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  1. Thanks for the replies, I figured it out right after I posted here. I am still not feeling this game on xbox...it is not near the game that Ghost recon is on the PC.
  2. Is there any way of iverting the y-axis for xbox? I cant beleive they would not support this control option.
  3. Just the other day I called back to Game Stop to confirm my preorder was for pc and not console. They "again" told me it was going to be out in Nov. for pc. Who knows whats going on.....but at least I can play Far Cry and HL2 till it comes out.
  4. After GR first came out I played it straight for about 3 years. I never once thought the game was "unfinished".
  5. Great... Guess I will have to call up there and tell them to make sure I was put on a "pc" list not a console. Oh well, at least I have Far Cry to play in the mean time. I have debated running a GR server again, I have not seen a game since GR that offers up such great server admin options. I have not been in these forums in months....glad to see its doing well.
  6. I was just in Game Stop today and put a pre order in for GR2, Hl2, and Stalker. I was told that GR2 would be out mid Nov.
  7. I have been waiting for awhile now...........When GR came out I was playing it on a 500MHZ, 256 mem, GF 2 mx400..............and thats what it is still running on. But I got so fed up with not being able to play the newer games or get everything out of GR that I knew it had...that I finally went out and bought a new pc. 3.2 ghz cpu, ati 9800 pro, 2 ghz mem, etc etc......it should be here early this week....I cant wait......I bet I will play GR for a long time to come....I cant wait to see the difference in the game from the way I have seen it. I have about 10 games I plan on buying within the first week after I get my new pc.
  8. I debated building a new pc for months. I did all the question asking, pricing parts on the web, and at local shops around town. I ended up buying a built to my specs XPS gaming system through dell. No hassel...and a really kick ass gaming rig.
  9. hush, nobody arguing here. I was wrong. He was right...it only pertained to older OS systems. I got my info from someone I thought was a PC guru......Geeze...and I had bought 2 sticks of 512 for my new pc and he talked me out of it. SAo yes, I was somewhat wrong. But wrong...sorry. I feel dumb now...wont open my mouth again unless I know for a fact. What I was talking about Rocky on the web design thing....there are alot of memory/cpu intensive programs used for webdesign/flash/shockwave.....not the normal stuff....the stuff the pros use that takes alot of memory.....ok, I am going back to practice some more GR....I suck lately.
  10. They have some nice cards and I have owned a few...but have had better luck with ATI cards. Just way too many incompatabilty issues right now with the nvidia cards.
  11. Just not a big fan of nvidia right now...
  12. With all the money you have spent you could have easily bought a nice rig in the 2.6 gig area.
  13. I too was being pushed into getting an AMD Atholon 64 as apposed to a P4. The Atholon 64 is ahead of the p4's right now as far as performance...but not by much. You wont go wrong getting one. I still went with a P4...cause its what I know. As far as mobo's...Lots of good ones out there. Everyone is going to give you dif opinions. Intel boards are fine...nothing wrong with them. But you cant go wrong with a MSI 865PE Neo 2.
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