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  1. Not A Game (NAG) From the README.TXT file (You should read it, BTW!): WHAT IT DOES The mod removes all of the death-related messages that scroll by in red font in the upper-left portion of the screen; it removes the red dots on the map; and it replaces the Threat Indicator with a working compass. The result is that you don't know where the enemy is unless you observe him with your own eyes. If you lose sight of him, you have to make your own guesses as to where he's gone. When in a firefight, you can only tell if you've killed him by direct observation. If you think you may have missed him, you have to decide if you should stay put for a while or risk moving on despite the uncertainty. If there is an enemy in a room (or if you don't know if there is) and you toss a frag in, you won't know what affect it had until you go look for myself. In other words, the game isn't behaving as a video game by giving you a play-by-play of how effective, or ineffective, you are being when engaging the enemy. IMPORTANT: For the full effect, I would encourage you to disable the 'Voice Switch' in the Sound options to eliminate any verbal messages about kills. WHY? I want my Ghost Recon experience to be less "video game" and more "combat simulation". It's a matter of personal preference ... Ghost Recon can be approached from any angle of playing style; from game-like, to total self-reliance. Over the years of playing, my preference has evolved to the latter. A note from Tinker (it's in the readme, but it's a good idea to post it here too): There is nothing in this mod that has not been done in others, but I created my own version of it from scratch based on the ideas in those mods. Rocky, if you feel it's worthy, would you consider posting it to the Download page? Enjoy; I think that once you've played this way for a while, you'll hate the idea of going back. -Doc NAG.zip
  2. I used to play in widescreen, but noticed that, since I don't use an app to increas the FOV, it just stretches the image out which means I have to glance further to the sides to see the same thing. I play in the highest 4:3 now and don't lose anything "off the edges" since it was never there. ( I don't let the monitor or GPU scale the image to the native res, because that would just stretch it again.) I think the in 16:9 or 16:10 (RIP) the outer circles would still be clipped off to some degree. -Doc
  3. Hmmm. I guess I need a good trigger plan too .... Setting alertness, combat ROE, and movement ROE still didn't change anything. Either that, or the script still isn't canceling the original team plan. Am I missing something in the trigger plan itself? -Doc
  4. Here it is again, freshly zipped with WinZip. (I swear I'm going to register that someday ... I think I've been 'trying it out' for about 18 years now.) -Doc GPNVG-18.zip
  5. This is all very odd ... I downloaded it from this actual post, and from the DL site, and both opened fine. I wonder if it's a .zip version issue. I zipped them as plain .zip files though. -Doc
  6. Thanks, Rocky. I'd seen that and didn't know what to think of it. Try the attached file in the first post of this thread. (It's at the bottom.) If that doesn't work, try clearing your browser cache and then try again. We'll figure it out! - Doc
  7. Hello, I am trying to set up a simple scenario that I want to use in a mission: If actor x fires his weapon, actor y switches from walking a path to going into combat mode and taking cover to defend the area. This is what I have: Group: <Default> Comment: Defense Mode Trigger Event: Actor 100 discharged a weapon. Responses: Assign DefenseMode to Team1 and execute. What should the trigger plan be? I've locked alertness to combat, and tried different ROEs, but nothing actually happens at all ... he just keeps walking his path. (the actors are in different teams) Thanks! -Doc
  8. Oh man, that's no good! Are you using the download link from the main download page, or the one at the top of this post? -Doc Psychomorph, "I only wonder, should the outer circles not be complete in view and not cut off?" You are exactly correct. The problem is that, to make the circles all fit on the screen, they would have to be much smaller and your vertical field of view would be very. very narrow. So since the game does not directly support wide screens (it just stretches the image) we end up with the outer edge of the circles going out of your FOV, but we retain a reasonable vertical FOV. I'm glad that you like the mod though! The movie didn't portray the actual view through the devices, but it was the first time I'd seen them, so I found the manufacturer's info and created this based, actually, on the image that you posted … just had to run it off the edges a bit to keep it usable. -Doc
  9. Ah ha! I figured it out. It's the cover system. You know how you can be looking through a clearing of trees with the binos, yet you still get a range reading of 3m instead of the actual range to the target? Because that's how the cover / concealment system works when you are hiding, it works the same way for snipers. The sniper I had that was driving me nuts was under a tree, but on a slight downslope which means to aim level, he was aiming up into the tree slightly ... he still had perfect visual line of sight, but must have been clipping that invisible "extra" bit that counts as cover, and therefore he could not "see" me until I was on top of him. Thanks for the tip and images! That's how I have mine set up and, yes, they work great. I've found that leaving the defense station out has no effect on things ... same with fixed weapons ... what does it do that enhances the 'Cover' plan? Thanks again for all the help! -Doc
