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  1. Hey, Wombat. Thanks for the quick reply! This is on a PC, and though I had another mod enabled, I've tried it with nothing but the basic, required mods but get the same crash. I always get that logo error, so I think that one is moot. We are able to kit up and launch the mission, but after the loading screen, the sever CDT's. I do have the mission mods and was thinking the same thing ... I was going to find the original .mis file and give that a try. I'll let you know! -Doc
  2. I love this mod, and have been playing it COOP with a couple buddies. The issue we are having is Mission 12 CTD on launch. Botton secion of ike.log as follows: RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file adm_logo.rsb RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file adm_logo.rsb Unable to find adm_logo.rsb anywhere. Loading map c:\program files (x86)\red storm entertainment\ghost recon\mods\centcom\map\iraq riverbed\iraq_riverbed.map RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file m01_graycolorrock_base.rsb RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file m01_graycolorrock_base.rsb Unable to find m01_graycolorrock_base.rsb anywhere. RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file mh60kblackhawknightstalker.pob POBLoader: could not find [mh60kblackhawknightstalker.pob]. Does that shed any light on the issue? We would really like to wrap up the missions with this last one! Thanks, -Doc
  3. To be clear, there are no mortars for you to use, there is a mortar attack happening between the barn and the house at the end of the lake and you have to time your way across. I also now remember interrogating someone in the house (by pushing them into the fire!) and looking for someone in the barn. -Doc
  4. Still curious about my original question: Does anyone here understand the mechanism that the game uses to "wet" uniforms that have been exposed to water by wading into it? There are maps that make it possible to get wet all the way up to your shoulders and for the rest of the mission your clothes are darker, and more to the point, much darker in NV. Whatever the game uses to do that (filtering out an alpha channel from the skin?) I want to reproduce it as the default for all skins in the game to massively reduce the contrast of people in NV. This has nothing to do with NV masks ... no matter how dark the mask, the contrast between people and the environment remains way too high. So, if anyone understands what happens when uniforms get wet, would you mind explaining it here? Thanks! -Doc
  5. Could be! Downloading it now and will report back. Thanks for the tip! -Doc EDIT: From what I can tell, it looks like it has a sub-mod that makes the main mod compatible with some existing FB missions, but does not include any new ones. Still a good lead though, so thank you. The mission I remember specifically was on the frozen lake MP map, and mortars were involved for sure.
  6. Hello, I've played the S&D missions, but I cannot find some that I remember playing years ago ... the only one that I remember specifically is on that took place on the frozen lake MP map where you parachuted into the NE corner of the map, had skis, and there was a mortar involved near the barn. Anyone know where that mission came from? Thank you! -Doc
  7. I see what you're up against: Even with the initial velocity being as low as 0.25, there seems to be some minimum that the engine uses anyway, and a full throw sends the object pretty far. Even changing the weight made no difference. So the trick is, just click and let go ... don't hold the fire button down at all and it will only go a few meters. The grenade "wind-up" in GR happens too fast IMO, making it pretty hard to accurately throw any distance other than as far as it will go, or just a few meters with a tap to the button. -Doc
  8. I love the idea of using one of the existing game pouches as the model! Outstanding. I'm creating this for myself right now to test the behavior and will report back shortly. -t
  9. The Initial Velocity for launched and thrown items should affect the distance they travel when you toss them ... I've made satchel charges before as well and got them to behave as desired. What does your .prj file look like? -Doc
  10. Looks great! I'm at work and can't read the thread, but is there a DL available? If not, could I talk you into sending me a copy of the model and texture? Thanks for the reply! -Doc
  11. I believe that NMM weapon mod has one, but I can't find a good DL link for it. Does anyone know of any other mods with a better quality (and properly scaled) AT4 than the original? The original is actually too large, and the texture is very low res. Thanks! -Doc
