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  1. GR 12WOOD CAMO + 12spec BLACK and URBAN DS 12DESERT + 5spec BLACK and DESERT IT 12JUNGLE+ 6spec BLACK and Jungle number of chrs depends if life and time allow it to me
  2. thx snake GR Specialists: 6 navy/ GROM - BBE -COMSUBIN - 3 SEAL (VBSS) 6 land/ TAG - GEK - GSG9 - GIGN or 1st RPiM - SAS - SPETNAZ + 12 soldiers non specialists (WOOD) same way for DS : DELTA - DEVGRU - SAYERET - EKHAM - (UK or AUS or CA) +12 soldiers(US + AUS +UK) IT: South America or Asian units I cant show you all the chr...but later i ll post a global screenshot all the chrs = 100-120 MG maybe i ll do it in three parts Patience...patience..patience ...pat...zZzZzzZZzZ
  3. No date for the moment Ceptico... i m busy with a project and my life...but i ll try to finish it before 2010,
  4. Hey soldiers!!! After one week far from MAX and GR,i present to you the new chr which replace astra galinsky GROM (assault boat) I must work on some details PS:thx JTF
  5. nice chr male is a bit flat (shadows) middle chr too
  6. for the moment I cant give news regularly... I am on another project at same time, nothing is aborted be patient
  7. I believe that SWARTSZ opened a contest of "Grip Texturing"
  8. added luminosity in the middle of all th diamonds...1Pixel yellow blur...1 pixel white
  9. Nice ZEKO http://img30.exs.cx/img30/5085/15kr.jpg
  10. Nice Zeko...i think u forget the light effect in middle of the diamonds
  11. Using Chems teknic http://img15.exs.cx/img15/4531/quicklytut3un.jpg Using basic lines to build the shapes... Photoshop tools:EMBOSS/MASK LAYER/FINGER/BURN TOOLS + Painting skills final step try to find LIGHT and COLOR settings http://img15.exs.cx/img15/4945/burnmode5os.jpg to add more lights(DOOM MODE ) this mini mini mini tut was made in low rez (sorry if it s dirty)
  12. http://img132.exs.cx/img132/640/grip6bc.jpg +15mn
  13. without MAX...15mn http://img132.exs.cx/img132/1604/grip1hg.jpg
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