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  1. Have a look at the pic below. :D


    It's from mission 5. I actually created a new unit called US SF which is based on the Mexican SF models and added 5 x 4 additional soldiers into the mission so now I control an army of 24! :lol:

    Man i really like it!!!!! it´s exactly that i want!!! tell me please how do you do this in the missions. 24 specials forces in any missions is like a real fight. I think that Grin must see this work. Your new unit is a new character for the us marines? it´s interesting brms... :lol:

  2. How can i change the support loyalist for marines in missions 06 (SP campaign) The Long Walk? What files i must edit and how?

    The files you're looking for are data\levels\mission06\xml\world.xml and data\levels\mission06\mission.xml.

    Though I'm not quite sure how, but try this:

    In world.xml

    loyalists3 -> us_marines_squad3

    and in mission.xml

    support_loyalists -> support_us_marines

    This should change the player-controlled squad into marines instead of loyalists.

    You can actually add 4 additional 3-people squads (controllable, either marines or loyalists or both) just by editing these two files. ;)

    Ok, i edit the world.xml and mission.xml and change the loyalist for the marines. But the mission crash. This is the error:

    Wed Oct 31 23:11:48 2007

    Crash in application version: 30621.2989

    data\lib\units\extensions\groupunit.dsf(-1): cant find member: _side in type <void>







    Renderer: normal

    Physics : threaded

    Any idea what is wrong? Thanks for help me....

  3. I can´t join to servers multiplayer in game spy. When i try it, open a message "your game don´t have the files match". I put the patch 1.30 and the only skin mod that i use in my local fold is Task Force Wraith. Exist other way to join a multiplayer game? Need i put other patch? Maybe i did anything wrong in the installation game and i don´t know. But i play singleplayer good, i´m sure the game was intalling good. I need help please.

  4. You want the plugin from the extras folder of the IT cd. Not the DS ones, theyre old. If you dont have IT, let me know. Theres a tutorial on how to install that plugin on this site as well.

    I have the Gold Edition version. I look in the extras folder of the DS/IT cd and don´t have the CHR plugin (only the rsb plugin). Help me please...

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