  12. That was awesome, and exactly what I was looking for! Thanks a TON! That reticule pack is what got me starting to mod / crate my own reticules, and I still use several of yours in my mod ... thank you for all of that. Regarding the resolution change causing an alignment issue, would that be avoidable if the crosshairs were dead center in the RSB as opposed to offset? I may not be understanding the issue you're describing though. Again, Thanks for all of the info, guys! -Doc These are the rets I'm working on: a 512x512 for the normal sniper rifle that uses my semi-opaque scope mask: A 1024x1024 version that is big enough to contain my ballistic rifle reticule. Since the rifle has to use a ballistic weaponmotiontype, it does not end up using the scope mask, but I get bullet-drop and flight-time:
  13. I'm sick of trial and error! I have custom reticules, all of which have the crosshairs centered in the rsb. How do I determine the correct values for these variables with as little screwing around as possible? <ReticuleBaseLeft>?</ReticuleBaseLeft> <ReticuleBaseTop>?</ReticuleBaseTop> <ReticuleBaseRight>?</ReticuleBaseRight> <ReticuleBaseBottom>?</ReticuleBaseBottom> I found some vague explanation of the valued in the forums, but not an exact "How To". Thanks! -Doc EDIT: I don't use pips in the game, so I don't create them in the .rsb files.
  14. Well, crap on a crap cracker. All this time and I didn't notice that the later versions of the M72 (my mod uses the A9) have different sights. Now I can't find photos of those. Back to square one, but I got some photoshop practice! -Doc
  15. Check this out: Detachable laser sight. -Doc EDIT: And this!
  16. I think this is about as done as I'm going to get. Needs a bit of touch up, and the leading lines suck, but it's about what I was hoping for.
  17. This is what I have so far. If I make the front sight small enough to fit the peephole correctly, it becomes a bit too small to use accurately in the game. I could move it up a bit, but I'm using the third mark down for point of aim. You know ... I'll move it up anyway and use a different point for point of aim. I may also make the rear sight cover the whole screen but be slightly opaque so you still have some situational awareness around you.
  18. That's a nice offer ... thank you! I'll keep poking at it tonight and post an update at some point. Maybe I'll be able to cobble it together. -Doc EDIT: The image I posted is an actual in-game screenshot ... it works fine, it's just not quite the way I want it to look.
  19. That's really nice. That's the photo I mentioned earlier, but I didn't do a very good job of recreating the reticule. Did you do that by hand, or PS-foo? What I am aiming for (pun not intended, but it's a good one!) is the look of peering through the peep-sight at the front sight. The FS should be smaller because it's out at the end of the tube. I used the above photo to create a front sight frame, threw together a reticule, and used one of ACE's rets for the rear sight. I think the hole needs to be much smaller, the front sight smaller, and the RS should be taller.
  20. I found a thread which states that this texture is in the reticule_misc.rsb. The alpha channel of my reticule_misc.rsb is entirely blacked out except for the outer ring of the binocular texture. Nothing else shows up anywhere, but I still can't get rid of the white circle in the rocket launcher. Am I doing something wrong? I've been able to eliminate all unwanted HUD and reticule textures except this one. Thanks! -Doc
  21. Ah yes .. I'd seen those, and that's exactly what I want to see in the photos I'm hoping to find. Thanks! I found a reticule in another mod, but not one that depicts the actual sights the way ACE's do. Thanks for the suggestion though! -Doc
  22. Hi there, Thanks for that. Unfortunately I didn't find one in there ... at least nothing in the iron sights folder. Great reticules though ... I use several of them in my private mod! -Doc
  23. Hello, I have not been able to come up with anything in Google, but there must be something out there. I would like to find clear, decent resolution photos of actual front and rear sights for this weapon so that I can make a custom reticule. I found an ok image of the front sight (a guy holding one in his hand) but I can't find anything for the rear. I need it to be from the perspective of looking directly at the back of it as though you're going to use it, but I'd like to see the whole sight. If anyone can come up with something, I'd be super happy! Thanks, all. -Doc
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