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  1. keep in mind, guys can take multiple hits.. also, i think the targeting reticle might not always be perfect, may throw in random variables at times for added realism (wind, etc..)
  2. searching more for the game mentioned turned up a few people who thought the screenshot might be from EA's upcoming battlefield 2...
  3. wow, i feel pretty on the outside. i feel GR2 is a very very good game (for xbox anyway). i wasnt a fan at all of GR1, the slowness of it, no feeling of immediate danger and while the tactical aspects of it were fun and interesting the execution and pacing was as dry as sawdust. i really like what they did with GR2, except that it could use much more in the way of tactical focus instead of the lonewolf crap. if you want a true taste of the application of tactics in GR2, play online and join a team. nothings as close to the real thing as ordering humans to do things =-D
  4. It takes a lot for me to say this, but i honestly believe that GR2 is my favorite game of all time, beating out mechwarrior2, tee hee.. anyway, ive found that playing GR2 online is 1000x better. right when i was considering ponying up for xbox live, i found Xlink, a program and network that emulates a lan environment over the net.. so basically you can play any system link enabled game over the interweb. in my 3 weeks or so on xlink, halo2 is by far the most popular, but GR2 is right behind it.. averaging around 100 people playing online at any given time.. anyway, ive loved xlink so much
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