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  1. isn't that how its done in the original game, like when you have to blow up the subs or plane/helicopter, you set the charges, and it isn't till after you complete the mission, that you see a cutscene with them blowing up.
  2. do what I do, find a picture that looks like if you were holding the gun, cut out the iron sights, tape to monitor, and voila, iron sights you have.
  3. I used to play R6 and RS back in High School, we had a "clan," actually it was just 5 of us who got online and killed eachother. At first they would kill me, then on the bunkers map, I owned them forever. Once I played my friend and killed him 8 times straight, till I killed myself with a frag. Anyway, hes a big game freak, he got GR thru his twin brother. He told me he got it, I got it, and we've been playing online ever since. THne DS came along, and IT. and waiting now for GR2.......
  4. Yea, I got the RSB, thanks a lot, I also got your pic, Ill put it up today (soon). sorry I've been kinda busy. Well I'll be waiting for the download Viper.
  5. those are a lot, I would also advice at re-installing, well unless you have a lot of mods. When I have time I may be able to start sending you one or two at a time, as of right now I'm on finals and final projects for school so kind of short on time.
  6. The russian guy dosn't come with the Radio backpack, that was just and attachment that can be added. But he is in the original GR, and as you can see he was in IT.
  7. I think he means that he dosn't have GR and tried installing IT by itself, well sorry but in order to install IT you need the original GR. I think you can install IT without DS, but don't hold me to that.....
  8. I've been following your thread, this is the GR stock .chr of the bad russian with the balaclava.
  9. well Photoshop came with my comp, pre-installed so I don't have a disc or anything, sorry. if you could send me the zip file of you mod that would be great, but I don't know how big it would be, and I hotmail has a limit.
  10. by bballa these are cool, will have to download them too (LOL)
  11. sorry Viper, I put them up at 12.00 pm EST, after a 3 hour class, I was out of it, but they are pretty nice, when you have them done, make sure to send me a link of where to download them, I like the DS.
  12. I received them, Ill have them up by tonight or so, I wont get home till about 10.30 EST, thanks for the CHR too.... saved me and install and Craig thanks for sending it also.
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