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  1. There are 2 reasons i would understand that would delay this GRAW release. 1. Perhaps they have finaly decided to implement an Anti-cheat and need more time for it's release. Who knows they will use PB or some new one. Don't even know if they have implemented it by now or not, i havnt' been following the developments updates. 2. The game is unfinished and they are late on shedule. Other then that it does not make sense to me, delaying it's release to meet the XB360 launch is just a commercial move imo. GR was in the first place a PC title and they should please that community in th
  2. Hello everyone, I just wanted to come by and drop a few lines to give u all an update about www.Pro-GamingLeagues.com. By now we have a higly advanced signup form for the gaming ladders department and also a first version of our first Anti-Cheat solution, PGL Match Sneaker. We will be testing our AC next friday-saturday to check if the program runs fine on any client pc. This anti-cheat solutions works for any game as it's main purpose is to take screenshots during a match game at random time intervals afterwhat they will all be sent to our webservers where U, the players, will have a
  3. Hello again, It was not easy for me as i had practicly no knowledge at all about php when i first started and i am the only developer at the moment but finally everything starts to get in place as u will see. What is the Pro-GamingLeagues ? Well, it's gonna be a lot of things really and it's futur is to become a massive community with as main intrest and department, " Online Gaming Competition & Tournaments " with as main filosophy " True Competition - Fairplay & Respect ". This department u can find by following the "Leagues" link under the main navigation menu, but is not open
  4. Let's say there will be an agreement between League and players, apart from that i cant release any info on that subject except the fact that it is one of the main concerns of the league. And obviously the less hackers know about how that will be handled, the better security will be kept. quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Originally posted by AnGus: One again very bold, however how do you propose accomplishing this? After all if you incite people into paying for a service you have to disclose by which methods you intend on de
  5. True, all of this cost money. Chat server is already running with all the features mentioned. League scripts are pretty much in devlopment. Security is a must indeed and will be taken cautious care of. U probably cant get the money for your domain registration because maybe your clan members don't know how long they gonna stay with your clan and therefor dont want to spend the money to something they arnt sure of ? A full year at this service ment for serious league competition and enjoyable environment, dealing with cheaters on a permanent base with rich features, real prizes f
  6. Indeed, infact GR2 is the game that made me want to start this project , after playing GR since the demo and being so addicted to it because gr demands a real strategic and teambased gameplay which creates a high level of competition, i always wanted GR to be considered a serious league game. Many leagues and ladders offer competition and few r those that tends to create an enjoyable environment but fails in this because they have no control on the cheating aspect that comes with online gaming. I have been an admin myself for few months and i realized how hard it was to keep banned playe
  7. Hello everyone, let me introduce myself, my name is David, am 30 years old and am passionated by online multiplayer tactical video games. I have been playing GR pretty much since the demo came out and still playing it today but not as often as i use to do which was everyday. The reason why i dont play it that much anymore is probably the same as many of u have which is Cheaters that ruins the competition for us all passionated league gamers. Now what do u think of the following; A Gaming league that doesnt tolerate cheating in any form it could be, Cheats, hax, corrupt admins, fake rep
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