstalling? (A small issue, but I am curious.) This is very timely as a friend of mine wants to start playing again but now has an iMac ... we are just now starting to get him sorted out with Parallels, but this would be much simpler depending on the answers to these questions. Thanks for posting! -Doc
  13. I'm using one of the SCAR-H's from Natsanwa's SCAR Pack. The model doesn't reflect the second scope of course, but not being a 3-D modeler, there's really anything I can do about that. I imaging it could be modeled easily enough, including rotating the model slightly off axis to show that the second scope is in use, but the character's trigger hand would obviously not line up with the grip any longer. What I'm doing is all in the configuration files for the guns and the kit. It's independent of the model. -Doc
  14. I think that this is going to be the basis of my entire sniper kit collection. I've done some more research and found a ton of angle-mount Picatinny Rail mounts for secondary optics. That means you can have your semi-auto sniper rifle set up with two scopes all of the time ... one high power scope for sniping, and a standard combat scope like an ACOG or ELCAN ... whatever you want really, mounded 45 degrees off-axis for instant use. (Assuming your rifle uses the Picatinny rail system.) No more moving from location to location with a pistol or a rifle that has a scope (and shooting characteristics) that's useless at close range! I'll get to use the actual rifle with a proper combat style scope for the times I'm not taking long shots. The primary weapon will actually be the secondary scope and the secondary weapon will be the high power scope for sniping. I'm thinking about having the ammo split at 70% Primary, 30% Secondary (Sniping) since you don't usually need a lot of ammo for the long range shots. -Doc
  15. Thanks ... I love this game and have been at it since it released. I started a private mod about 9 years ago by slowly collecting bits and pieces of other mods and adding changes and additional creations of my own. I figured I'd offer of few of the latter here if people are interested. Unfortunately, any kind of range compensation scale on a reticule is dependent on screen resolution, so anything other than what I happen to be using (which is fortunately somewhat common) won't be accurate. Sorry about that ... it's just a limitation of how the game engine works. -Doc
  16. Thanks! I was pretty proud of it, thoguh I'm sure I'm not the first person to think of it. There have always been quick-detach, return to zero scope mounts and such ... The more I use this, the more i like it. I only use the scope for long shots and am using the iron sights the majority of the time I'm in the game. I think I'm going to change the kit so that the scope is the secondary since it's not used as much time-wise. -Doc
  17. rocket_smoke.rsb (who'd-a-thunk-it?) and projectile_light_effect2.rsb to get rid of the glow that travels along the ground with the rocket (also not very realistic.) The latter did not have an alpha channel so I created one and then blacked it out. Presto! Thanks everyone! -Doc
  18. Yeah; the fog mod clears the fog on all the original missions I believe. That may not be preferrable in many cases, but for messing around with the rifle, you have to be shooting well past 200m to notice the ballistics. -Doc
  19. Most sniper kits have a lightweight secondary with limited ammo for use while moving around or engaging targets at closer ranges; the sniper rifles are generally, and rightfully, too slow and inaccurate from shot to shot for sutch situations. I started thinking about see-through scope mounts (where you can still see the iron sights), scope-top auxillery sights (usually pistol-like sight radius so pretty inaccurate), etc. I hit google and eventually found these: By rotating the rifle 45 degrees to the left, you have access to precision M4 style iron sights! (They make similar mounts that work with optical sights like an Aimpoint as well.) I decided that I wanted to have this setup instead of a lame pistol as my secondary for my sniper rifle. (I use a SCAR-H) Here's how I did it: I created two copies of my existing customized sniper rifle so that the new kit would have no affect on the existing rifle. For the secondary version of the rifle, the one with the RTS sights, I changed the reticule to the M4 iron sights from "ACE High Resolution Reticles 2" kit and changed all of the weapon characteristics to match those of a non-sniper version of the SCAR-H. For the primary version of the rifle, I defined it as having an underbarrel weapon and set that to be the secondary version of the rifle described above. I created a new kit with the two rifles, and made a custom kit icon that simply showed the iron sights view for the secondary slot. Since you can't "pool" the ammo between the two, I left the primary with the usual amount of ammo and gave the secondary a lesser quantity since it's still just a backup weapon so to speak. Now I have a sniper rifle that instantly swaps back and forth between the scope and iron sights, as well as changing the handling of the weapon in a realistic manner. Because of the underbarrel portion of the .gun file on the primary, I do not have a second full size rifle slung over my back in-game, and the swap between the two is instnat. It's great ... give it a try! -Doc
  20. Most AT weapons (I'm trying to tweak my LAW rocket specifically) don't leave a trail of smoke. Is there a way to get rid of the smoke? If I change the <Type> in the .prj file from "1" to "0", I'm afraid that it will no longer work (or be considerd by the game) as an antiarmor weapon. If that's the case, can I edit the smoke texture and just make it totally transparent? If so, does anyone happen to know which .rsb that is? Thanks, all! -Doc
  21. OK, I've attached the .zip file to the original post. If anyone wants to clean up the graphic of the reticule a bit, I'd be grateful ... it's just ok as it is now. The important thing is to leave the range scale exactly where it is though. Enjoy! -Doc
  22. Hello, all. I've created a reticule based on the EOTech M40GL optical sight for the M203 (and other) 40mm grenade launcher. No longer do you have to guestimate your shots because this sight allows you to fire grenades with pin-point accuracy out to 220m in 10m increments! BE SURE TO READ THE README.TXT as there are a couple of important details regarding getting it to work correctly with the range markings in the sight. The file is attached to this post! Here are the contents of the readme.txt: Here are some images of the real sight and an image of the one I created: EOTech M40GL.zip
  23. I'd love to have this sight on Natswana's SCAR models with the EGLM:
  24. SIGH. I'm an idiot. I've been up all night flogging this simple project with my ham-fisted Photshop "skills" and I'm making all kinds of mistakes now. Howver, I think I've got it about as dialed in as I can with my limited abilities. It nees some more touch up, but I'll deal with it later. So, in 2008 I made a simple reticule for the 40mm GL with range marks ... it's very accurate ... grenades through windows at 200m on the first shot, accurrate. Anyway, it was really ugly as it was nothting but some plain text and lines. So the other day I stared Googling around for GL sights and came across this baby. The problem with creating a reticule based off of it is that the window is so small that you can't get a useful scale in there ... in the real sight as you look up and down, you see more of the range scale come into view. What I did was elongate the window downward so that I could accomodate ranges from ~60m to ~220m ... a very useful scale in GR IMO. Next, I painstakingy calibrated the range marks until they were all dead-on ... every 10m. The reticule is extremely accurate, and doesn't look half bad: (It's supposed to look like the scale continues on above and below your view.) I'm getting close to being as done as I'll ever be, and I'll submit it as a weapon mod that replaces the M203 reticule in the game. -Doc
  25. All of the sudden I get this error message and I have about an hour of unsaved work. The rsb is 512x1200, both powers of 2, the last time I checked. I've been working on this image for a day and a half and have edited and saved it a million times. Now I can't save it anymore! Ideas? Pulling my hair out. -Doc
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