  10. My previous setup was a duplicate of the P2 sniper but failed to behave the same way. I tried the setting that you suggested but had the same result .. almost ... he did fire on me briefly, but not until I was within 20m, and then he stopped firing until I was right on top of him again. So similar behavior. I created a zone and added it to his plan, then added Defend Zone below that. I've tried both Assault and Suppress. Same behavior every time. Again, the thing that really confuses me is that I set it up exactly the same way as a working sniper from the original mission, but it simply won't work for me. Thank you for the ideas though, as it's helping me learn more about this stuff in general! -Doc
  11. What does your mod section look like in the game settings? Should look like: Desert Siege Island Thunder <any other mods> GPNVG-18 Does that help? -Doc
  12. I figure it's better to continue an already existing, relevant thread than to start a new one that has none of the prior advice or information in it ... probably saves some amount of repetition. The thing is, I can start the mission that the sniper is on, and he will shoot me in the face every singe time as soon as I come into view. When I make the same sniper in another mission, it doesn't work at all. So in this case anyway, it's not a matter of inconsistency ... does that make sense? Same behavior every time on a different mission. Hmmmm. EDIT: We just played a P2 mission. There was a sniper that took two of us out in rapid succession at a range approaching 100m. After the mission, I added a new, test sniper with the exact attributes of the one that shot us. Exactly the same. He didn't lock onto me and start tracking me in his scope until I was within 40-50m, and he didn't fire until I was within 1-2m. As for the possibility of there being some variance in the AI, I tested it 3 times: Each time I approached the original sniper, he'd kill me at long range. Each time I approached the test sniper, he would not fire until I was standing on him. What am I missing? Both are set up as follows Same Actor Same Kit Alertness: Combat / Locked Movement ROE: At all cost Combat ROE: Suppress Stance: Prone / Locked Cover Two actors with the exact same configuration. Two completely different, 100% reproduceable behaviors. - Doc
  13. I'm having the same issue myself. Sniper character that is effectively used in a mission from a mod I'm playing. I create the same sniper (char/kit/ROE/Movement/Alertness) in the same order as the original one. Spotting distance is 130m, fog is farther than that. I come over a hill 80m in front of him and run straight toward him. He may never even shoot, even if I stand right in front of him, and if he does shoot, it's not until I'm right on top of him. This is really annoying! -Doc
  14. Please advise: For my 'no death messages' mod, which I would like to post publicly, a change has to be made to each additional mod that you would like to play without death messages. This change is, simply, replacing the variable for ActorName with a space charcter. To get my mod to work with other mods, you simply have to go into the "Actor" folder of a given mod and edit that variable for each actor file. I say "simply", but in some cases there are hundreds of files to edit. (I've done it with automation macros to make it easy for me.) What I would like to do is include an "Extras" folder in my mod and add a zip file for each mod's "Actor" folder that I have already done the work on for my own game play. In this case I have already done the work for the following mods: - Centcom - Frostbite - P2 Cold Day in Hell - Rockall - Year of the Monkey Aside from Rockall (Thanks, Tinker!) I do not see any permissions granted for including content from the other mods in mine if I post it publicly. Not including those files in my mod as extras simply forces everyone who wants to play those mods wihtout death messages to go through the same tedious work that I've already done to get it to work. So my questions is, since it is so difficult to get in touch with authors of older mods, should I simply bag the idea of helping others not have to do all of that file editing? My mod works perfectly with GR/DS/IT, but messages will start appearing again if it is used with any other mods, unless you use one of my proposed included zip files or do all of the work yourself to achieve the same result. What do to? -Doc EDIT I would like to add the following mods to the open permissions list: - EOTech M40GL Reticule - M24 Ballistic Rifle - Panoramic Night Vision They may be freely used in whole, or in part, by anyone.
  15. Enjoy the mod! It's outstanding. We just replayed it co-op a few weeks ago. -Doc
  16. Hello, all. My buddies and I have been playing co-op for a few months now with my mod that removes all death messages from the screen during game play. The idea is to make combat more realistic in that the game isn't effectively saying, "Good shot! You got him!" every time you shoot someone. If you are engaged in a firefight and you're not sure if that last guy was killed of just went prone, you'll have to deal with that for real instead of the game simply telling you. Toss a frag into a room ... did you get any kills? Well, how would you know in real life other than going in and checking with your own eyes? You get the point. It provides a MUCH better experience in our opinions. I am setting it up as a simple to use, stand-alone mod that will work with GR/DS/IT and will post it later today. I have also applied it to the following mods: - Centcom - Frostbite - P2 Cold Day in Hell - Rockall - Year of the Monkey We have played through with absolutely no problems, and it's a simple matter to apply the change to any mod. I need to contact the authors of those mods to ask them if it's ok for me to include the option to apply my change to those mods. More soon, -Doc
  17. That shot in the sub pen is a great example; thanks! Now, for some reason I feel like my car's tires are overinflated .....
