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  1. oi rocky do you think it would seriously ruin my life if you think so or even ban me??? nahhhh chap not at all when i out down town later getting wankered n pullin i will remember the ppl of gr.net were getting a lil upset lmao yea whatever
  2. Like to ask has anyone on gr.net has seen combat!?!and how has it effected you?! Me personally haven't seen combat but my patrol has been engaged with a round hitting brick wall a metre in front but can defiently say a metre usually not to close but that's the nearest i've ever wanted to be to a 7.62mm round
  3. lmao wont happen with me swearing on your server cos wont be on the bleeder lmao yesssssss desparate to go there .
  4. Respect what you saying and suppose your right when concerns YOUNG kids apart from that most ppl who play are supposed to be so called men..
  5. and on another note you take the abuse they'll respect you for it when comes to your passing out parade and will be accept into battalion with open arms
  6. True most ex squaddies have knackered knees,training is alot easier now in the british army get alot of time to do your kit and what not after 6weeks now it's just behind closed doors especially when the platoon commander has gone home where the ###### starts hitting the fan alot of platoon commanders in training now are very young and are into the idea of getting rid of NCO's abusing their rank but remember to complain about bullying you've got to go from the chain of command which starts at the very ppl that are doing the abusing! so ya bloody much buggered there all n all if you get away with having no injury's not being a total fool and not tick tocking you more than likely be alrite if ya do get abuse off NCO's while you in adnd they make you make them a cup of tea RIM IT all ex squaddies should know what i mean........use something you use in church BELL..
  7. Got something to add about Matrix films. Aren't they supposed to have firearms courses or what have you d/l into their bonce! so why is it sooooo many rounds miss their mark!?!?! and in reloaded there wasn't very much bloody kills !!!!! mostly slapping ppl round the face
  8. come on bring it on!!! i know the tears gonna come!
  9. and would like to add again NEVER BEEN ON WOLFSERVER,
  10. Oh come zantar dont know what kind of man you are if you are 1 yet but swear everyday chit chat come as if it effects anyone anymore unless you a rite girl if swearing makes you cry you got something wrong with ya......i going to ask for satisfaction off you zantar...i never been on wolf server nor wish to do so,so i aint got a problem in staying out at the end of the day your playing a game where the emphasis is on killing someone which is like the worst crime in humanity so you on about swearing think about it.......!!u girl
  11. Think what the wolf server admins need is abit pressure X69RZX.. demand satisfaction gentleman style...flip the coin see who gets first shot...10paces turn shooter take their position and give him a pistol round in the HEAD ..SATISFACTION.....and for their rule about not swearing come off it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! playing a game where you KILL ppl yet not allowed to swear wooooooooooooooooooot numpty's
  12. nice work !!! looks the dog's --swear filter bit--! british commando's beta is also the dog's
  13. It has been known after alot to drink Your probably rite i'd be long gone lol
  14. Ppl soo easily offended now days wasn't on server but hmmmmm be men you supposed to be playing a game where you kill ppl and make people father less lmao get on with it i sure young lads off like 13 shouldn't be bothered about swearing if they are they need help! maybe a need for a father figure lol each to their own wasn't in game so couldn't say but abit of swearing aint bad after all i do when i get killed being killed isn't fun
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