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  1. In GR1 I liked how they incorporated "combat incapacitated", meaning you didn't necessarily "die" from one bullet to a seemingly unvital bodypart, but you might have become combat incapacitated so you couldn't keep on fighting. As long as they don't make it like every other FPS game out there, where two elite soldiers walk in to a room with automatic assault rifles, open fire, the other soldier runs out of bullets half way through so he does what all elite soldiers do while taking fire from a distance of 2m, he starts jumping up and down while reloading. That's just a example of how it shouldn't end up. Summa summarum, one bullet from an assault rifle should either kill or wound the opponent.
  2. This has probably been asked and answered somewhere else 100's of times, but one more time can't hurt Has there been any info if the first person weapons is possible to switch off during MP?
  3. I hope you can still customize the command map, looks nice though.
  4. I've only played [GR] competitively on the Mac platform, and during 2 years we "only" had one serious cheating case within our community (wallhack and the works). Since I got a PC I've only seen and suspected one person of cheating, and that was while playing CSS, so I've never really gotten this cheating hysteria. I assume you PC-[GR] players had a bunch of cheating cases? I'd hate to have to have yet another resource hog running in the background because of some kids that can't play clean (Of whom I've only met two so far). Wouldn't it be easier to establish a exclusive community in which everyone trusts each other. //end naive rant
  5. I did all of that (short of traveling to Germany) and none of them worked, so I just uninstalled FarCry and reinstalled it on C-disk. Works now.
  6. Thanks for the quick and comprehensive reply. I'll try those methods straight away and get back to you with the results.
  7. I updated it from: regular install >>> 1.1 >>> 1.3 >>> 1.31 >>> 1.33 So I updated it 4 times, does it matter if you update it to 1.1 before you update it to 1.3? Does it matter if you install OE before you've completed the FarCry updating? Because I did that. If it matters what should I do now? Since I can't find any uninstall button for OE. I didn't install FarCry in the default location. The read-me file of OE says: By this I assume it means the "Target" field in the properties? I changed that to reflect the currect location of FarCry i.e. Is this right? Because when I doubleclick the OE shortcut it just starts up FarCry but no mod, also I can't see the OE mod in the mod list inside FarCry. Please pimp my FarCry GR.net.
  8. I just got FarCry today, and I downloaded OE straight away and it doesn't work. I haven't updated FarCry at all so it might have something to do with that. The read me file of OE says that I should have updated FarCry before I installed OE, so should I now uninstall OE (how do you even do that)?. And the read me file says I should patch it: But someone here wrote that the update procedure should be 1.3 > 1.31 > 1.33 ???? Can someone talk me through this step by step please? Also when I check the properties of FarCry it says that the game/file version is so do I need to patch it with 1.1? triple edit: Now I found out there's a 1.0 version of OE?? Would it be possible to edit the first post in this thread so as to not provide people with the wrong link, and with a introduction on how to install OE/FarCry from scratch. Just a friendly suggestion, to make it easier for future generations to install/play the game edit again: Nevermind about the now italic rant, it seems I have 1.0 after all, was just a tad flabbergasted when the read me file was suggesting that the OE I had was a Beta version. Infact you can ignore this entire post, I think I figured it out now. Game on!
  9. It was MP as well. Those were the days. No super zoom, no sensors, no nade spamming and the guns were more balanced. I would love to see a demo like that for GhR3 as well, some simple map with MP capability with ok guns, yet keeping us wanting more.
  10. Yes I definately agree, kudos to GRIN for coming and talking with us mortals. PS. GR demo av tomten kanske?
  11. 1. Ability to look around while in using scope. eg. you press whatever zoom button and you zoom in on a spot, then by pressing and holding, say, right mouse button you instantly go back a bit from the scope and can look around without the gun moving, thus better portraying the situational awareness you would have in a situation like that.
  12. Yes for a white and Ghost Recon 3 Demo Christmas!
  13. Big no no for the triangles from me. As for the rest of the HUD, just try to keep it as simple and sleek as possible, and I'll be the gayest guy on the Internet.
  14. 2 extra months is nothing compared to the 2 year or so wait, great news! I just hope they actually do spend that time making it spectacular and not just releasable.
  15. Yeah I'm happy with the direction they've taken as well - except for the first person weapon - but other than that they seem to be making a great game. Anyone know more about this engine?
  16. Same here, I just don't get any sort of "kick" from killing AI. The idea of outsmarting a human somewhere is much more appealing to me. I actually didn't play a single mission through in SP.
  17. X2 I've been playing GhR1 for well over 2 years on the mac platform. I bought a PC just to be able to play GhR2 on release.
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