  18. Well, not perfect, but close enough. If you wanted the scope mask to look the same, all you'd have to do is save your original NV sniper mask and copy this one to the other file's file name. I think that would work. I like the narrower vertical view in this mask because it better recreates the restrictive feel of wearing real goggles. You have to pan around a bit to see stuff.
  19. Thanks for the positive review! Feel free to post it in the DL section if appropriate. The sniper scope is a bit tricky for a few reasons: 1. In most cases you would have an NV-capable scope on the rifle and not be using the goggles, In that event the scope mask should look like nothing more than the inside of the scope being in NV and the rest of the screen being black. That's how mine is set up. 2. The game engine forces the NV sniper mask based on the weapon motion type value, which of course also controls other charactaristics of the weapon, so changing it changes other things that you may not want to. (reload sound, etc) So, I could set the sniper NV mast to be the same as the goggles look, but that would be less realistic. Totally doable though. Personally, I have mine look like you're looking thorugh a scope and have no peripheral vision, so it's just the green NV circle you see through the scope. As for the "static" the original noise mask, IMO, was created to not make the NV so effective that it's like cheating on night maps. Even when the game was new some 10 years ago, NV intensifiers of the time were very clear. I had a relatively new ANPV 7 with a 3rd gen tube and while it had an almost powder-like softening of the image, and a tiny bit so sparkle, it was so non existent that it would be impossible to duplicate in the game ... anthing at all would be too much. Now it's a decade later and looking at images shot through modern NV equipment looks pretty damn clear. The original mask is like the ancient 1st gen stuff from decades ago. Nothing new looks anything like that anymore and hasn't since a while before the game even came out. So while perfectly clear may not be exact, it's prety close to the way it is these days. The contrast is what is wrong in the game (some enemy's GLOW). It could be done by someone who does uniforms and attachemnt modding. And if someone did, we'd have to put the two mods together! That would be awesome. -Doc
  20. This thread has given me an idea .... Firstly, I know nothing about the scripting other than I've poked through it to disable some in-mission music from time to time. Here's my idea: Is it possible to take an existing mission (in this case, daytime missions) and add new zones to big, open areas that toggle longer spotting distances if players enter them? I play co-op only with no AI, so this would only effect opfor. I have always wished that the default spotting distance could be increased in certain areas such as the big, open field in the east on the stock "Farm" map. If you stick to the ditches and trees, the default spotting distance is in effect. If you venture out into the wide open field where there is no cover at all, the spotting distance goes up. That's the basic idea. Based on what I've seen here, it could be done, and probably relatively easily. Correct? Based on RussiaGhost's example, could I create a new zone around the field, or say, 5m into it, and add a script block like this? Group: <Default> Comment: Change spotting distance Trigger Event: A member of PlayerPlatoon is within 1 meter of Zone <whatever>. Responses: Allow this block to be reactivated. Change the maximum spotting distance to 150. (Lets say the mission default is 80) Prevent this block from being reactivated. Would that switch the spotting distance from 80 to 150 while any of the co-op players are in that zone, and then set it back to the default when they leave it? I understand that it would affect all of the players, even if they were not in the field at that point. I doubt there is a way to do anything about that. -Doc
  21. Update! I've made some changes to the design and packaged it as a mod. Please see the original post for details! -Doc
  22. They ARE creepy looking, aren't they! Like a spider, or at least along those lines. It's an awesome idea though. I'm glad you like the mask. I was shooting for something a little more visually restrictive vertically since you only get 40 degrees FOV out of those lenses, so the addition of the peripheral tubes makes a big difference while maintaining the sense of "looking through something". The objective lenses are not right up against your eyes, so the view is still going to feel restrictive like that and I think the mask replicates that pretty well. -Doc
  23. Before the movie, I'd not seen the panoramic night vision goggles; They're awesome. (Not to mention pretty damn creepy if you're on the wrong end!) So I came home and did a quick and dirty job making a new NV mask that replicates the panoramic effect. The two forward facing tubes create one, central view as normal, which overlaps with the two outer tubes to create the panoramic effect. There are slight ghost lines where the overlap occurs. Anyway, here it is if you want to give it a try. -Doc UPDATE I've modified the mask to more closely resemble the design / shape / overlap, and optical clarity out to the edge of the lenses. (The "noise" has been removed as modern tubes do not have that visual characteristic.) I have also bundled it in mod form for those who prefer to use it that way. Just make sure that it has higher priority than other mods as some have their own NV textures. New file attached. Simply unzip into your mods folder. GPNVG-18.zip
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