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  1. By zoomspeed I mean the time it takes to bring the sights up (default second mousebutton) this is also effected by your stamina. For instance try to zoom fully rested in prone with the glock and then try it with scar-h with grenadelanucher standing up after a long sprint. (yes your stance also effects your zoomspeed, though this is pretty different from weapon to weapon.)

    Good to know, thanks.

    But what about silencers?

    Do they actually make a weapon more stable like many people claim???

  2. I like the scar l with grip and silencer :)

    or just the m8 vanilla in domination. (although its actually the friendliest gun to mod).

    oh and btw the frontgrip does give better zoomspeed as does the reddots, there are negative sides though.

    What do you mean by zoom speed?

    Also, does a silencer help make the weapon more stable like many people say?

  3. The M8 is a great all around light weight weapon.

    I prefer the SCAR-L for longer ranges though, and the SCAR-H for closer ranges if I have the points.

    The M8 with its cheap small scope is very effective, and is a good weapon at short and medium ranges, and can still kill at longer ranges, but its a little harder to see with its lower magnification.

    I use the M8 and the SCAR-H the most, but I like the SCAR-H the best as my favorite all around weapon. I wish it had a bigger clip though, I get killed alot reloading it because I have to reload more often.The SCAR-L was my favorite when I first bought the game, but I find the SCAR-H more to my liking now. I love the sound of it.

    For long range shots, I am not sure yet what weapon I like best.

    But I do know I prefer the SCAR-L with a scope over the M8 with its scope for long range shots. I am not sure which version of SCAR I like for long range shooting yet.

    Has anyone done any testing in this regard?

  4. I heard the maps on the x-box 360 are smaller.

    I wouldnt want to play on anything smaller than what the PC version has now.

    In fact I would like larger Rural maps soon.

    Plus I like a mouse much better than thumbsticks, and the more mature players that play with the PC version.

    Then there is the X-BOX LIVE online cost.

    And the mods we get with the PC....etc......

    PC is the way to go.

    I own an X-box and I hate it.

  5. Can dual processors make you run faster or do any strange anomolies?

    Someone who is running very fast online claims that to be the case.




    Cheating ruined GR1 for me. I hope Grin does something about it.

    Why we cant address this serious subject on this forum I dont know.


    I Have dual processors and my game runs normal except

    sometimes I press my mouse button to fire and nothing happens.

  6. I am glad the game was released incomplete.

    After waiting years for a PC version GR game, I am having fun with the game right now, and I am learning the five maps very well.

    I cant wait to see all the stuff that will be added to GRAW in the future.

    I am much more of a sniper on rural maps kind of guy myself, but I have to admit, this is the most realistic and fun, run and gun on urban maps playing I have ever played.

  7. it's not as realistic as was touted. the recoil feels wrong. there is no bullet flight time. you shoot at a target 300-500 meters out as soon as you pull the trigger they drop. there is no bullett drop either. bullets fly on frozen ropes apparently.

    i don't like the game as is. i could see it growing on you but i'm waiting on the infamous june patch and people's thoughts on it before i purchase the game. the complete disregard for mp has left a bad taste in my mouth.

    Where do you find a 300 to 500 meter shot with these maps, on a roof?

    I havent gone looking for shots like that, but I dont recall shooting over 150 meters yet playing online multiplayer.

    In GR2 for x-box the longest shot you could see was 250 on the Training grounds map.

  8. :o= I've been seeing people online running extremely fast lately!!!!

    They are impossible to hit and they get to the midmap sections before anyone else at the start of games catching the other team by surprise!

    Are these guys cheating already???

    Cheating ruined GR1 for me, isnt there something GRIN can do about this???

  9. I just install over any previous driver. Why is this bad?

    Will I be better off for sure doing it the long way?

    What will I notice different?

    Doing all the following every time a new driver comes out is a hassel.


    1. Unplug nic card or modem from net or disconnect

    2. Remove nvidia from add/remove programs

    3. Reboot into safe mode (F8 during boot up)

    4. On reboot into safe mode WinXP SP1/SP2 will auto detect and install drivers. Just let it do its thing. If you can cancel out of the auto install hardware wizard then skip the rest and run Driver Cleaner! If you can NOT cancel out of auto detect wizard then...

    5. Navigate to device manager->display adapters->highlight nVidia and click uninstall or remove but don't reboot

    6. Disable any AntiVirus Software (If you don't disable is than it could give trouble)

    7. Run Cab Cleaner (not needed, but recommended)

    8. Run Driver Cleaner

    9. Empty recycle bin and reboot

    10. Install the new drivers

  10. My machine is ok on every map but one, I usually stay above 35 FPS, which is fine, except the Warehouses map.

    On the Warehouses map, there are so many people in close proximity, and so much stuff flying around and being blown up, that my FPS can go down to 5 FPS!!!!

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