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  1. Will the 1st person weapon be removable in multiplayer? Any word on the demo yet?
  2. It appears someone (or some company, can't imagine which one) has decided to pull a C&D. ← I see, did anyone happen to save a copy or two?
  3. What are you guys talking about? All I get is an empty index page. Nothing to do with javascripts enabled either.. .
  4. This is why I hate the term Scandinavia, occasionally Finland is considered part of Scandinavia and occasionally not, depending on the context. Which is it now? Are there any UBI guys hanging around here willing to clarify? Does this offer include Finland? PS. If you wanna be safe, just say "Nordic countries"
  5. Come on Bo, give us some information! If they think they need more time then it's all good. Just use that time to polish GRAW to perfection, not polishing your silver PS. Please give us a demo in January.
  6. This might have been discussed earlier but I just noticed it now, the healthbar in the lower left corner. Is this to mean that there are 4 different levels of health ie. healthy-little wounded-more wounded-alot wounded-dead? As opposed to the healthy-wounded-dead in GhR1. Why don't they just add CS style number-health to attract even more people. Hopefully a standard rifle hit will reduce 3-4 bars.
  7. Incase I'm not there, can someone ask: "Will we be able to customize the command maps/aerial footage like in GR1?"
  8. This could very well be the problem, where can I get this .net framework? (Gonna try google right after this post ) Pffffffffff.... Don't know what I'm high on, nevermind Ahh man, I shoulda done this months ago, it was the lacking of .net all along. Thanks guys! (To lessen the confusion somewhat, I edited this post like 5 times)
  9. So.. . I'll just make it brief, I've spent enough time on this already A few months ago there was some update for ATI driver, so I downloaded the new version. After I installed the new version I always get this message when I start up my computer: I just ignored this for a few months since it didn't really bother me that much, today I finally tried to reinstall it and it didn't work so I thought I'd seek professional help. And if I try to start ATI catalyst manually I just get the same message, basically it doesn't work. When I check the running processes through ctrl-alt-delete there's an process by the name of ati2evxx.exe running, thought that might help. My graphics card is a Radeon 9600 Pro 128mb. Any help would be much appreciated.
  10. They actually listen, I love these guys! (In a platonic way)
  11. If Bo told you, he'd have to ..................kill you... seriously, I think those guys are on a pretty tight reign on demo information, ¨ A healthy dose of annoying nagging has never hurt anyone, or has it?
  12. You created your own map.. . Ofcourse you can do that but it's somewhat redundant. The idea is that various communities can use that service to have a graphic picture of where everyone is from, not that everyone creates their own map You're welcome to join the rest of us on the real map, where all the cool people are
  13. How about this: If a single member from this forum can recite the alphabet through and through, GRIN has to release a demo by christmas. Sound like a plan Bo?
  14. I guess this idea didn't really catch on
  15. I did a quick search and couldn't find this posted here before. So here it goes. http://www.frappr.com/ghostrecon I took the liberty of making a new map for GR.net, to have an idea how the community is dispersed. If some of the admins want the password to edit the map, e.g to add a picture or delete double posts, just PM me and I'll send it to you.
  16. I wrote a long list of reasons to counter your arguments, and then it hit me. You've got a point there, and I agree. I'm just worried that the experienced clans will sign up as such and wipe the rest of us out. But then again, maybe the best team deserves to play. I sense a battle of epic proportions coming up
  17. I'm going to assume your being serious with that question. GRIN is the Swedish Games Developer that are developing the PC version of Ghost Recon 3, aka GRAW - Ghost Recon Advanced Warrior. www.grin.se ← I think he might be under the impression that it's an abbreviation?
  18. Name: Anton Date of Birth: 10th of June 1985 Location: Finland, Porvoo Occupation: Graphic design student Romance Status: Single Image: Favorite Aspect of GR: Gameplay, teamplay, multiplayer Least Favorite Aspect of GR: Glitches, guns being poorly balanced Favorite GR Mod: Frostbite, Desert Siege Favorite Ghost: Never played SP Favorite Kit: SA80 + Frags Favorite Aspect of GR.net: Flamefree enviroment Least Favorite Aspect of GR.net: When did you first visit GR.net: Sometime around 2004 I think, I lost my first account. Other computer games played: RvS, AA Clan membership: None at the moment Computer Hardware/Accessories owned: 2.4 Ghz, 512Ram, 9600Pro, Logitech gaming headset, Logitech G5 mouse Current/Former/Future Military: Going to do my conscription next summer. If yes, what job: Coastal Jaeger. Miscellaneous: Been playing GR1 since 2002 (not so much lately though) on a Mac.
  19. I disagree. I'm not in a clan, not anymore, anyway, and this is exactly what I want. I can pull 3 - 5 old GR buddies and put together a team to compete in a tourny. I've already got the names in mind. That's not an issue. As far as those who don't even have that as an option -- you've got EACH OTHER. I guarantee if this goes the 3, 4, 5, 6--man team tourny route, there will be people in here looking to put teams together. There will be solos like us playing the game the day it's released, sizing up people to put on the team. You can make a team. You can get on a team. The sweet, young Swedish thing is going to be looking for partner. There's you start. --Logos ← Let me rephrase that. Having an all out competition for the 9 spots will leave us who are new to this community in a pickle. You may have names ready to make a team, what about those that don't? Form a team of random strangers and hope to take on experienced teams? Are we not as worthy of those spots as you? Ofcourse if there are any other 3-year Mac GR1 veterans who recently switched to PC lurking around these forums and willing to form a team, I'd be more than happy to compete for the spots Besides, isn't it supposed to be about having fun.
  20. Lottery? Having clans compete for the spot will leave us clanless people in quite a pickle.
  21. Although I don't like the answer, thanks for the reply. Personally I think that having an ironsight cover even 20% of your already limited vision on a computer screen is the equivalent of having a DVD-Box right up to your nose in real life.
  22. Me me me!! I'm over here! Here! Right here!! Pick me, pick me!! Although I only recently joined this forum I have been playing GR1 since its release for the Mac platform in 2002. I bought a PC last winter just to be able to play GR2 on release, so I'm definately a fan. Plus I speak Swedish so I can decipher their secret language. This ad was paid for by the Joka-to-the-fan-team campaign fund.
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