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  1. Hehe, I'm in London now and need to say that my level of tolerance for womens is getting lower and lower. Definitely Poland is cool (only when it goes to girls ). But in games my tolerance is settled very high. It realy makes me laugh when so graphicaly advanced game have such a defect. Where my 400 pounds went ?
  2. In SP it would be very hard to keep your man healthy to the end of each mission, so in that aspect its ok for me... but MP is a different story, they need to improve it ASAP.
  3. What he (Bo) had done was so childish... Becouse of one guy he postponed his paticipation on this Forum - L L. That makes me thinking... why he joined here? Was he realy so devoted to fans or it was more like artful act? After so many promises about how this game will be GR-like etc. you can whine a bit don't you think? This game was made as a sequel to "our" game and with our help, so I think a lil aggravation is understandable.
  4. It would be great if GRIN could release some statement about upcoming patch, what they are working now and what are their plans in the near future.
  5. What we see here is a typical example of why you guys shouldn't try to make some kind of relationship with developers. In time you are becoming more devoted to them and from hardcore funbase you are turning into softcore "nothing". Jeeez, try to have balls guys. You are paying them. Its their job to amuse us with their product. It's their job to fix it if something went wrong. Don't relieve them from their task. It's their job and their bussines. If I would like to play in BF2 I would simply buy this game. I'm waiting for some real changes. If they will not provide me with them...
  6. Wohoho, if thats how GRIN support will look like, then I'm with them. Hopefully we will see other improvements in this game beside those shown here.
  7. And what us - harcore gr gamers wanted? IMO we only wanted old product gamestyle (we are old school gr gamers, dont we? ) but extended. What we did get? GRAW is totaly new game. Only thing that both have in common is name and reticule . Thats why so many ppl are complaining. In UBI's mind one thing that have major importance is money. You want more money? You need to have more audience. Lets take a closer look at this game. SP is good, but if you want to sell tactical shooter this point need to be strong (I know that this community is more coop minded and you will protect this game couse it catches your liking). MP is BF2 like (and "we" dont like it). Why? Becouse (if we dont count CS ) one of most popular online games related to army etc. is BF series. And this is major thing with this game that ppl whine about. MP is so different from previous title that we - "hardcore" gr players - hate it.
  8. Oh yes... ask yourself a question - who's UBI? They are publishers. And who's GRIN? They are developers. Now, read this article and try to focus on pages 2 and 3. Page number 2 is a look at the things from publishers point of view. Page number 3 is a look from developers side. Now, who's on head? Of course publishers are. What it says to us? We are abandoned, even if developers are on our side. Publishers are the ones that pull the strings.
  9. They totally pee on their suggestions, thats what I know . Maybe in upcoming patch we will see some of them, hopefully.
  10. It took me two days to beat this game... and I'm playing on Hard
  11. One more thing! It should be easier to kill enemies! We r used to one shoot --> frag. Here i need to shoot 2 fullautos in a chest or one in a head to kill. Thats not the way we want to go. It reminds me BF2 with this.
  12. Heh, one more thing. Names on hud. Maybe we dont have replays but it would be nice add.
  13. Heh Feb, dont get upset about this. I've posted screens of tags that are easy ro read for me . There are lots of others - unreadable mostly
  14. One more thing. Its about granades. I should have abillity to chose force of my throw ( by mouse wheel ), and abillity to throw them when i want by pressing mouse 0 button, holding it and releasing.
  15. Maybe becouse there are CB clans in the credits .
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