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  1. NJ Ben, btw I have to update some mirrors: GR Forever - the movie DOWNLOAD + info SVAF R.I.P. - the clanmovie DOWNLOAD + info .... damn but I dont know if this is working, maybe this only I can see as a uploader . Not sure. these are direct links : GR Forever or Filefront DOWNLOAD GR FOREVER the movie -------------------- Thanks for dloading this movie. Its not a fragmovie ! Its only a fan movie or Ghost Recon fans. U can see there some nice wiews from "god" mode in single-player, some pretty screen shots made in Adobe photoshop and in the end One single-player mision beautiful screened. This movie was for me practise of using Sony Vegas, I never used this soft. before, and this was my first time, and it went pretty good. Movie was made in 2 days (not 24hrs/day =] ). Next movie will be more profi I hope than this amateur. Btw in the end of the credits, there are few in-game screenshots with real world locations photos, so dont stop credits and enjoy the song file format: wmv codec: win.media codec 9 resolution: 640/480 size: 160MB software used: -------------- Ghost Recon Fraps 2.0 wirtualdub sony vegas adobe photoshop goldwave Thanks to Ben [sD] and Doximor [RAGE] for help with SonyVegas. SVAF R.I.P. or on Filefront Download SVAF R.I.P. the clanmovie ------------------------- Thanks for dloading this movie. Its a small video screened from Clanbase GhostRecon RIZ ladder matches. U can see there one nice solo action and than teamactions from last cca 10 matches before we get nr1. There are some nice ingame wiews, new cameras and stuffs u could never seen in GR without some programs. Also is there used audio-video synchronization. file format: wmv codec: win.media codec 9 resolution: 640/480 software used: -------------- Ghost Recon Ballistix Fraps 2.0 wirtualdub sony vegas adobe photoshop goldwave Hope u will enjoy this vid. This is my last one from GR1. Thanks to Ben [sD] and Doximor [RAGE] for help with SonyVegas. enjoy --Speed--
  2. GJ ben, I said to u many times but gj again btw, if u have some time, u can do some webpage called "GR movies" and put in there all of this bigger nice movies like Doximofos feeling rages, mine GR4ever or the RIP one, and yours SD and cool CD and this br one. DO some pretty design .. u are good in this And than can everybodey dload all this nice movs in this comunity. Im out of time, leaving next week and comming back in 3 months ... so do it ! btw if its possible, use flash
  3. hey peeps broken links which I found are allready posted here, but I want to ask if u want to add more videos in movie section. I saw that the newest there are 2 years old so if u want some new I can give u link GR Forever - I think I posted on forum this one long time ago. description: a fan GR movie with some nice wiews, effects, screenshots, music+ingame sound and in the end bonus: GR real world locations. This url will be working few years I think, or I can add it to fileplanet when I will found out how to do it. SVAF R.I.P. - this is a clanmovie with nice intro (the idea is not from my head , I saw it in N1-CS vid. Btw the host is same so it will work long time. p.s. sry if u found this like spam, I was just wondered if is possible to add this vids p.s.2 if is possible to add the vids, I will post here anothere links to vids which made some friends (Bed-SDmovie,CDquick and Doximor-FeelTheRage)
  4. all software used is in credits list, but pls dont try to get this sw and use for playing
  5. thx, btw u helped alot. Im very looking for BR movie, when u wil finish that ? soon I hope
  6. Hey fellas, since I finished GR Forever movie our clan forced me to make a clanmovie, so here it is. its called SVAF R.I.P. u can dload it here: DOWNLOAD enjoy Speed
  7. up = forward down = backwards left = strafe left right = strafe right numpad 0 = reload numpad 1 = rate of fire numpad 4 = night vision rest numpad = chat messages pg down = down stance pg up = raice stance end = leaderboard del = walk pssst enter = change weapon ctrl = map shift = walk slow space = use item b = binoculars p.s. for Ben, I like yours keys .. I will try
  8. Good one ben, beter than SD movie. We are all getting better with new versions of fraps and vegas and damn go online on msn , got some ideas for u
  9. here working too. But no CZ version haha, I have to call ubi
  10. Nope, its runing on D3D , but fraps is screening aplications on DirectX
  11. software: fraps 2.0 - for screening uncompressed videos (its screening openGL, directX aplications) wirtual dub - for compressing videos ( my HDD is too small so I had to compress sony vegas - for doing everything vith videos, effects, add sound etc... adobe photoshop - for making cool pics for vid. GoldWave - for editing sound paths, cuting etc.. GL with yours own video. Let me know than cu
  12. Nice to see u again too SAF's , we will meet on TWL maybe, URNA want to play GR2 ladder there, on CB and ESL too. So cu in battelfield mate
  13. hehe, I wanted the credits so long, coz the song is great and I didnt want to cut it, but I really could put there something more interesting. This credits was interesting maybe for CB somunity only and teams with we know each other btw thx for compliment. I still have source files so I can edit and change something. Cya
  14. hey fellas, I just made some movie screened from best game ever, so if u like stuffs like this, scheck this out : DOWNLOAD ENJOY take care and cya Speed
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