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  1. So Zeus had his Op on Tuesday, came home on Wednesday & is still recovering. He doesnt look great & is spending a lot of the time crying, but each day he is better than the day before.
  2. That looks hysterical!! I cant wait lol
  3. Thanks guys, I have to say i'm sure it will be me most worried about it and not him! Hes a complete nutter! Had an "arguement" with a car a few years back and ended up almost losing his back leg.... he now has a metal plate, 12 screws, 3 pins and wires holding him up & everyone thought he was a gonner then! He's a very strong boy so if anything can get through it then it's him, but Cancer is Cancer.....I cant help but think the worst! I heard something new the last couple of days, taking a picture regularly using the flash can help diagnose Cancer in the eyes!! So I took one of my boy..... You can clearly see the bad part in his left eye as it doesnt glow how it normally would. When you are looking at him without the camera, you cant see it at all! This is the same for people, apparently lives have been saved using photographs!
  4. I know I dont usually say an awful lot here (shocking since I dont shut up most places!), but needed to today as i'm basically in shock and cant think of anything else to do but post in forums hoping someone can make me feel better! I was sat here minding my own business Tuesday, chatting rubbish on facebook....when my beautiful Dobermann Zeus came over to have a cuddle. He put his head on my lap as usual. I noticed that his eye looked a little "misty" so googled it (trusty old google!) I got several links come up saying although it is probably nothing that with eyes you just need to call the vets straight away anyway. So I did. They gave me an appointment for the same day. So I went to the vets and sat in the waiting room chatting rubbish with the rest of the people waiting, feeling sorry for them all with all their animals ailments. We get called in, I tell the vet, he takes a look.....i'm expecting to be told he has conjunctivitus or something....the vet says "Oh no thats not good" They NEVER say bad stuff! Even when its bad!! They always sound positive! So obviously bad is bad.....how bad..... He shows me inside his eye.... He has a growth inside his actual eye, not on the eyelid or tear ducts, but the actual eye itself inside. Half of his eye is taken over by this growth. The vet starts telling me about benign stuff and malignant and etc etc, basically telling me that usually they would do a biopsy but as its inside the eye they would risk him going blind anyway, but as its growing so fast a biopsy isnt even necessary, its very worrying how fast its grown and they need to remove his eye!!! He had his jab's at the end of January and was checked over at the time & nothing was there, now he has a tumor the size of a 10p peice!! I cant beleive it! I walked in with a "healthy" dog and out with one that may be dying! WTH!!! Sorry if that didnt make any sense
  5. awwww...thanks Zebb, it's great!!
  6. I can understand why this may be beneficial for a 16 year old coming up to their 17th Birthday but other than that its ridiculous!! Its clear at £55 per hour its nothing more than extortion!! More fool the idiots willing to pay that for an 11 year old!
  7. I get that one all the time (well did when I was playing games) That and if they do believe you are female that you must be cheating somehow to be able to beat them Sometimes it has its perks!! I never joined one particular clan because for some reason everyone wanted "a girl" on their team. So what I would do is play with all the main clans and pick up all their tactics all the while saying "I dont really want to join a clan just yet, maybe when I get better at the game" LOL
  8. We will have to wait and see for now Taken from Rules: The total number of Promotion Videos submitted by all Participants will be narrowed down to ten (10), in accordance with the procedure set forth in paragraph 5, below. The top ten (10) Promotion Videos will be published on the CBS Service for the general public to vote on and choose their favorite. The Promotion Video that acquires the most votes will be declared the winning Promotion Video and awarded the Prize (as defined below), in accordance with this Official Rules (as defined below). And: Voting begins at 12:00:01 PM PT on February 22, 2010 and end at 11:59:59 AM PT on March 5, 2010 (the "Voting Window"). Get spamming after that
  9. Yea pretty much anything would be better than the blank space I have at the moment! Thanks )
  10. Hey all, I was wondering if anyone fancied making me a new sig? I havent had one for a long long time and since I actually have some work to do now that GR FS has been announced it would be good if I had a new sig too
  11. YAY!!!! Glad to hear it!!
  12. Unfortunately it was all a bit unexpected and last minute so I couldnt meet up with him. I rarely get time to come online let alone anything more exciting
  13. Where did the V come from? Its not any of those....its just B.A.N.G .........out of order
  14. I've just received an anonymous text and all it said was "abgn". I don't know about you lot, but I think that's bang out of order! ........ ........ ........ Oh, by the way, hello everyone!!
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