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  1. That's a good theory, and it should be that way. I have tracers off for all my supressed weapons though for obvious reasons. Oh well, I can live with it. Thanks for the replies, guys. -Doc
  2. I'm excited to see what modifications can be made to GR2! (I think of the upcoming release as the REAL GR2 and I refuse to acknowledge the existence of the first "GR2") Snake@War, What I was thinking of was when you zoom in, only a circular area in the center of the screen zooms in and the surrounding area does not. Imagine looking through the sights or a low magnification scope and keeping your other eye open. You'd still be able to see what's around you with your other eye. Thanks guys! And I still LOVE this game. -Doc
  3. I'm sure everyone knows about this, and I doubt there's anything that can be done, but I feel like whining a bit. Why is it that when I shoot someone from a long distance with a suppressed weapon, any badguys scripted to react to that event mysteriously know EXACTLY where I am, way up on a cliff halfway across the map and hidden in the bushes and shadows? It's just silly! (And NO! The supersonic crack of the bullet is no excuse!) My guess is that it's just a limitation in the game scripting. (Not that I know anything abou that) I'm just curious. -Doc
  4. I searched for a while but gave up. I appreciate any help. Question #1 Can the speed of the zoom be modified? (The speed at which the magnification changes) I would like to speed this up since in real life the only "zoom speed" would be if you were cranking the zoom ring on a scope. Looking into it and away from it is obviously an instant magnification change. Question #2 Is there a way to create a zoomed in "area" in the center of the screen, yet leave the rest of the screen around it at 1:1? I shoot with both eyes open, even in a scope, and this would simulate that. Thanks guys, -Doc
  5. Digging up an old thread instead of starting a new one..... Is 32-Bit Z-Buffer something that newer cards don't support at all? I have an nVidia 6800 Ultra and I can't set the Z-Buffer in the game above 24-bt. On the plus side, I was really inpressed that this old game will run at 1920x1200! -Doc [Post split into new thread - Do not revive (2 year) old thread's please]
  6. Still having this issue. I get no reloading sound no matter what. Modded sound, or not. -Doc
  7. I've actually built a pretty extensive mod for my own use over the last 8 months. I play via LAN with a buddy almost every day, so I know that everything in my mod works. The mod that I got the sound file out of was from GR. I just checked the file and it's the same sound settings as files that do work. AND, when I grab a random sound file that does work and rename it to ""w_glaunch1_rl.wav", I still get no sound during the reload. -Doc
  8. Thanks for the offer, that's really cool of you. However, I know my way around GoldWave pretty well, so I'll check that out. Good tip; I hadn't thought to check that since I grabbed the sound from a different mod and figured all of that would be correct. I'll check it later tonight and let you know. -Doc
  9. I tried that last night, but when I reload it makes no noise at all. The gun in question is a custom grenade launcher that uses a custom firing sound in the mod's sound directory. -Doc
  10. How can I define a sound for the reloading sequence of a grenade launcher? I have the wav file I want to use, but I don't know how to get the game to use it. -Doc
  11. That did it. Thanks! (I just removed the entries from my effects.xml file with a text editor.) -Doc
  12. I am trying to replace an original sound (one that exists in Origmiss\Sound) in my mod. In this case, it is a_exfrag1.wav. I put the custom a_exfrag1.wav file in my <mod>\sound directory and use Igor to update the mod's effects.xml file. In game, the sound that is always played is a_thrush.wav from the Origmiss\sound directory. All of my other mod sounds work fine. (wav files that don't exist in Origmiss\Sound) I have not been able to work out how to get around this. -Doc
  13. I did this, thanks for the "how to". However, I cannot find any trace of the change in the .MIS file when viewing it with a text editor. I was hoping to do a copy & paste into all of my missions instead of editing each mission in Igor, but I am unable to find any reference to the ConsoleCommand that I'd added. Where is that information stored? -Doc
  14. Not a bad unit here @ 3lbs, but the price is still a bit hefty. http://www.night-vision-gear.com/index.htm...md=38384.496933
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