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  1. Yeah thats was pretty amazing. It wasn't really fair on the apache tho, he could have just tore the car to bits with the 30mm canon if he'd wanted to. Quite a spectacular piece of filming all the same. I liked the race to the south of France thing as well, again it wasn't really fair on train people because they had a lousy start, but they did pretty well considering. Quite an enjoyable episode.
  2. I'm sure thare are some of us PC users that sit in a lazy boy in front of 2 LCD 50" monitors, wireless keyboard and mouse, 6.1 sound etc with that added function of a decent system. *drool* And I'd also rather use my keyboard and mouse to some bulky quasi-analogue controller anyday. No offence console guys, you are the vast majority and all.
  3. lmao, brilliant. Is that actaully true?
  4. Thumper's Entry Polys: 596 Texture: 512^2
  5. OK, thanks for that final entry Thumper, the round is now closed. Judging commences...
  6. Wow those screenshots are astounding. The character animations in particular look more realistic than anything i've seen before.
  7. That stuff all looks really really good para and co. I love the high res textures, and the helmets. Just one thing, the gr character models all have unnaturally large boots which are also very low poly and blocky. Not many people seem to make a point to correct this but it might be worth scaling them down a tad, or completely remodelling them. Keep up the good work, looking great!
  8. Im suggesting you could just list the most popular ones, you could then group the others into a single forum or link to the whole modding list seperately as it is now.
  9. I think having the modding forums collapsed is gonna divert a lot of trafic. Yeah, I know its only one click, but people are used to taking one look at the whole index and deciding wheter to stay or leave. The modding forums are some of the most popular, so maybe you could restructure it into the main 2 or 3: "GR1 General Modding Discussion" "GR1 Weapon Modding" etc, etc.... Then when GR2 comes along just have "GR2 General Modding Discussion", etc. You know it makes sense
  10. yeah the star of a tv series called dark angel. Check out the first series, its really cool.
  11. Thats insane! How on earth did they fit all those textures, sound effects and music in 96KB? Aaaaah!
  12. Excellent, thanks for your dedication Thumper.
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