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  1. Howdy! As it is, I just finally started learning how to cobble missions together in Arma 3, and with that, I think I may finally be done with GR. Now, having said that, the first missions I've been making are largely inspired by GR missions. :-) Fight the good fight! -Doc
  2. Wow, it's been so long since I've done this stuff that I barely understand what I said in that last post! I'll have a look for the files. It should be in one of my mods if they are still in the download section... -Doc
  3. I finally stopped playing GR, but it took ARMA III to make that happen. In all the intervening years there just hasn't been anything as straightforward gameplay-wise until I found the latest ARMA. OGR kept me plenty happy in the mean time. So my latest entry in this thread would be, "You play GR too much when it takes you 12 years to find a worthy successor." However, once an OGR, always an OGR! -Doc
  4. I outdid myself the other day. I stopped at a gas station, and picked the pump that had a flickering florescent light above it. "I'm going to take the pump with the Doom light."
  5. You know you play too much GR when you still get excited about receiving notifications of new posts to ten year old threads! Keep it up! -Doc
  6. Thanks for the reply! I just checked but can't find anything. It's like a terminal window open all of the time. Ick.
  7. Hello, We are giving GRAW a spin in coop and using the OGR option. (If anyone knowns how to play the normal campaign coop with normal respawn options, I'd love to hear how.) I saw in the notes that you can toggle the chat window with the "u" key, including hiding it altogether. This is not working for me, nor do I see any such keymapping in the settings. We are playing whatever version you get from Steam. Any thoughts? - Doc
  8. Serious? Did you want to post any F*CIN download links to your contributions to the community? ) -Doc
  9. Oh, so all I have to do is set it up as an online server, and it will show up when they choose multiplayer and sign into gamespy? That's not so bad. If I wanted to skip gamespy, set up a LAN server, forwarded ports to it ... is there no way for them to manually add my public IP address and connect directly? That would be ideal, so just wanting to be sure. Also, where is the server config file stored? I've looked in the settings forlder where all of the info I can find claims that it ends up after you create a server, but there's nothing like that there other than the server config help file. I've set up both a dedicated and in-app server, yet no .xml file with the config. Ideas? Thanks for your reply, -Doc
  10. Hello, How do I go about creating a server that can be seen on the Internet via GameSpy? Better yet, can start the game in a way that it will go to a specific IP address for a server? (It does not appear that you can add one in the UI) I'd rather do it that way and just play coop like I do in OGR. In messing around a bit, I've followed the great instructions in Beaver's post regarding setting up a dedicated server. I'm not able to see it on the LAN, however. Firewall off and the whole bit. Any input on getting someting set up for myself and a couple of friends to try some co-op on a server that I admin would be appreciated! (I know of the VPN software solution, which is fine if it comes to that.) -Doc
  11. Riley was right, I did end up having to create a new command map from scratch, but now it works! Thanks, all! -Doc
  12. I really like the map, but can't do anything with it. Any suggestions?
  13. Hello, I recently downloaded the Red Five map pack and am trying to create a mission on one of the maps. The problem is that the top-down map looks like pixilized random snow. I can barely see the asset markers, but it's impossible to create a mission. I found the same with all of the maps in the mod. Can that be fixed? - Doc
  14. I am recalibrating the range marks in my GL sight because I'm playing in a slightly different resolution now. The whole task should have taken 30 min, but I'm 2 hours in and getting angry. I've set the stationary crouch accuracy to 1 for the sake of sighting it in. First round hits on the mark. Second round hits a bit high. Third round hits a bit higher still. All subsequent rounds hit that last mark. If I restart the mission, the pattern repeats itself. WHAT IS GOING ON??????? It's not random spread, as the above description repeats itself every single time. In the past, it used to be spot-on, shot after shot. - Doc I know that I'm being picky, but keep in mind the fact that this has not been an issue in the past. Also, at this range (the sight goes out to 200m) the pips can be pretty close together, so consistent point of impact is important. The pictured impact pattern happens every time I restart the mission. All rounds after the 3rd one hit that 3rd point of impact. There is nothing random about this at all.
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