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  1. Yeah....I no longer think its a real-time hud. Lloks like they just spent some time creaing new command maps.
  2. ok...it seems this is just their version of the command maps...mb...mb not...here it is
  3. ok..silly noobish question.. How would I post the SS without it being available via a URL ? Some sites such as these allow a regular upload of a pic...am I missing something...has my newborn daughter deprived me of that much sleep? This however is highly possible given my current state.
  4. Naw ...it was Docks (day). Seems they might have completely re-done the cmmnd maps...tweaked them and made them transparent so as to not obstruct view. so...
  5. I agree. And yes, of course, it is possible that its photoshopped. However if it was ps'd then what purpose does it serve? I heard it took weeks and weeks to do it so...Obviously its anyones guess at this point. And it's also possible that I'm spending way too much time attempting to ascertain its origins. But we play against this other user's clan pretty often and I'm just hoping its not a big advantage. Thanks for any input guys.
  6. I'm scratching my head here and wondering...still....how they have done this. Because what I see from the SS is merely a very small version of the command map without the grid overlay. So giving out coordinates seems pointless as there aren't any. But if they still have the reg command maps by pressing the map key then what the hell am I seeing? If this is a modified HUD, how can it change from map to map? So many questions...
  7. I was recently sent a SS of a users HUD. It seems they have been able to create small versions of their command maps as their HUD. Meaning they don't have to hit the map key to check their map. They always know where their teamates are and, when within sensor range or close by, the enemy shows up as red dots just like the regular command maps. I realize creating a different HUD is nothing new but creating a real-time HUD of your command maps sounds like cheating to me. I could be very wrong...so...any thoughts?
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