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  1. I gave details in other threads and so has everyone.

    GRIN beadhead was on our Teamspeak server last week and I heard GRIN was interested in using our server to test the anticheat.

    They should have done it, because my clan could have discovered all the bugs in a few minutes!!!

  2. There seems to be bugs in this patch.

    I cant click on ammo packs in the kits to remove them, with the preset kits.

    If I try to, I crash.

    My video in game folds inward and then back out also.

    And we are all getting disconnected because a cd-key problem.

  3. There is a gap between the Scar and its scope and the M99 and its scope.

    I would like to see two weapons fill this gap.

    1. A bolt action sniper rifle. This would be a smaller caliber than the 50 cal m99, like a .308. It would have a slightly weaker scope than the M99. But it would have a faster rate of fire but not as fast as a semi auto.

    2. A weapon thats a little better long range than the SCAR but not as good as a pure sniper rifle.

    It would have a better scope than the SCAR has, but it could only shoot in single shot and three shot burst, not full auto.

    I would also like to see the MR-C improved somehow but not to make it over powering in the game.

  4. I noticed awhile back that in campaigns the Mexican's carry several weapons that we do not. I noticed a G36c as well as an SR25 sniper rifle. Hopefully we will get at least these 2 kits in the expansion or shortly after. How about it GRIN ? Has anyone else noticed other weapon types that the tango's carry besides these 2 ?

    We really need more weapons, maps, and game modes!!!!!!!!

    Are we going to get last man standing in the future?

    I would like to have a bolt action or semi-auto sniper rifle with a scope that has a little less magnification than the one on the M99 Sniper rifle.

    And how about a 6.8mm version of the MR-C.

    Hell, why not give us all the weapons the X-BOX360 version has while youre at it!

    We adults need our toys too!!!!!!

  5. The most fun I ever had was playing one hour matches with no respawns back when I was in Omega Squad with GR1.

    I loved laying sensors down on the swamp map and hunting each other while it was raining.

    Blaster, what was your name in OS ? We know each other, I'm a good friend of George (aka OS Firepower)

    It was Blaster then too.

    Dont you remember, I left the OS and formed my own team, Sniper School?

  6. I recall from somewhere that it would be 5 sec invulnerability when spawning, but that is not the case...it is a 5 sec delay to spawn


    With a brief period of invulnerability, the problem with spawn raping should be less.... And I think it more easily fixed in a patch than changing the spawn zones

    So, Please GRIN make it an OPTION of

    - no invulnerability OR

    - 5 sec of invulnerability :thumbsup:

    I think "pinning down the spawn" is ok (NOTE not raping) and will always happen when playing with spawns, The teams need to ensure to cover their bottlenecks (where people get out of their spawn zone. That is not spawn raping. You have to think defense as well as offence.

    Personally I think playing Domination with no spawns in 10-15 min ladder matches will rock (as LMS/HH no spawns in GR did)! Unfortunately I've not been able to try it out as there are no servers using it, because most players on public servers want unlimited respawns, and you'll have to lock the server and have all players on coms to prevent new joiners in game... Also you'll probably need at least ~14 players or so (7 vs 7) due to the large maps.

    We locked our server last night and played with 1 respawn and ten minutes. We had a full server just about, and everyone seemed to love it.

    Now if I can only get these guys to play one hour matches without any respawns!

    LOL......It will never happen without observer mode like we had in GR1.

  7. GRIN, can you please move any spawn points that are exposed and are in view from adjacent sectors from the spawn sector?

    We at the BDA do not allow our members to purposely enter the enemy's spawn sector, but from adjacent sectors some individual spawn points are in plain view.

    The worst problem is in Bravo on the Church map looking down on 2 spawn points.

    I also noticed this problem on the Downtown map.

    I know many servers allow spawn killing, but we do not.

    We are finding out when players like myself control sectors adjacent to a spawn sector, we sometimes are confronted with respawning players in our field of fire, which causes problems for both sides.

    I would like to see every adjacent sector to a spawn sector free from direct line of site to any individual spawn point, for all maps now, and in the future.

    Thank you


  8. The MRC isn't good now but once there is punishment for hitting (susposed to be in June patch) this will change i do believe as the high rate of fire will knock the enemy around so much they can't shoot back.

    I was thinking the exact same thing Roco.

  9. Do you think GRIN should redo this weapon?

    I do, I think it cost too many points and not many people use it because of the 5mm cartridge has so little stopping power.

    I think they should design it with the 6.8mm cartdridge, 45 rounds, and cost alot of points.

    Does anyone use this weapon at all?

  10. Cmon guys leave the man alone.

    So a 52 year old guy went fishing with hand grenades for a couple of days, big deal.

    He's back using a worm now.

    What harm was done?

    So he had a little fun kicking our butts with 2 processors, whoopdee do.

    Now he's back kicking our butts with one processor, whoopdee do!

    Its a game, and we are all just getting use to it.

    It wasnt a ladder match or anything important, just some casual games online.

    I was one of the first guys to see him run and I confronted him.

    I admit I was mad cause it brought back memories of the rampant cheating from GR1 years ago.

    After talking to him and finding out what was causing it, I felt like a heel.

    If you ever talked to this gentleman, you would instantly like him.

    I feel worse about accusing him of cheating, than I do for not being able to hit him while he ran like the wind for a few days.

    Now if someone was running fast during a league or ladder match, I would be mad as hell, even if was my Grandpa!

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